A memorable postpurchase experience

98% of shoppers say that delivery impacts their opinion of a brand. Create a post-purchase experience unique to your brand, turning first-time buyers into loyal customers.

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"With Bigblue's killer tracking emails, we reduced From Future's support tickets in half!"

Photo Jordan Bouaziz, CMO From Future

Jordan Bouaziz

CMO at From Future

Build loyalty by setting up branded emails

Experience the power of our tracking emails - with an average open rate of 74%.

Showcase your brand and let buyers dive into your universe with just a few clicks!

It only takes a few clicks. No coding is required!

e-commerce delivery tracking e-mail
e-commerce referal program banner on delivery tracking e-mail

Include marketing campaigns to sell more

We made it really simple to leverage your post-purchase experience to generate more sales.

Add marketing banners to your tracking emails. Offer promo-codes, introduce your referral program or present your new collection!

Elevate your deliveries with a tracking page

Experience the magic of our real-time tracking. Providing all the information your customers need, reducing support requests, and building a strong relationship with your shoppers to increase their lifetime value

Reduce your support contact rate with precise order information

Our emails highlight the most relevant information at each step of the delivery journey.

Your customers are reassured and your support can breathe.

Track customer satisfaction

A poor delivery experience can break the trust clients have in your brand. Bigblue allows you to measure buyer satisfaction, and alerts you immediately if there is a problem.

Our average buyer delivery satisfaction is 93,6% (vs. 77% e-commerce average). And watch negative reviews decrease by 60%!

Bigblue e-commerce logistics dashboard showing analytics on buyer delivery satisfactionBigblue e-commerce logistics dashboard showing analytics on buyer delivery satisfaction