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"Bigblue is the logistics partner that gives us back precious time to transform the skincare industry."

Joaquín Querol Sastre,
Founder of Endor Technologies
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+3000 orders
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+96% customer satisfaction
thanks to the Bigblue tracking experience
100% open rate
for Endor's tracking emails
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How Bigblue's logistics expertise accelerate Endor Technologies' growth

Committed to the fight against cancer, Joaquín combined his passion for innovation and health, leading to the creation of Endor Technologies. Beyond being just a cosmetics brand, Endor became a means to fund vital research.

Leveraging his medical expertise, Joaquín, and his team developed a line of natural and safe skincare products that swiftly gained popularity among both individual consumers and professionals in the health and beauty sector, thanks to their outstanding results.

The exceptional quality of Endor Technologies' products led to a rapid brand expansion. Within a year, the demand for their skincare range tripled.

"Bigblue not only streamlined our logistical processes but also elevated our customer satisfaction to new heights."
Joaquín Querol Sastre
Founder of Endor Technologies

The success of Endor posed a crucial challenge: how to maintain a focus on research while ensuring order management and customer experience align with the quality of the products?

To address this challenge, Joaquín turned to Bigblue as a logistics partner for its ability to offer a smooth and high-end delivery experience, reminiscent of leading cosmetics brands but without the usual logistical constraints.

Thanks to this collaboration with Bigblue, Joaquín is now free to dedicate himself to what he excels at — innovation and the creation of top-notch skincare —while being confident that each order receives the attention required, in line with Endor Technologies' excellence.

Endor Technologies ships its B2C and B2B orders with just one click, thanks to the Shopify x Bigblue integration.

As Joaquín's products are highly sought after by both individuals and healthcare professionals and clinics, he quickly faced the challenge of managing orders for both B2C and B2B seamlessly.

Through the one-click integration between Endor Technologies' Shopify store and the Bigblue application, Joaquín automated his entire order processing and shipping for both B2C and B2B orders.

This integration marked a decisive turning point for Endor Technologies: Joaquín can now efficiently manage a significant volume of orders while ensuring a superior level of service.

The Bigblue teams, with their precision and efficiency in our warehouses dedicated to cosmetic brands, guarantee fast and reliable delivery. This approach perfectly aligns with the expectations of all Endor Technologies' customers, whether they are individual consumers or professionals.

We also adopt the FEFO method ('first in, first out') for managing the stocks of Endor Technologies' products. This strategy allows Joaquín to track and optimise his batches of stocks while reducing product wastage.

Optimise your logistics and manage your growth with Bigblue.

Like Joaquín, automate your order management with Bigblue and transform your post-purchase experience.

Your customers are delighted, and you can focus on what matters the most: growing your brand.

ENDO Bigblue Shopify Integration EN

In addition to allowing Joaquín to have more time to developing his products, the delivery experience offered by Bigblue plays a crucial role in building customer trust and improving the brand image of Endor Technologies.

Delivery in 24 or 48 hours with a wide choice of Bigblue carriers.

For Joaquín, displaying fast delivery options tailored to each customer's needs is essential to maintain a memorable and competitive shopping experience.

Bigblue enables him to uphold these promises with each order. Thanks to the extensive carrier network and advanced algorithms of Bigblue, Joaquín can offer customers a diverse range of delivery choices, from express service for ultra-fast deliveries to more economical options for cost-conscious customers.

This flexibility allows Endor to meet the specific needs of each customer, ensuring a personalised shopping experience and maximised customer satisfaction.

Offer a wide range of flexible deliveries with Bigblue.

Empower your customers to be delivered where they want, when they want.

With Bigblue, display precise delivery dates before and after payment and reduce support tickets while boosting customer satisfaction!

ENDO Bigblue Shipping methods EN

+96% customer satisfaction thanks to Bigblue's delivery experience.

Offering customers a personalised and memorable unboxing experience was essential for Joaquín.

With Bigblue, he created an unboxing experience that not only delights his customers but also reinforces the image and values of Endor Technologies. If needed, Joaquín can also request to add a specific flyer, product samples, or any other goodies for marketing purposes.

In addition to the unboxing experience, Endor Technologies values real-time order tracking emails consistent with its brand image offered by Bigblue. With this flagship feature, Joaquín ensures that his customers are constantly informed about the status of their order, from the moment it leaves the warehouse to its arrival at their door.

By using its colours, logo, and brand colours, Joaquín also ensures offering customers a personalised tracking experience. By adding links to his site or social networks, he increases customer loyalty in addition to their satisfaction.

This transparency in delivery and proactive communication from Endor Technologies reassure customers and increase their trust in the brand.

100% open rate for Bigblue's order tracking emails.

Thanks to Bigblue's personalised order tracking emails, Endor Technologies' customers know exactly where their package is and when their order will arrive.

Like Joaquín, leverage the high open rate of these transactional emails to increase your sales, retain your customers, and gather valuable data!

ENDO Tracking Experience EN

By combining these follow-up emails with a personalised and attractive unboxing experience, Joaquín creates a complete and consistent customer experience that reflects his commitment to offering uncompromised excellence at every stage of the process.

Provide a memorable delivery experience with Bigblue.

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