The guide to viral unboxings with 155M views

The guide to viral unboxings with 155M views

Julie Cauville

Julie Cauville

December 1, 2022

In a world where user-generated content is quickly becoming the preferred method of advertising for many brands, you're probably wondering what it is about this content that connects best with the audience. While there are many ways to make content for a brand, viral unboxings are one of the most popular types of UGC.

Consumers make videos of themselves unboxing the products and showing off the packaging and the products inside before going over additional details. Many of these unboxing videos go viral, which helps companies boost sales without paying for additional advertising.

So, what is it about a good unboxing that boosts sales? There are a few things that resonate with consumers and keep them interested enough to say to themselves, “I want to have the same experience. I need these products!”

  • Unboxing videos are exciting. People love the idea of surprises and want to see what types of things are in the box!
  • Good packaging makes such a difference. If consumers see this neat packaging that looks like something they’ve never experienced before when ordering, they will feel more inclined to buy from your brand.
  • It’s fun to see how others react to products they’ve purchased. Most consumers agree that watching people open their goodies, share their excitement, and then talk about what each product does makes them feel more motivated to buy from that brand.

Personalisation - the key to viral unboxings

Personalize your packaging to set yourself apart from other brands. Don't just do what everyone else is doing. Instead, take things a few steps further to get an edge over the competition. For example, your effort in creating a better unboxing experience will leave more customers feeling inclined to post videos of themselves unboxing the products they've ordered from you.

Try some of these personalization tips to WOW your customers and encourage them to buy more from you:

  • Use eco-friendly packaging. Most consumers care about reducing waste and positively impacting the environment. Using sustainable packaging can leave a better impression on your customers if you take the time to use sustainable packaging.
  • Choose colors that represent your brand. Instead of sticking with primary hues, use brighter shades that represent your brand and stand out. Pastel pink, sky blue, and even lime green are excellent colors that truly stand out. Of course, adjust the color scheme to your liking based on your brand's image.
  • Keep it simple. You want to impress with your packaging, but you also don't want to make customers go through a bunch of wrapping paper and wasteful packaging to get what they need. With that in mind, keep it simple to leave a better impression.

The key to getting those viral unboxings that boost sales is to focus on personalization, creating a remarkable experience that consumers want to discuss with everyone, such as their friends, family, and followers!

The Unboxing TikTok trend and how to use it to your advantage

Have you seen the unboxing trend on TikTok? People post videos of them unboxing all kinds of goodies from hundreds of different brands, both big and small! The number of Unboxing videos on the internet have grown by 57% in a single year… What does that tell you?

Unboxing videos have become one of the best types of user-generated content for brands to use. Consumers get excited to see people unpacking their items and showing them off. It lets these individuals know what they would expect when ordering these same items or other types of items that your brand sells. In addition, the unboxing experience gives consumers insight into how a product looks, feels, smells, and so much more.

You can take your preferred approach to this content to reap the advantages that come along with viral unboxing, including an increase in sales.

1. Simple unboxing

Simple unboxing can gain and keep the average consumer's attention. The video may include a person talking about the packaging details before pulling out each of the different items inside the box or container. Most will briefly discuss each product, including the purpose of that product and what it can do before moving on to the next item in the box.

An excellent example of this?

Consumers who unpack items purchased from beauty brands. A makeup kit might include lipstick and other essentials, such as foundation, concealer, and blush. Consumers often show swatches, talk about the pigment, or even apply a bit of makeup to see how it looks on them. If it looks good, consumers will want to buy it because they will want to experience the quality of those products firsthand after seeing the person in the video talking about them.

Need some inspiration?

Popular backpack brand Cabaïa is benefiting tremendously from user-generated content, including viral unboxings. Using this content in their advertisements, they've gained 30K likes and thousands of shares in a single advertisement. And why is that? UGC-based ads receive 4x higher click-through rates while costing significantly less.

What are they doing right?

If you check out the video, you will see an enthusiastic customer opening the package containing her new Cabaïa bag. The video includes a small bit of text that says, “It’s here 😍." Naturally, this is going to capture someone's interest. Viewers will pay attention to the video within the first few seconds of coming across it.

Next, the person in the video continues to gain viewers' interest by talking about the neat surprises in the box, including a thank you note from the company, which shows they appreciate their customers. She manages to get to the point and even includes the benefits of the product within a short-form video that consumers can understand.

Want to make your mark and get unboxings like this?

Include a custom letter to every parcel sent to customers with a call to action that encourages them to share their unboxing on social media while tagging your brand for a special discount! You will get plenty of people ready and willing to make the kind of content your e-commerce needs to thrive and survive. It won’t be long before you have all the unboxing content you want and need for your brand.

2. TikTok trend unboxing

The TikTok unboxing trend has become incredibly popular within the past several months, with more consumers getting in on the fun and creating videos of their own. With this trend, customers who've bought from brands film videos of themselves going over the details of the products from their purchases, usually emphasizing at least three of those products. They will also mention how they wish they had found the brand sooner and why.

If it's a makeup brand, the user might say, "I wish I would've known about this brand months ago because the foundation is a perfect match with my skin complexion! Oh, and the rest of their products are so high-quality that I love them."

Saying different types of things like this can encourage other consumers to buy from that brand. While the verbiage may change from one consumer to the next, the idea behind the unboxing is the same – it gets more people interested in the brand and its products.

Most consumers following this trend go into detail about what they love most about these products. And the consumers love hearing about it. If they think someone is relatable enough, they might feel like buying those same products would benefit them too.

And how can packaging help you get more UGC?

Packaging can help you get more user-generated content because of the impression it makes. If someone begins opening the packaging and loves all the little details and the effort that went into it, they will naturally feel more inclined to pull out their phone and record a video of themselves unboxing everything.

Bigblue makes it easier for brands like From Future to provide a one-of-a-kind, premium unboxing experience with custom-tailored packaging designed to meet your brand's needs.

Every brand has its own style, so it's important to express that style through packaging. It will set your brand apart from others and help you add something of value to the unboxing experience. In addition, you can make it even more enjoyable by providing your customers with special offers, including coupon codes and discounts for creating unboxing videos that they will use to make even more purchases. What brand wouldn't want that?

3 examples of viral unboxings

Check out how some of these incredible brands are getting the viral unboxings they need to boost sales.

1. Dermalogica

Dermalogica offers a fully enhanced and unique unboxing experience powered by Bigblue that has helped the brand increase its sales revenue. Altering their unboxing experience to provide something unique and spectacular helped boost buyer satisfaction by 94%.

2. From Future

FROM FUTURE started offering its customers a unique unboxing experience that enabled them to get their high-quality cashmere pieces in pristine condition, thus resulting in an 89% increase in buyer satisfaction within a little less than months!

3. Lashilé

Lashilé Beauty has a special section on its website dedicated to reviews from customers. It encourages customers to provide videos and photos of their unboxing experience for others to see, which in turn helps the brand gain more attention and be viewed as a more authentic brand

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