Black Friday 2024: Ecommerce Logistics Do’s and Don'ts

Black Friday 2024: Ecommerce Logistics Do’s and Don'ts

Cathy Carpetta

Cathy Carpetta

October 10, 2023


Black Friday 2023 is on the horizon, thorough preparation can mean the difference between a sales triumph and a logistics nightmare.

To optimize your e-commerce strategy for this peak season, we've created a list of ecommerce logistics dos and don'ts to guide you.

1. Ecommerce logistics dos and don’ts for Black Friday 2023

1.1 ✅ DO - Plan ahead your demand forecasting

Analyse previous peak activities like BFCM sales data to identify top-performing products and categories. Prioritise stocking and promoting them this year using analytics from your Bigblue dashboard.

Bundle complementary products to increase transaction value and clear out slow-moving inventory.

Dermalogica offers gifts when you spend over €200:

dermalogica checkout page with cart and gifts option
Dermalogica gifts option at their checkout page.

Sharing historical sales data with suppliers ensures they're in the loop. It aids in synchronized production, timely shipments, and overall smoother supply chain operations.

Past data can also shed light on bottlenecks that occurred in previous years—be it in warehousing, packing, or last-mile delivery. By identifying these pain points, streamline your operations and reduce redundancies.

1.2 ⛔ DON’T - Underestimate demand to prevent stockouts

E-commerce companies lose $18 billion annually to abandoned carts, often due to stockouts. When customers encounter out-of-stock items, not only do they frequently abandon their carts, but about half of these instances result in order cancellations.

Poor preparation can lead to shipment delays, negatively impacting service quality and brand reputation. Online shoppers value transaction convenience over brand loyalty, making accurate inventory management essential.

When prepping for events like Black Friday, use historical data to ensure adequate stock levels. Stay updated on trends and consumer preferences!

Clearly indicate out-of-stock items to customers and offer backorder options if possible, to avoid deterring potential sales.

1.3 ✅ DO - Invest in logistics technology

Effective use of technology can make your work much more manageable and help you optimise your whole logistics effortlessly. A tool that allows you to track your stock in real-time and gives you access to analysis tools is essential, especially during peak periods.

Automated solutions or AI-backed logistics software can give you the opportunity to draw the right conclusions and access valuable measures for your business.

You can improve, renew, and fine-tune your process with the right partners to increase your logistics capabilities.

At Bigblue, we help our merchant fulfil their orders and enable growth and scalability through our expertise and our strong commitment to technology.

As Détective Box is looking toward the future, Emilie Bernier O’Donnell, founder, says: “Bigblue helped us ship 10K boxes in 2022, and this year we’re ready to sell over 100K”.

1.4 ⛔ DON’T - Cut corners on quality

To meet the demand, you might be thinking of cutting corners on quality for your product, packaging, or delivery.

While it may seem like a cost-saving measure initially, such shortcuts can have detrimental effects on your brand's reputation in the long run.

It's a common misconception that when customers seek discounts or try to maximize their value for money, they're willing to overlook quality. In reality, even the most budget-conscious shopper expects a certain standard of service and product integrity.

Remember, peak shopping periods like Black Friday or Cyber Monday often coincide with occasions when consumers are purchasing gifts for others, especially Christmas. These aren't just ordinary purchases; they're sentiments, expressions of love and care. Hence, quality and timely delivery become paramount.

Ensure that while scaling operations, quality remains a non-negotiable priority.

1.5 ✅ DO - Work with a reliable partner to sustain your growth

As the demand increases, the workload does too.

During these peak times, many businesses resort to hiring temporary staff to handle the influx of orders, ensuring no customer is left waiting.

Manpower isn't always enough. You need a reliable partner with the agility to handle order surges and the transparency to communicate any issues, whether it's a delayed shipment, inventory discrepancy, or unexpected challenges.

Moreover, transparency isn't just a behind-the-scenes requirement; it's a front-facing necessity. Always be proactive in your communication with customers. Should any inconveniences or delays arise, inform them promptly.

Taking a proactive approach reduces potential frustrations and strengthens the trust between your brand and its customers.

1.6 ⛔ DON’T - Forget about last-mile delivery

The pressure on shipping and courier services is mind-blowing. If you consider the added pressure to deliver packages on time, it can easily be chaos.

Last-mile delivery is the last stretch to the client’s doorstep and becomes even more challenging during BFCM. A final step that is often overlooked, but it is extremely important in customer satisfaction as it’s the final touchpoint.

The importance of maintaining the same service levels is as high as offering good deals to your customers.

In a 2019 survey by Bigcommerce involving 3,000 consumers, 50% of respondents revealed they steer clear of retailers that don't provide free shipping. Additionally, 77% stated they've given up on a purchase because of unsatisfactory shipping choices. The data indicates that the primary reason for cart abandonment is subpar shipping options.

Conversely, offering free shipping can boost sales: 84% of those surveyed said they've bought something specifically due to free shipping, and 30% mentioned they routinely add more to their orders to qualify for it.

2. Adapting to every scenario with Bigblue

The delivery experience you offer your customers is the key to their satisfaction and loyalty.

Since 2018, Bigblue revolutionise the logistics industry by offering a plug-and-play solution for brands, giving them a comprehensive view of their inventory and shipments while guaranteeing their customers an optimal delivery experience.

Our 500+ merchants are enjoying all these benefits:

  • -30% time spent handling your logistics
  • 93% delivery satisfaction
  • 98% of orders are prepared on the same day

By developing our own Warehouse Management System (WMS), we ensure that all operations are automated and optimised.  The program provides step-by-step guidance for teams on which tasks to execute and in what order, thereby eliminating confusion even during peaks in activity.

This enhancement in logistics operation guarantees consistent levels of consumer engagement, as our clients can ensure fast delivery through a carrier-agnostic approach, manage order errors with precision, and effectively avoid out-of-stock and backorder situations.

With a streamlined return process integrated into their fulfilment centre strategies, we offer significant cost savings, making it an indispensable partner for e-commerce merchants aiming for excellence in their logistics.

Lashilé good hair gummies

Last year, Lashilé Beauty faced the same challenge as many e-commerce brands: managing Black Friday. Their orders were tripled, and they needed a fast and efficient solution.

Bigblue not only shipped over 15K orders in record time but also optimised the delivery experience, reducing return rates by a third. Through every sales surge, Bigblue ensures Lashilé Beauty's fruity, vegan gummies reach consumers swiftly and smoothly.

Reach out for a free demo and share your Black Friday concerns with our e-commerce experts. We’re to help you optimise your logistics.

Are you ready for Black Friday 2023?

It’s undeniable that the 2023 peak holiday shopping starts with Black Friday and its big impact on your logistics.

Key takeaways to achieve this include planning ahead using data analytics, refraining from underestimating demand, and investing in technology-centred logistics platforms.

Cutting corners on quality is a dangerous misstep, even in the face of surging demand, and ensuring you have well-trained temporary staff is vital to managing increased order volumes.

Importantly, last-mile delivery, a critical touchpoint with consumers, should never be overlooked.

Prioritising logistics is the cornerstone of a successful Black Friday, and there's no better partner in this endeavour than Bigblue.

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