Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide For Holiday Shopping 2023

Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide For Holiday Shopping 2023

Cathy Carpetta

Cathy Carpetta

November 13, 2023

As the festive season and Christmas shopping begins, Bigblue is thrilled to bring you an exclusive Christmas gift idea guide. 🎅🏼🎁🤶

If you are looking for some inspiration to find the perfect presents for your family members (or yourself), we got you covered!

Find the ideal gifts for Christmas from our selection, featuring our valued clients and their amazing products. At Bigblue, we dedicate ourselves to delivering on time and with reliability.

Rest assured, with Bigblue handling the logistics, your gifts will arrive just in time to light up the holiday season.

5 tips for Christmas e-commerce optimisation to “sleigh” this season! 🎄

Festive website design

Create Christmas-themed landing pages with personalisation and high-quality product photography.

Enhanced search and navigation

Improve search functionality with predictive autocomplete and relevant filters.

Conversion motivators

Use urgency tactics like countdown timers and display customer reviews for social proof.

Streamlined shopping experience

Ensure clear delivery information, free delivery, a flexible return policy, effective calls to action, and a simplified checkout process.

Mobile optimisation & testing

Focus on mobile-friendly design.

According to experts' estimates, a significant proportion of 56% of all online sales are generated by mobile devices.

Also, regularly conduct A/B testing to refine the user experience.

For Fashionistas 🕶️


The brand infuses the authentic climber spirit into sleek, functional urban and trendy accessories. Elevate your loved one's style with Topologie's phone straps, phone cases, or bags.

What we love:

  • Free delivery on orders over €35.
  • Free return 30 days from the shipping date of the order.


Gift the essence of style with Kymas' urban collection.

What we love:

  • Different delivery options: Pick-up point, standard and express!
  • Payment options like Shop Pay, PayPal, and card.

Eleven Paris

Urban and edgy, Eleven Paris outfits are the talk of the town.

What we love:

  • Clear Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) of the product page depending on your location!
  • Free returns within 14 working days after reception.


Keep your loved ones cosy with Xnowmate’s innovative winter footwear.

What we love:

  • Free shipping in the EU, UK, Switzerland, USA, and Canada.
  • Free exchange and new order shipping free of charge in the EU.


Customisable and eco-friendly, Cabaïa offers backpacks and hats that are as unique as your gift recipient.

What we love:

  • Christmas Gift Ideas section of the website and gift wrapping options for €3.20 — Holiday spirit right on!
  • Free shipping from €40 of purchase and free returns within 14 days.
  • Lifetime warranty.

Extra: Clothes Doctors  🫧

So your new clothes will smell extra nice!

Clothes Doctors have everything you need to take care of all different types of fabrics. All products are cruelty-free, use natural and plant-based ingredients and with fully recyclable packaging!

For Beauty Gurus ✨


For those who adore clinically proven skincare, Novexpert is a dream come true.

What we love:

  • Free delivery for orders over €49 and a free product at €90 showed directly on the cart page!
  • Different delivery options and payment options.

The Smilist

Make someone's holiday special with eco-friendly dental care that combines prebiotics and natural ingredients for a beautiful smile.

What we love:

  • Subscription plan with a 15% discount.
  • The Smilist Club, their loyalty program, is a great way to earn gifts through a point system.


Zero-waste beauty has never been so chic.

What we love:

  • Free shipping with a minimum order of €40 and a free product for orders over €60
  • Transparent shipping costs on the product page.
  • Packaging ready to hang on your Christmas tree!
  • Different delivery options: home address, pick-up point, CO2-neutral delivery and express!

For Music Enthusiasts 🎶

Diggers Factory

For vinyl lovers, Diggers Factory offers limited edition vinyl produced on demand.

What we love:

  • Possibility to add insurance for the delivery of your precious records.
  • The Vinyl Box, from €21/month, you can get exclusive records delivered.

For Fitness Gurus 💪


Empower a fitness journey with Smartworkout's innovative gear.

What we love:

  • 5-year warranty!
  • Display of clear ETA and delivery price on the product page based on your location.
  • Free delivery for orders over €50.

For Plant Lovers 🪴


Bring nature indoors with Pepin's range of plant care and kits.

What we love:

  • Free delivery from €50.
  • Display of clear ETA on the product page based on your location.
  • Express checkout option!

For Pet Parents 🐶🐱

Franklin Petfood

Spoil your pets with gourmet treats from Franklin Petfood.

What we love:

  • Subscription plan with a 10% discount.
  • La Meute, their loyalty program, is a great way to earn gifts and special discounts through a point system.
  • Advantages on the cart page: Free pick-up point delivery from €49, free home delivery from €89 and a free product from €99.

Did you enjoy our Christmas presents guide?

I hope we gave you plenty of great gift ideas for your upcoming shopping.

Will it be for a stocking filler, the company's Secret Santa, or your homemade advent calendar?

All these brands are ones we trust to deliver the perfect gift to open on Christmas day.

Write a love note, pick the wrapping, and let these extra special gifts bring joy to loved ones this Christmas, arriving on time.

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