3 Amazing Peak Period Experiences from Bigblue Merchants

3 Amazing Peak Period Experiences from Bigblue Merchants

Cathy Carpetta

Cathy Carpetta

October 23, 2023


Black Friday and Cyber Monday aren't just about slashing prices.

It's the preparation, the delivery and unboxing experience, and the lasting impact on customers that will significantly boost their sales and outperform competitors.

Have you ever wondered how some online retailers create memorable experiences during peak seasons? Let's discover how Bigblue Merchants prepared and conquered BFCM!

1. Why is BFCM important for merchants?

This year, Black Friday is set for November 24, wrapping up with offers by Cyber Monday, November 27.

These shopping events have a significant impact on global online sales.

Salesforce shared last year's Cyber Week data, looking at the shopping habits of about 1.5 billion people. This covered 24 of the top 30 US online shops. Online sales last year hit a strong £281 billion, which was 2% more than in 2021.

In fact, people spent a huge £1.14 trillion online over the holiday season. This just shows how influential this time is for sales.

Are retailers set for an increased demand this BFCM?

Shopify's report indicates yes. A recent report shows that 68% of shoppers aim to spend similarly or more during BFCM compared to last year. In the UK, 50% plan to do most of their festive shopping during the sales, 53% globally.

Yet, Deann Evans, Shopify's EMEA director, advises retailers to time their offers well. She mentions that over 80% of shoppers in the UK, Germany, and France will compare prices for the best deals.

For this year's Black Friday to Cyber Monday, it's not just about making sales. It's about making sure your online shop is ready for holiday shoppers.

A good sales season could mean:

  • Fewer returned or exchanged items.
  • Having the right amount of stock.
  • Happy customers with their deliveries.

It's also an opportunity. A moment to shine and create stories that resonate, engage, and delight.

This is a key time to attract new potential customers and keep them coming back throughout the year.

At Bigblue, we're ready to support you in making it your most successful one.

Last year, several merchants relied on Bigblue for their logistics and to boost sales during BFCM. Let's explore their experiences!

2. Real experiences from Bigblue merchants

2.1 Bigblue, a growth partner for Ulti Paris

In 2020, Ulti Paris was born. Olivier Renchon identified a gap in the French market for hair densifying powder, a product addressing hair-density concerns shared by half the global population.

Olivier was familiar to the haircare scene. With seven glorious years at the renowned L'Oréal under his belt and experience working across countries, from Australia to bustling global capitals, Olivier's commitment to excellence was unwavering.

As a remote brand with a penchant for travel, Ulti Paris needed a logistics partner compatible with their dynamic lifestyle. Enter Bigblue.

Even while travelling in places like Bali or New Zealand, Olivier could rely on Bigblue to seamlessly manage operations. Their choice for Bigblue was further influenced by content showcasing entrepreneurs managing their businesses globally while trusting Bigblue for logistics.

Black Friday 2022 was unprecedented for Ulti Paris. Orders skyrocketed, soaring to 5 to 10 times their usual daily volume.

Yet, Olivier faced an unexpected challenge. A previously scheduled trip called him to New Zealand.

But geographical distance was no obstacle, as he had the Bigblue app at his disposal, keeping him effortlessly in touch with the heartbeat of his business. Simply watching as order after order was fulfilled in real-time on his Bigblue dashboard.

It was more than just technology; it was peace of mind. Knowing that Bigblue had his back allowed Olivier to venture freely, assured that his brand's promise to its customers remained unbroken even during the busiest retail period.

Key Takeaways

  • Preparation: They started early, gauging customer preferences and stockpiling best-sellers.
  • Seamless logistics: Bigblue offered efficient order processing, timely deliveries, and a smooth overall customer experience.

2.2 Believe Athletics uses Bigblue for greener logistics

@believe_athletics Indulge in the Bliss of Sustainable Luxury with our Premium Activewear ✨#foryou #yoga #BelieveAthletics #FitnessFashion #outfitinspo ♬ Lazy Sunday - Official Sound Studio

In 2015, in the world of fitness Believe Athletics, a sustainable activewear emblem empowering women to embrace their dreams and active lifestyle with conscious attire. The brand embraced the digital sphere, pioneering functional fashion.

This dream was jointly nurtured by two resilient souls, sisters Regina and Marisol Rodriguez who, while not formally trained in design, were brimming with innovative ideas. Their early days weren't devoid of challenges, but their determination saw them break through these barriers.

E-commerce does entail a carbon footprint. For Believe Athletics, aligning with a logistics ally who echoed their ecological ethos was imperative.

Joining forces with Bigblue, Believe Athletics elevated their delivery game. With an emphasis on plastic-free packaging and a savvy address correction algorithm, Believe Athletics shipments have become 65% more eco-friendly.

Before Bigblue's intervention, Black Friday posed monumental challenges. Regina Rodriguez often found herself roping in friends to cope with the packaging ordeal. Even as sales boomed, Believe Athletics grappled with the logistics.

Come Black Friday 2022, a significant 50% uptick in orders was gracefully managed, thanks to Bigblue. The chaotic rush of previous years was replaced with Regina, relaxed, observing the seamless orchestration on her dashboard with a cappuccino in hand.

Key Takeaways

  • Sync & streamline: Their operations were synced, ensuring real-time stock updates.
  • Partnerships & sustainability: Collaborations with Bigblue guaranteed timely, safe shipments and green delivery options.

2.3 Détective Box: Scaling from 10K boxes to 100K in one year

In 2020, Emilie Bernier O'Donnell founded Detective Box.

Detective Box is the perfect blend of Netflix series immersion and escape game interactivity. They offer extensive multi-episode police investigation where you are the detective!

You receive 3 boxes over 3 months and each one will contain unique elements, ranging from police reports to pieces of evidence, all in an attempt to unmask the killer.

During “Qui veut être mon associé ?” 3rd season, the French version of Dragons' Den, Detective Box received more than 1,200 orders in less than 24 hours.

Detective Box experienced an astounding growth rate of over 3,000% in just a few months. However, this rapid expansion brought about logistical challenges that required immediate solutions.

As Detective Box sets its sights on the future, its partnership with Bigblue remains indispensable. Emilie is confident that Bigblue will continue to match the growing demand and add that extra special touch to every package.

Key Takeaways

  • Easy integration to apps: It streamlined their operations, facilitating the rapid scaling process and making it more manageable.
  • Tracking process: Bigblue achieved a 92% customer delivery satisfaction rate!


BFCM experiences from Bigblue Merchants are more than just success stories. They're sagas of vision, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Whether it's the highs of unparalleled sales, logistics strategy, or the support of their customers, they've set the gold standard.

What's your BFCM story going to be?

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