Top 5 Unboxing Experiences to Steal Right Now

Top 5 Unboxing Experiences to Steal Right Now

Julie Cauville

Julie Cauville

March 8, 2023

Unboxing experiences have become a crucial aspect of e-commerce. Many brands are striving to create memorable moments that surprise, excite, and build anticipation in their customers. They use packaging to create a sense of mystery, which adds to the excitement of opening and revealing a product.

In this article, we will have a look at how five brands have mastered the art of creating unique unboxing experiences. These experiences leave lasting impressions on their customers and build brand loyalty.

1. From Future

From Future is a brand that goes above and beyond to create a visually stunning unboxing experience. Their attention to detail, including the use of silk paper and colourful stickers, adds a unique touch to their packaging.

By using recycled materials, they offer guilt-free shopping experiences that align with their values. Every aspect of the unboxing experience is perfectly executed, leaving customers feeling satisfied and happy with their purchase.

From Future also offers its customers colourful stickers as a part of their unboxing experience. This thoughtful gift-giving strategy doesn't cost much to the brand, but is incredibly effective in creating an unforgettable and enjoyable experience for their customers.

From Future's unboxing experience is so memorable that customers often share their experience on social media, which serves as free marketing for the brand.

From Future unboxing experience is both visually stunning and eco-friendly

2. La Rosée

La Rosée, a French cosmetic brand, uses upcycled packaging to create a unique unboxing experience that reflects its eco-friendly values.

By using eco-friendly materials to protect their glass products during shipping, they demonstrate their commitment to sustainability. Their elegant and refined packaging design is a reflection of their minimalist brand values.

La Rosée's cruelty-free and vegan products are made with high-quality ingredients sourced from French suppliers, supporting local businesses and reducing their carbon footprint. Their unique packaging design and sustainable practices build brand loyalty, with customers often sharing their experience on social media.

3. Dermalogica

Dermalogica knows how to create a lasting impression through small details, such as the use of luxurious silk paper and vibrant packaging. By adding a personalized cart tailored to their customer's needs, Dermalogica takes their unboxing experience to the next level.

But it's not just about the aesthetics - Dermalogica's focus on creating an exceptional unboxing experience is a testament to their dedication to customer satisfaction. By providing a personalized and visually appealing experience, they demonstrate that they value their customers and their overall satisfaction with the brand. This attention to detail can go a long way in building customer loyalty and trust, leading to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth recommendations.

4. Balzac

Balzac, a fashion brand, leads in responsible fashion with a strong emphasis on sustainability and made-in-France production.

Their packaging system aligns with their values, creating a powerful unwrapping experience. Personalised packaging with the slogan “Toujours Plus Responsable” (Ever More Responsible) sends a message to customers that the brand is responsible.

By printing pictures of their new collection on their packaging and closing it with stickers, they add a personal touch to the experience. Balzac's unique packaging design and sustainable practices build brand loyalty, with customers often sharing their experience on social media.

Balzac also uses packaging that is super insta-friendly and encourages their customers to film their unboxing. This helps the brand collect many user-generated (UGC) unboxing videos. They can use these on their website and social media to connect with customers and build a sense of community.

5. Les Secrets de Loly

Les secrets de Loly, a cosmetic brand specializing in curly hair, uses colourful and bright packaging that reflects the brand's image and the expected benefits of their products.

Les Secrets de Loly's packaging and unboxing experiences are so visually stunning and captivating that they could easily be mistaken for the best influencer marketing campaigns out there. The slogan “my hair my power” is written inside, adding a personal touch to the unboxing experience.

By creating packaging that reflects the brand's values, Les secrets de Loly builds brand loyalty and encourages customers to share their experience on social media. This has made the brand popular among influencers, who often review their products, further building their customer base.

In conclusion, the unboxing experience is an essential part of e-commerce, and brands that create unique and memorable moments stand out. A well-designed packaging system can build brand loyalty, generate positive product reviews, and serve as free marketing on social media.

By mastering the art of the unboxing experience, brands can create lasting impressions that keep customers coming back for more.

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