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“Bigblue helped us ship 10K boxes in 2022, and this year we’re ready to sell over 100K”

Emilie Bernier O’donnell, Founder at Detective Box
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Détective Box
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Key performance indicators
1 200 orders in 24h
during the TV show “Qui Veut Être Mon Associé.”
customer satisfaction.
100 000 parcels
expected to ship in this year. 10X more than 2022.
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Détective Box: How Bigblue became a key partner in its staggering success

When Émilie Bernier O'Donnell embarked on her entrepreneurial journey by launching Détective Box, she had a clear mission: to create a home investigation game that would intrigue and captivate the minds of her customers.
Détective Box, a game that presents its players with the challenge of solving a murder, was an instant hit, witnessing an incredible growth rate of over 3 000% in just a few months. But with this rapid escalation came logistical challenges that needed immediate solutions.

“We managed to absorb in 24 hours the 1200 orders that were placed during the show Qui Veut Être mon Associé (the French edition of Shark Tank) and that was thanks to Bigblue.”
Emilie Bernier O’Donnell,
Founder of Detective Box

The choice of Bigblue wasn't merely a lucky guess. Bigblue’s logistics platform was carefully chosen as it is specifically tailored for e-commerce businesses. It offers seamless integration with tools such as Shopify and Klaviyo, that Détective Box was already using. This integration further simplified their operations, making the rapid scaling smoother and more manageable.

Detective Box’s Season 1 Kit

A 'Murderous' Touch: 50% of Détective Box Customers Embrace Personalized Gifting with Bigblue's Gift Notes

But the collaboration with Bigblue brought about benefits that went beyond seamless logistics management. It significantly enhanced the post-purchase experience for Détective Box's customers.
One particular feature of Bigblue that stood out for Détective Box are the 'Gift Notes'. Why? Détective Box experiences a surge in demand during Christmas and Valentines, as it often serves as a gift.

Détective Box uses Gift Notes

The ability to personalize packages with a unique note was crucial, and Bigblue's 'Gift Notes' feature proved to be a perfect solution.

"It allows customers to customize the order and leave a little note," Émilie explains, highlighting that about 50% of their clients actively use this feature.

DEBO Gift Note EN

Cracking the 'Where's My Order?' Mystery: Détective Box Achieves 92% Delivery Satisfaction with Bigblue's Real-Time Tracking

One of the hallmarks of e-commerce success lies in handling the inevitable "Where's my order?" mystery. For Détective Box, it was vital to ensure a transparent and efficient tracking process, given the nature of their product – a murder mystery game that keeps their customers eagerly awaiting their parcel.

With Bigblue's state-of-the-art tracking system, customers were updated in real-time about their order's whereabouts and could anticipate its arrival accurately. This clarity and transparency led to an impressive 92 percent customer delivery satisfaction rate.

Détective Box’s tracking emails

Émilie remarks, "The post-purchase experience for the customer when we go through Bigblue is great," a statement underlined by the high satisfaction rate.

Knowing exactly when their parcel arrives lets them plan their game night perfectly and adds to the overall excitement.

DEBO Tracking EN

Charting a Course for Intriguing Success: Détective Box and Bigblue Set Sail Towards 100K Parcels in 2023

As Détective Box looks towards the future, their partnership with Bigblue remains pivotal. From a milestone of shipping 10 000 boxes in 2022, Détective Box plans a tenfold increase to ship over 100 000 boxes in 2023. Émilie expresses complete confidence that with Bigblue's support, this ambitious goal is well within reach.

“Honestly, if you're a brand, you plan to grow, explode, and move to the next level, Bigblue is definitely a safe bet."
Emilie Bernier O’Donnell,
Founder of Detective Box

Reflecting on her experience with Bigblue, Émilie doesn't hesitate to recommend it to other aspiring brands. This narrative serves as an inspiring testimonial to the power of a reliable and responsive logistics partner, highlighting how Bigblue helps brands streamline their operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and most importantly, thrive in their growth journey.

Détective Box experienced a 3 000% growth in 2022.

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