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Our Story

Bigblue sent its very first order!
The Bigblue team sent more than a million orders
Bigblue has raised $15 millions in Series A to continue revolutionise the e-commerce world!
We expanded  the Spanish market
Bigblue opened the UK!
We have reached a team of 100 Bigbluers!
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June 2019

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Nov 2020

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March 2022

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Apr 2022

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Oct 2022

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May 2023

Our Mission

We enable e-commerce brands to turn their logistics into a growth lever by providing their customers with a unique delivery experience.

By combining operational excellence, innovative technologies, and a talented team of Bigbluers, we are shaping the most responsible and efficient delivery experience in Europe.

At Bigblue, we aim to revolutionise the e-commerce world by offering the best logistics solution on the market

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Interviews are coming soon!
Interviews are coming soon!
Interviews are coming soon!

Sneak peek at our culture

Bigblue use case client CAVAL

We care

We're committed to fostering an inclusive culture. We want every Bigbluer to feel that they belong in a safe space where fairness, communication, growth, and positivity prevail.

We leave no room for egos. We strongly believe in fairness and merit, ensuring everyone receives support and recognition. We gain the trust and respect of our colleagues by honouring our commitments and treating both individuals and their ideas with respect and consideration.

At Bigblue, we prioritise actions, celebrate achievements, and embrace the spirit of teamwork through traditions like our bi-weekly lunch made by the team.
Talent Acquisition Manager
Bigblue use case client CAVAL

We are doers

We dream big and act fast. We are committed to continuous innovation, ensuring our product remains cutting-edge, user-friendly and scalable. Clear communication and resilience are our keys to rapid and effective growth.

We are striving for excellence.
We learn from mistakes, fostering an open culture that values lessons for collective growth. Our commitment to continuous improvement and meticulous attention to detail sets us apart, ensuring we maintain realistic yet ambitious goals.

At Bigblue, we turn challenges into milestones, thanks to our focus on clear communication and deliberate action. Each day brings new learning and growth, both professionally and personally.
Country Manager Spain
Bigblue use case client CAVAL

We aim for greener logistics

Sustainability lies at the heart of our actions. This mindset drives us to integrate eco-friendly solutions into both our operations and office life. Read our manifesto.

We seek for sustainable growth. Our commitment to improving every day and welcoming feedback strengthens our dedication to the environment, creating a culture where progress and green practices blend seamlessly.

Sustainability guides our decisions, prompting us to weigh the outcomes of our actions.
Head of Transportation
Bigblue use case client CAVAL

We are merchant-obsessed

We are fully dedicated to our merchants. We design products to exceed their expectations, consistently driving success through constant innovation and over-delivery.

We haven't won yet. We embrace a challenger mindset, constantly seeking resilience and improvement. By staying attuned to our customers' needs, market dynamics, and beyond, we're driven to provide the future of logistics in Europe.

We esteem our merchants' trust and input in our ongoing improvements.
Customer Onboarding Lead

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Our Perks and Benefits

All shareholders

We think a great work investment should be rewarded. That’s why every employee at Bigblue gets a stock option package.

Remote work options

To meet our Bigbluers' needs, we offer remote work options for two days every week, as well as an additional week per quarter.

Connect with your team

We organise off-sites and events to spend time together. Team members cook healthy lunches and share quality time.

Transparent salary grid

We are committed to fairness. Our transparent salary grid eliminates gender or ethnic pay gaps and ensures equal pay for equal work.

Full health coverage

We provide every Bigbluers healthcare and wellbeing insurance, 100% covered by Bigblue.

Nourish your creativity

Enjoy fresh fruits and snacks every day. Join knowledge-sharing sessions to discover new insights with your team.

How do we hire?


Tell us how you can contribute to Bigblue's collective success!

First call

Exchange with our talent manager and see if you align with Bigblue's vision.

Case Study

Showcase your expertise and skills during a relevant case study.

Fit interviews

Meet your future colleagues to align with our culture and values.