10 Examples Of Order Tracking Emails To Engage Customers

10 Examples Of Order Tracking Emails To Engage Customers

Cathy Carpetta

Cathy Carpetta

October 2, 2023


If you think order-tracking emails are just the underdog of the email world, it's time to adjust those spectacles and take another look!

Despite a staggering open rate of 78%, they are an often-overlooked opportunity for brands to generate additional business!

In this article, we compiled the 10 best examples of e-commerce order-tracking emails to steer you on the right track.

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1. Why are order-tracking emails so important?

Leading e-commerce players are tuning into evolving consumer preferences and honing in on the post-purchase experience, with a whopping 93% of customers craving proactive updates from retailers about their parcels.

Meeting these expectations is crucial; if you fall short, shoppers won’t think twice about taking their business elsewhere.

The solution? Elevate the customer experience with informative and engaging shipping confirmation emails.

These aren’t just about tracking numbers and delivery dates. They’re a canvas for showcasing your brand identity and boosting customer happiness, thereby increasing Lifetime Value (LTV). From eye-catching designs to customised messages and exclusive offers, the ways to set your brand apart are endless.

How do you kickstart these enhancements for your next email campaign? Dive into our top 5 tips for optimal results!

Bigblue Tips

Bigblue to create your own branded tracking emails and pages.

We developed the
best features to help merchants reassure customers:

- All the relevant information in one glance
, including the order status, items in the parcel, carrier, delivery address, access to the help center, and support contact.
- Real-time parcel tracking with Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) from the warehouse to the delivery address or pickup point.
- Proactive updates when delays, backorder, or uncollected parcels.
- Customisation of your tracking emails and tracking pages,
so that it fully reflects your brand and helps navigate the customer journey.

FROM FUTURE CMO, Jordan Bouaziz, told us how we helped them reduce customer service support tickets by half by using Bigblue’s tracking experience. The #1 question of clients was, “Where is my order?” you can save up to 9 hours in support for every 1K order. You can check the FROM FUTURE tracking page here!

2. 10 Great examples to take e-commerce order tracking emails to the next level  

2.1 Recess - Brand Personality & Fun Copywriting

🤩 What’s good / What we love:

Recess is true to its strong brand image and its use of pastel colours that instil calmness and relaxation.

In contrast, the copywriting is fun and quirky.

In 2022, Recess boasted more than 40,000 subscribers, with email open rates surpassing 25%. This performance exceeded the industry norm for consumer packaged goods, which averaged 20% according to a benchmark by Campaign Monitor.

This email translates their unique brand personality while giving all the necessary information to the customers.

💡 What could be improved:

Recess could use this space to push more UGC and product images since it is a bit text-heavy.

Recess confirmation email

2.2 Unbottled example - Clear Design & Discount

🤩 What’s good / What we love:

The Unbottled order tracking email is a winner! It is clear, on-brand, and user-friendly.

To avoid any frustration, all the information about the order is clearly shown: delivery address, carrier, order recap, order number, product name, and quantity.

It displays real-time precise ETA’s with a link to track the order.

Unbottled has an average of 79.6% open rate!

💡 What could be improved:

I have been a customer of Unbottled for a year, and they haven’t changed their email design for some time.

Unbottled order email tracking

2.3 Vuori - Visual & Product Image

🤩 What’s good / What we love:

Vuori shows a big branded image with a simple copy.

The order recap is clear and big, making it easier for the clients to remember the products they got.

Different links to the returns, FAQ, and stores page concludes the email. The banner also highlights their free return policy to reduce customer support friction.

💡 What could be improved:

A shipping address and customer information recap could be a great addition.

Vuori email

2.4 Athletics Greens - Community Highlight & Customer Loyalty

🤩 What’s good / What we love:

Athletics Greens emphasises being part of their healthy journey and being part of the community or the “AG Family”.

They share a testimonial and access to an exclusive community for Facebook. It keeps the customer involved with the brand.

They round it all off with an invitation to connect on their social channels.

💡 What could be improved:

Athletics Greens could add a personalised (customer’s name) message to showcase special promotions/offers to make the customer feel even more unique.

Athletic Greens  confirmation email

2.5 Dollar Shave Club - Recommended Products

🤩 What’s good / What we love:

The Dollar Shave Club is an excellent example of upselling/cross-selling. It shows related product recommendations and has an “add” button so they can be quickly grabbed before the order is shipped.

It is a super smooth and straightforward process. The ability to edit your shipping and billing address directly can further customer friction.

💡 What could be improved:

It is difficult to see what the client ordered. A picture or a more extensive text could avoid confusion.

Dollar Shave Club confirmation email

2.6 Cometeer - Product Instruction & Referral

🤩 What’s good / What we love:

Cometeer proactively reminds the customer how to store their product so they don’t run into any issues.

All the information is available and the email is personalised with the customer names. It also invites the receiver to invite friends with an easily shareable link.

💡 What could be improved:

Cometeer could reduce the white spacing to avoid unnecessary scrolling. Further tips and guides related to the product specifically could be added.

Cometeer confirmation email

2.7 Ritual - Referral & Instagram focus

🤩 What’s good / What we love:

Ritual has a clean and trendy design approach. It shares the expected delivery date right on top, making it easier for customers to skim the email.

They also used their tone and style, keeping it casual (the CTA “So ready”) and helping create a unified customer experience.

A referral and Instagram link with pictures help to round things off.

💡 What could be improved:

Details about the order and a recap of the customer's address could be added.

Ritual confirmation email

2.8 Burst - Brand Color & Features in Media

🤩 What’s good / What we love:

The order update from Burst is a great example of the use of brand colour and identity.

It recaps necessary information like the details of the order. They also put the logo of all the places they were featured to reinforce their brand quality to the customers.

💡 What could be improved:

Burst could add more text and branded images.

Burst confirmation email

2.9 Allbirds - Brand Image & GIF

🤩 What’s good / What we love:

Allbirds has an overall simple design that matches its brand personality with the add-on of the GIF. Seeing the sheep packing the shoes in the box and running to deliver the order is a lot of fun.

The brand focuses on animal welfare, and their product is made from wool.

💡 What could be improved:

Allbirds could add a product return policy or a care guide link.

Allbirds confirmation email

2.10 MeUndies - Copywriting & Help Center

🤩 What’s good / What we love:

With a beautiful header and branded images, text, and calls to action, MeUndies does everything right. The copywriting stays on brand and shows a lot of personality.

The addition of the help center makes it easy for the customer to contact with any questions/concerns.

💡 What could be improved:

MeUndies could add some personalisation and some UGC that features their customers wearing their products.

MeUndies confirmation email

To recap

Ready to reinvent your post-purchase emails?

Order tracking emails hold great significance in today's competitive business landscape.

These often underestimated emails hold the potential to revolutionise your email marketing strategy and significantly impact your bottom line.

According to Digital Commerce 360, 96% of the top 1,000 online retailers agree that email marketing gives them the best return on investment.

Well-designed order confirmation email templates have multiple benefits. They help strengthen brand recognition, retain customers, and attract potential customers.

They are not just for providing transaction updates. It's a cost-effective and time-saving way to demonstrate your commitment to customer satisfaction and build trust.

These emails have attractive designs and personalised content, making them an essential part of the customer journey.

They enhance the post-purchase experience, boosting click-through and conversion rates and ultimately growing your business.

Don't miss this chance to make current customers loyal and attract new ones with your excellent products and services. Tracking emails should play an essential role in your CRM for your brand’s success.

Start sending emails that truly matter and watch your business thrive.

Can’t get enough email guidance? Check out our guide to create the perfect post-purchase email workflow!

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