Newsletter #18 - Unveiling Unbottled's Recipe for Crafting the Perfect Follow-Up Email

Newsletter #18 - Unveiling Unbottled's Recipe for Crafting the Perfect Follow-Up Email

Julie Cauville

Julie Cauville

May 3, 2023

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Hello !

Every year, over 10,000 e-commerce sites are created.

In addition to increasing competition, this growth causes acquisition costs to skyrocket.

The challenge for brands is creating strong bonds with their customers to maximise their retention rate.

With an average open rate of 70%, follow-up emails are powerful tools to increase the lifetime value of your customers ❤️

In this newsletter, I will review Unbottled's email and show you how to create the perfect follow-up email in 8 steps 🚀

Discover the perfect follow-up email from Unbottled

1. Personalise your follow-up email 🎨

Your brand experience doesn't end at checkout!

To make your customers identify you at a glance, create a consistent experience with your e-commerce.

To do this:

  • add your logo,
  • your brand colours,
  • a cover image.

PS: Don't forget that the tone of your email should be consistent with your brand!

2. Ask for feedback on delivery 🚚

35% of customers who have had a negative delivery experience will not place any more orders.

Like Unbottled, encourage your customers to give feedback on delivery!

Use their responses to improve your shipping process or strengthen your credibility by showing positive reviews on your e-commerce 💡

💙 Bigblue Tips

Thanks to Bigblue's integrations with
Klaviyo, Gorgias and Zendesk, build your flows based on your logistics data! Schedule your emails according to the order status, segment your email lists according to your customer's satisfaction, and increase your repurchase rate 💸

Discover More About Bigblue Integrations 🌐💡

3. Communicate order details 📦

Make your customers' lives easier by reminding them what they ordered.

Display the order number, product name, and quantity to avoid any frustration.

For even more transparency, you can also add the estimated delivery date.

4. Show carrier information 📬

A customer checks their order tracking an average of 4 times.

Include the carrier name, tracking number, and a link so your customers can easily track their order and improve their experience.

💙 Bigblue Tips

With Bigblue, Unbottled's emails are sent as soon as carriers update the status to offer their customers a smooth experience.

5. Use them to increase your repeat rate 📈

Follow-up emails have a significantly higher open rate than traditional marketing emails.

Take advantage of this visibility to encourage complementary sales ♻️

For example, you can add a discount coupon or a referral link 🎟

💙 Bigblue tips

The Bigblue app allows you to add infinitely customisable marketing banners! Send promotional offers, add peace of mind banner, or highlight your news ✨

6. Add links to your social networks 🌐

After marketing emails, social media is the second most effective channel for customer retention.

Add links to your different networks at the end of the email to have all the opportunities to convert your customers into subscribers.

7. Remove friction by connecting your Customer Service 🤝

61% of consumers will turn to a competitor if their experience with a brand's customer service is disappointing.

Minimise friction by allowing customers to contact you more easily and directly from their follow-up email.

To do this, add links to:

  • your returns policy (or directly to your portal),
  • your FAQ,
  • your privacy policy...

💙 Bigblue tips
Like CAVAL, use Bigblue's return portal to offer your customers an ultra-smooth return process.

8. Use Bigblue 💙

Like Unbottled, by using Bigblue, you will automatically get all these advantages.

Adopt Bigblue to offer an optimal experience to your customers and optimise their lifetime value 🚀

I hope you enjoyed this newsletter!

See you soon,


E-commerce Expert @ Bigblue

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