Connect to Klaviyo and use fulfilment and delivery events to trigger email and SMS workflows.

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Klaviyo is a marketing automation platform that automates SMS and email marketing to help businesses acquire, retain and grow their customers.

Get Bigblue events in Klaviyo

Provide a great customer experience by integrating your Bigblue events directly to Klaviyo.

You will be able to send order-specific updates and schedule your communications based on the actual delivery of the order.

New app Bigblue-Klaviyo

Connect Bigblue to Klaviyo to send great emails to your customers.

Add Bigblue events to Klaviyo

Connect the Bigblue app to push delivery events to Klaviyo.

Schedule your emails based on delivery events

Carefully segment your emails to the users who received your products, or gave a good rating to the delivery satisfaction survey.

Create unique flows with order-related events

You'll now be able to send advice for use to people who actually received your products.Target your happy buyers for marketing purposes. We help you target buyers that were satisfied with the delivery. This a unique opportunity to increase your brand ratings, and to win back unhappy buyers with targeted marketing or discounts.

“From the moment we started to use the Bigblue+Gorgias integration, we reduced our time spent on ticket by 50%.”

Simon De Swarte
CMO & Co-founder of CAVAL & MoEa

“We are able to answer all weekend requests by Monday noon, which never happened before. Our client are impressed and obviously more satisfied”.

Simon De Swarte
CMO & Co-founder of CAVAL & MoEa

“Before the integration, our support team was wasting time looking for answers. From now, they fulfil their missions easier and have time to exchange with our clients.”

Simon De Swarte
CMO & Co-founder of CAVAL & MoEa

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