Black Friday 2024: 5 Ecommerce Logistics Tips

Black Friday 2024: 5 Ecommerce Logistics Tips

Cathy Carpetta

Cathy Carpetta

October 7, 2023


It's that time of year again – soon it’s Black Friday, 24th November and Cyber Monday, 27th November!

The two most significant events of the year for retailers offer incredible opportunities for brands selling online to strike it big.

Still, they also bring their fair share of challenges, especially in logistics.

To put things into perspective, in 2022, consumers shattered records by spending $9.12 billion online, as reported by Adobe Analytics. The potential for success during BFCM 2023. We're here to help you make the most of it.

We understand the challenges and stress of the peak shopping period, so we've crafted five logistics survival tips just for you.

1. Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday 2023 falls on November 24, with deals extending until Cyber Monday, November 27.

Shoppers begin researching deals as early as October, initially open to suggestions.

As Black Friday approaches, their focus shifts to specific products and brands. Even after the main event, consumers search for post-Black Friday deals for two more weeks to secure steep discounts and gear up for the holiday season.

2. 5 logistics tips to survive BFCM

➡️ Tip 1. Plan for inventory management

Inventory management is the cornerstone of successful BFCM logistics.

According to ERC Europe, 30% of consumers say stockouts negatively affect their shopping experiences. After experiencing a first stockout, 69% of shoppers will opt for a substitute item, but 70% will switch brands after three occurrences.

Months before the big event, analyse past BFCM sales data, conduct market research, and collaborate with suppliers to predict demand accurately.

Implement Inventory Management Software (IMS) to monitor stock levels in real time and set up automated reorder points to prevent stock-outs.

A well-thought-out inventory plan will ensure you have the right products in stock and avoid overstocking.

Also, collaborate closely with your suppliers to ensure a smooth supply chain. Communicate your BFCM plans well in advance and work together to meet increased demand.

Bigblue Tips

Maximise your inventory management with Bigblue! Seamlessly track and centralize your inventory dashboards with ease.

Our app integrates with popular CMS platforms like
Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce, and all your sales channels and marketplaces (including Choose, Ankorstore, and Amazon), ensuring that every purchase made on your shop is instantly synced.

Take control of your stock coverage using our main inventory dashboard to stay informed about the units sold and your best-sellers.

Unleash the full potential of
Bigblue's dashboard and analytics now!

bigblue's app dashboard scrolling data
Bigblue's dashboard

➡️ Tip 2. Get ahead of Where Is My Order? (WISMO)

To manage customer expectations effectively, be transparent about delivery times by displaying the ETA of the product page directly and offering order tracking.

An average merchant receives 150 WISMO requests per month.

Given the increased order volume during BFCM, consider extending your delivery timeframes and communicating this clearly on your website and during checkout.

Since they started showing precisely when the customer will receive their product based on their location and when they placed the order, SmartWorkout has noticed a 22% increase in their product page conversion rate.

Check out their success story here!

➡️ Tip 3. Make returns easy

Simplify your process to enhance customer satisfaction with Bigblue!

Returns can spike during BFCM because of increased sales volumes.

Did you know 96% of customers read your returns policy before purchasing? A hassle-free return experience can make a huge difference in customer loyalty and be your brand's selling point.

Given that fewer than 52% of British people own a printer at home, there's a significant opportunity to simplify the return process. It's crucial to facilitate returns by providing a QR code, pickup at home or enabling customers to print their return slips directly at the post office.

Consider offering free returns and extending the return period for BFCM. It's a great way to ease the workload on your support team and give your customers more flexibility.

CAVAL's option for a refund method: Store credit or refund on payment method
CAVAL's option for store credit!

Bigblue Tips

Another option to offer your clients is
store credit.

You can retain revenue while spending less time processing the returns.

Simon de Swarte states this feature is a real advantage for CAVAL: "Refunds were once a source of concern. With Bigblue's Store Credit, we avoid losing customers and revenue!"

Learn more
about how Bigblue helped CAVAL achieve a +174% conversion rate!

➡️ Tip 4. Embrace automation

Many parts of your logistics can be automated by investing in a Transportation Management System (TMS) and Warehouse Management System (WMS) to streamline your operations.

This helps you optimise shipping routes, reduce transportation costs, and enhance delivery accuracy.

Use technology to your advantage by having real-time visibility into your supply chain, so you can make informed decisions. Make sure your logistics partners are up-to-date.

Bigblue Tips

Use our
app to embrace automation easily!

At Bigblue, we've recognised the transformative power of automation in logistics. That's why we've taken the initiative to develop our very own WMS and TMS.

By crafting these solutions in-house, we ensure they are finely tuned to deliver the optimal experience for our merchants.

You can effortlessly streamline your operations, reduce overheads, and enhance delivery precision.

➡️ Tip 5. Reduce picking and packing errors

Improve your picking and packing processes by implementing efficient order-picking methods like batch or zone picking to reduce picking times and errors.

Maintaining a well-organised warehouse and packing area is crucial for timely order fulfilment, especially during peak activity periods.

A successful pick and pack process hinges on a precise inventory system from start to finish.

Don't settle for unreliable spreadsheets when it comes to inventory counts.

Opt for barcodes or RFIDs on every item and a perpetual inventory system for effortless tracking and efficient stocktaking. With these tools in place, you can confidently optimise your pick and pack process.

You can significantly improve the efficiency and accuracy of your logistics operations to enhance customer satisfaction and help you stay competitive in today's fast-paced business environment.

See our guide on barcode and SKU: the success actors of your e-commerce!

3. How Bigblue can support you during peak activities

We helped our merchants achieve their goals last year, and our team in six warehouses worked hard to ensure all orders were fulfilled promptly.

  • 98% of BFCM orders were completed on the same day.
  • 94% of clients were satisfied with their delivery.

With Bigblue, you have complete transparency over your entire operations process and inventory.

Keep complete control over your inventory and receive alerts to predict stock shortages, which we know is one of the significant drawbacks of BFCM.You can also track your orders, returns, and inbound shipments in real time to anticipate potential problems.

Get started with Bigblue today!


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