Newsletter #22 - Boost Customer Loyalty: 5 Proven Strategies to Elevate Your Support Experience 💖

Newsletter #22 - Boost Customer Loyalty: 5 Proven Strategies to Elevate Your Support Experience 💖

Julie Cauville

Julie Cauville

January 9, 2024

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Hi there!

This week at Bigblue, we had the pleasure of co-hosting a webinar with Gorgias on a crucial topic for your brand's growth: optimising customer retention.

Why? Because it costs an average of 5 times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one 🤝

If you couldn't attend, in this newsletter, I'll share 5 actionable tips that we revealed during the webinar to optimise your customer support and skyrocket your retention rate 💥

3 benefits of optimised customer support 💰

Customer support not only helps you answer your customers' questions and requests, but it's also a powerful tool to:

  • Reduce your acquisition costs 💸

A slight 5% improvement in customer loyalty can boost your revenue by 25% to 95%!

Happy customers will naturally spread the word about your brand, allowing you to reduce your advertising and marketing expenses.

  • Increase your average order value 🔄

A recurring customer spends, on average, 67% more than a first-time customer.

A good support system creates a positive customer experience and encourages them to return, creating a virtuous circle that can be very profitable in the long run!

  • Eliminate competition 🧹

One in three customers may abandon a brand after just one negative experience.

By providing your customers with quick and effective solutions, you minimise the risk of them turning to your competitors and build a strong base of buyers.

The pillars to build excellent customer support 🏛️

Quality customer support can turn a negative experience into a positive one and create a lasting connection with your customers.

For that, I recommend you to:

  • Maximise efficiency through automation 🤖

Automating responses to common questions frees up your team to handle more specific queries.

💙 Bigblue Tips
Maximise the efficiency of your customer service with our Gorgias integration.
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  • Focus on accessibility for guaranteed customer satisfaction 💌

40% of consumers use at least three different communication channels to contact customer service.

Ensure your contact information is clearly displayed and easily accessible across all your platforms.

Because a customer who can easily reach you is more likely to stay loyal and make repeat purchases!

Bonus tip
Like Unbottled, use Gorgias' live chat on your website to allow your customers to receive instant help without having to respond to emails or make calls!

  • Prioritise tickets with purchase intent 💬

28% of pre-sales support tickets were resolved within 10 minutes, resulting in a sale.

By prioritising these tickets, you maximise your chances of increasing your revenue and improving your customers' experience!

  • Personalise your customer support for optimal engagement 🎯

Nearly half (49%) of buyers have impulsively purchased following a personalised customer experience.

By personalising your interactions with your customers, you make them feel truly heard and appreciated, increasing their engagement and boosting your sales and long-term loyalty!

💙 Bigblue Tips
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Your customers can access recommended products with just one click from their tracking page!

  • Harness data and trends to maximise performance 🩺

Understanding trends and utilising data is a powerful way to optimise customer service.

By analysing recurring queries, you can enhance your FAQ and refine your product descriptions to meet your customers' expectations better.

You can also take this opportunity to train your team to anticipate pre-sales questions better and convert them into added items to the cart!

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E-commerce Expert @ Bigblue