Create Your Best Christmas Advert That People Will Love 2024

Create Your Best Christmas Advert That People Will Love 2024

Cathy Carpetta

Cathy Carpetta

November 10, 2023


You've already mastered the basics of holiday advertising and know that a successful Christmas advertising campaign can be a game-changer for sales and brand recognition.

Statista predicts a 3.3% growth in UK Christmas sales for 2023, potentially reaching £84.9 billion.

Let’s focus on honing your strategy with expert tips to ensure your e-commerce brand shines this festive season.

Data from the Advertising association & WARC: £9.5BN spent during Christmas advertising season. A record breaking amount.
Source: Advertising Association

1. Why UK Christmas adverts are so popular?

UK Christmas adverts have become a cultural phenomenon, eagerly anticipated yearly for their heartwarming narratives and lavish production values.

Graph showing the YouTube Christmas Adverts' views for 2016, John Lewis breaks the 7M views.
Source: Smart Insight

It is often attributed to the “John Lewis effect”, which stems from the retailer's tradition of creating emotionally charged stories that capture the public's imagination.

Top brands compete with each other, spending big on ads to be the most memorable. They regularly use celebrities to make their Christmas messages stand out, which helps them become a part of the UK's festive traditions.

Interest in UK Christmas adverts is picking up again after a dip in 2021, according to Bynder's analysis. Top British retailers have launched their 2023 Christmas ads, continuing the yearly battle for viral success.

Despite concerns about ad fatigue, Bynder's look into Google search trends suggests a resurgence of interest, with a 6% increase in searches this year and an expected 68,000 searches for 'Christmas advert' in November.

John Lewis Christmas 2023 Advert: Snapper - The Perfect Tree

It tells the touching story of a young boy named Alfie and his extraordinary bond with his Venus flytrap companion, Snapper.

This enchanting tale explores the beauty of unexpected friendships and reminds us to embrace new traditions, even if they may seem peculiar at first.

The advert beautifully captures the essence of Christmas, assuring us that no matter how different our celebrations may be, the spirit of Christmas will always remain unchanged.

Amazon's 2023 Christmas advert: “Joy Ride”, a heartwarming story

Three elderly friends rekindle their youthful spirit by sledging down a snowy hill, an experience amplified by a nostalgic instrumental of The Beatles' “In My Life.”

Orchestrated as part of their broader “Joy is Shared” campaign, the film exemplifies how joyous moments are enhanced when shared, set against a musical collaboration recorded with a 40-piece orchestra.

The campaign, celebrating the delight of creating new memories while honouring past ones, is delivered across various media and highlights Amazon's role in facilitating shared happiness during the festive season.

Lidl's 2023 Christmas advert: A raccoon & family's festive celebrations

As other adverts like Asda's and Waitrose's opt for cheer to distract from financial woes, Lidl's approach mirrors the emotional appeal of traditional John Lewis adverts.

Despite Lidl's recent business struggles in the US, the ad focuses on the raccoon's journey to return a lost toy to a child, overcoming challenges along the way without seeking any reward.

The ad is set to resonate with viewers, making the raccoon a popular symbol of the season with its charm and emotional storyline.

2. Navigating the Christmas market amidst economic restraint

The cost of living crisis in the UK is leading to more restrained celebrations, with a report by eBay Ads revealing that nearly half of the shoppers intend to have modest festivities, focusing on value for money in gift purchasing.

A shift towards giving meaningful gifts over expensive ones is happening, with younger generations starting their shopping around Black Friday and Gen Z showing a keen interest in second-hand and sustainable gifts.

Advertisements, especially search ads and promoted listings, are influential, and eBay Ads' Upasana Gupta advises retailers to cater to budget-conscious consumers by offering value and thoughtful inventory.

Retailers are encouraged to time their ads to appeal to early and last-minute shoppers and to use promotions to attract undecided ones.

3. How to create the best Christmas ad ever?

3.1 Deep dive into audience understanding

Knowing your audience is advertising 101. Use your customer data to fine-tune your target demographics.

According to Accenture's research, tailored and relevant offers significantly increase consumer engagement with brands.

Take the time to analyse your customer data to create personalised messages that resonate.

3.2 Create an emotional connection

Weaving a captivating story into your Christmas campaigns can resonate deeply with your audience.

Remember, you're not just selling a product, you're offering a festive experience.

As digital marketing expert Seth Godin aptly notes, storytelling is the essence of brand engagement.

Christmas ads, using red or green colours performs 68% better.

By integrating themes of joy, family, and togetherness, we tap into the emotional core of the season, fostering a memorable connection with your brand.

In today’s diverse society, inclusive marketing strategies speaks volumes.

We recommend creating campaigns that celebrate various traditions and inclusivity, making every consumer feel represented and valued.

3.3 Be wise with your ad budget allocation

Your advertising budget needs to work harder for you.

Spread your spending across the most effective channels to reach your audience, and remember, it's not always about having the biggest budget but the smartest.

3.4 Gather feedback

Utilise feedback to refine your ad.

This is crucial for aligning with your audience's expectations and enhancing the ad’s effectiveness.

3.5 Right channel, right time

Knowing where and when to place your ad can amplify its impact.

Leverage social media platforms where your audience is most active, and consider launching your campaign early to maximise exposure.

The landscape for Christmas adverts has significantly changed; it has become tougher for e-commerce brands to compete in the saturated market.

In 2023, a customer has more chance to see an advert first on Instagram or TikTok than on the TV.

Marketers need to create ad optimisation for different platforms and consider their audience.

Having a better consistency across all platforms is crucial in brand discovery and recognition.

3.6 Measuring Christmas campaign success

Evaluate your campaign’s success with clear KPIs.

Beyond views and likes, focus on engagement and conversion rates to truly measure the impact of your ad.


In crafting your Christmas advertising campaign, focus on creating a meaningful connection with your existing customers and potential customers.

Use high-quality visuals, thoughtful storytelling, and strategic placements to make your message heard. Remember, your ad is more than a sales pitch; it represents your brand personality during the most wonderful time of the year.

Follow these tips to build a holiday campaign that not only stands out from the crowd but builds trust with your customer base, increases brand loyalty and drives both immediate and long-term success.

Frequently asked questions
Everything you need to know.
How early should I start planning my Christmas ad campaign?

Planning should ideally start months in advance to allow for thorough research, production, and editing.

How do I know if my Christmas ad is successful?

Success can be measured by engagement rates, conversion rates, and overall sales during the campaign period.

Can I still have an effective ad with a limited budget?

Absolutely. Creativity often thrives within constraints. About how effectively you use your budget.

What’s the most important element of a Christmas ad? ‍

The emotional connection with your audience is the most essential; it turns viewers into loyal customers and advocates.

How can I ensure my ad stands out amongst competitors?

Focus on what makes your brand unique and craft a narrative that showcases your products in a memorable and festive light.