5 TikTok UGC trends to Test to Increase your CRO

5 TikTok UGC trends to Test to Increase your CRO

Julie Cauville

Julie Cauville

November 18, 2022

As a business owner, one of the things that may be most important to you is your CRO, otherwise known as Conversion Rate Optimization. But how can you optimize and boost conversion rates to get more consumers who discover your brand on social media? Through the power of user-generated content on social media.

➡️ Gymshark, the top-rated company known for its superior fitness apparel and accessories, experienced a compound sales increase of a massive 193% for three years in a row between 2013 and 2016. But that's not all. The company has essentially built a cult surrounding its brand by honing in on influencer marketing and user-generated content. The company promotes customer reviews on product pages and even has "GS Family" Fridays, where it posts some of its customers to their stories on Instagram. The brand has 3.9 million followers on TikTok and regularly posts user-generated content that includes consumers wearing Gymshark’s apparel while completing their workout routines.

➡️ Fashion Nova earned itself a top spot in the fashion industry, capitalizing on social media and the opportunity to partner with influencers. The fast fashion brand has since amassed a following of over 15.5 million on Instagram alone. It has since expanded to TikTok, gaining 3.8 million followers while regularly posting video content from major influencers who support the brand and its products.

While you can post user-generated content anywhere, including the website consumers will visit to view and purchase products, one of the best places for it is TikTok. There are over 750 million active TikTok users across the globe, meaning your chances of reaching a massive audience through this social media platform are incredible.

1. Unboxing videos posted to social media have increased by 57% in a single year…

So, what are they, and why are they leaving such a lasting impression on consumers? Unboxing videos include footage of consumers or influencers opening their orders in front of the camera, showing people what they received. In most of these videos, the consumers are excitedly talking about the quality of the products and the packaging.

Unboxing videos fall under the category of user-generated content. The content resonates with the audience for a few reasons. Not only is it created by someone who may look like them, act like them, or even have the same preferences, but it also provides them with more details about products they may be considering buying. In addition, there is something exciting about watching people open packages while showing off the items and talking about how they smell, feel, and work.

Because consumers LOVE these videos, more of them are creating this kind of content on their own without brands even asking for it. But it works in favor of the brands because they receive more exposure and can boost sales.

💙 Bigblue Tip: Lashilé Beauty places its user-generated reviews on its site to give shoppers an idea of what previous customers think of their brand. Want to do the same? The Loox App makes it easy to display video and photo reviews on your product pages like Lashilé.

🔥 Dermalogica’s unique unboxing experience, designed with help from Bigblue, has enabled the company to receive more than 155 million views on TikTok alone.

Dermalogica's Unboxing has become viral on TikTok

2. Product benefit 

🥳 70% of consumers watch UGC reviews to learn more about products before buying.

⬆️ 92% of consumers believe UGC can help them determine if a product is worth purchasing.

Source: Social Media Today

The key is to provide details on the product's benefit to let consumers know what it can do for them and why they should buy it. It's one of the most important details worth discussing during an unboxing. If the average consumer is watching an unboxing video, they will expect the person behind the camera to explain some of the advantages of using the product while also going over how it works. After all, most people want to know what makes a product special enough to spend money on before they head over to the website themselves and purchase.

You can get user-generated content that goes over a product’s benefits by:

  • Making the how-to-use instructions clear for consumers
  • Providing an enhanced unboxing experience
  • Offering high-quality products that offer numerous advantages
  • Letting consumers know what these products can do for them before they purchase

When consumers know how to use the products and how these products can help them, they may feel more inclined to create video content showing others their results and discussing the steps involved in using these products.

➡️ FROM FUTURE delivers a unique unboxing experience for consumers to enjoy when receiving their merchandise. Making simple adjustments, such as custom packaging, branded tracking emails, and an easy-to-use return portal helped the company increase buyer satisfaction by 89% in less than four months.

➡️ Cosmetics brand Merci Handy built a name for itself by creating fun, relatable content on TikTok, including behind-the-scenes footage that consumers love. The brand has since gained a following of over 260,000!

3. Transform FAQs into an evergreen source of content and reassurance elements

⭐ User-generated TikTok videos resonate with consumers' emotions 22% more than content created by brands on TikTok. In addition, the UGC content is nearly five times more effective at connecting with consumers and getting them to make purchases than the average advertisement on Facebook.

Source: UGC Shop

Product pages containing Q&As have a 447% higher conversion rate than those that don’t.

Source: The Shopper Experience Index, Bazaarvoice

Strengthen the trust between your brand and the consumers by transforming some of the most frequently asked questions into evergreen content that reassures the consumers. Providing a certain level of reassurance will make them feel more inclined to buy from your business. If people have to ask the same questions about your business, it means you need to explain the details better, so work on creating content that answers these questions and gives people a better idea of what to expect from your brand.

Have you noticed the TikTok Q&A bubble on a user's profile page? Even if you've seen it, you might not know how to utilize it. You can use this feature to provide consumers with access to frequently asked questions and answers, which will prevent confusion and potentially boost sales.

💙 Bigblue Tip: Pull inspiration from commonly asked questions, using the answers to create relatable advertisements that provide users with valuable information. It's an easy and efficient way to explain the details of your product, what it can do for others, and how they can use it to their advantage.

4. Provide the viewer with three reasons to Buy Your Product

Value proposition refers to anything that stands out and can capture the audience's attention. In this case, when following TikTok UGC trends, you would want to provide the following information:

  1. What Makes Your Product Great? Explain in detail the things that set your product apart from the rest. Let the consumers know why your product is great.
  2. Why Should Consumers Buy the Product? Once you’ve explained what makes the product great, don’t hesitate to explain everything, including what it does, how it works, and what’s in it! These small details add up and can truly make or break the experience for consumers.
  3. What Value Does It Add to a Consumer’s Life? Connect with consumers on a deeper level by going over the value your product brings to them. What are some of the features of your products that make them worth buying and using? You would know this better than anyone, so be sure to touch on this in the content created!

✨ If you type "Three Reasons to Buy" in the TikTok search feature, you will see dozens of videos created by users. These videos typically discuss some of the best reasons to buy nearly everything, including properties, vehicles, beauty products, and more. Take the same approach when touching on the top three reasons any consumer should buy your product!

5. Things TikTok made me buy

🤩 49% of TikTok users claim to have bought a product after seeing reviews or promotional video content on the popular social media app.

Source: World Finance

Perhaps one of the biggest trends on TikTok is the "TikTok Made Me Buy It" content created by users and social media influencers. Many have wondered if this means 2022 was the year of shoppable media, with more people being influenced to buy based on video content viewed on TikTok.

The great thing about this approach? You don't even necessarily have to say much of anything. Of course, this depends on the products your brand offers. But in some user-generated TikTok Made Me Buy It videos, users have shown how a product works while pairing the content with a viral sound, such as a snippet of Ariana Grande's "Just Like Magic" song.

Having just ONE person with somewhat of a following on TikTok post your products using this trend could lead to a viral video that boost sales and conversion rates.💙 Bigblue Tip: 6.1 billion people have viewed the #TikTokMadeMeBuy hashtag. Use this hashtag to your advantage to get more views for the products you sell, with more consumers taking the time to create user-generated content and post it to social media to follow the trend.

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