Win customers for life with returns

Returns used to be a cost center. We've made it your new retention tool. Create a branded return experience that will drive more sales and delight your buyers.

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“Store-credit is a revolution at Zeta. It’s a huge time saver for the team.”

Photo Laure Babin zeta shoes founder

Laure Babin

Founder of Zeta Shoes

Retain revenue with returns

Fewer refunds, more exchanges.

Our portal encourages buyers to choose store credit instead of a cash refund. Returns become a new opportunity for buyers to shop again in your store.

zeta shoes sneakersBigblue store credit option for merchants to handle returns

Reduce pressure on your support team

Your buyers can start a return anytime. Your support team saves precious time.

In the meantime, you get valuable insights to improve your collection.

Go printerless!

More than 30% of European buyers don’t have a printer. Offer them the convenience of printerless returns.

Bigblue enables your brand with the same seamless returns experience proposed by Amazon and Zalando.

smartphone of client showing the process of Bigblue e-commerce printerless returnse-commerce return label printed by La Poste

Your return experience is an extension of your brand

Craft an immersive experience by customizing your return portal with your identity.

Enforce your return policy by setting the return window and the cases where you offer a return shipping label.