Newsletter #8 - 15 tips for a memorable unboxing experience

Newsletter #8 - 15 tips for a memorable unboxing experience

Julie Cauville

Julie Cauville

February 22, 2023

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It is often said that you should not trust your first impression, especially in e-commerce.

Even the last impression is the most important because 80% of your customers will only order again if they are satisfied with the delivery experience.

One of the secrets to boosting their Lifetime Value is to offer them a memorable unboxing experience.

To inspire you, I have shared the strategies and secrets of the most beautiful DNVBs to make them unforgettable!

Personalise your packages to make you unforgettable

The number one rule for successful unboxing is to personalise your packaging so that your customers are immersed in your world.

68% say that personalised packaging guarantees quality and inspires trust.

Merci Handy understands this and always creates very creative packaging, as seen from its collab' with Stranger Things ⬇️

The Merci Handy x Stranger Things rubics cube

Don't worry, you don't have to go to that extreme. To stand out with your packaging, you can opt for:

  • Personalising the outside and/or inside of your package
  • A scotch tape or sticker in your colours.
  • An original silk paper.
  • A thank you card.

💡 Bigblue Tip

Thanks to Bigblue,
Unbottled add a personalised thank you card written by Sarah, their founder, in their parcels. A little attention goes a long way; their customer satisfaction rate is 90% on average!

Unbottled's personalised thank you note

Be generous, and you will win your customers’ hearts!

In marketing, evoking emotion is the best way to attract attention and make yourself memorable to your customers and prospects.

61% say that the package's aesthetics plays a role in their enthusiasm when unpacking it!

To do this, you can take inspiration from those brands that include an unexpected product in their orders:

  • Aesop’s small canvas bag that can be used as a toiletry bag.

In addition to the canvas bag, Aesop includes samples.

  • Sézane or Rouje tote bags, very easily identifiable and ultra-desirable (they are even sold on Vinted)!

  • Pop stickers from From Future that you want to stick everywhere (like on Jules' computer from Bigblue)!

FROM FUTURE stickers

  • Samples of your products, like Dermalogica.

🛠 Bigblue Tip

Dermalogica uses the Bigblue app to add free samples to their orders, but also customizable flyers according to seasonality (coupons, pre-sales, etc.).

Adapt to your customers’ needs

A returning customer costs on average 7x less than acquiring a new one!

Showing your customers that you know and care about them is a great way to build loyalty.

Transform your occasional buyers with packaging that fits their needs and fits them!

  • Easy-to-carry packages with a built-in handle like Asos or Eram.

Etam's packaging/bags

  • A package/shoe box like CAVAL to store your pair of shores and reduce packaging.

Caval's unboxing on TikTok

  • A ready-to-return package with tape and a pre-printed return slip like Zalando.
    PS: if you like the design of their packaging, I found their patterns on Ken Hegemann's website 🤫

↪️ How about building customer loyalty through returns?

With our customisable returns portal and
printerless technology, your customers return their orders independently. With store credit, you reduce refunds and retain revenue.

Tell me more

Tell your story

Take advantage of your packages to tell your story and highlight your values!

  • Zeta reminds us of its mission, the components of its sneakers and their impact on the environment.

IMG-4929 (1)Zeta has even personalised the inside of its packaging

  • Cabaïa uses a protective bag made of 100% biodegradable and compostable vegetable cellulose, they guarantee its products for life and even show their support to the delivery people!

On the packaging of Cabaia, there is a kind word for the deliverers.

🌱 Bigblue Tips

At Bigblue, all our packaging is plastic-free! To protect fragile products, we use block box made from recycled and easily upcyclable clothing! Feel free to click here if you'd like to learn more about our commitments.

Go viral with your packaging!

Your packages can be excellent marketing levers because they allow you to get UGC!

This is no mean feat when you consider that 48% of consumers say that UGC allows them to discover new brands.

  • The fun side of Hipli's reusable packages allows SMOON to retrieve content from Instagram and TikTok easily.
  • Ziggy's parcels turn into a Meoeow Car and delight their customers, who send the brand photos to publish each week.

Ziggy's packaging is recycled into cat houses and boxes

As you may know, we at Bigblue are obsessed with the marketing power of UGC.

We've held three webinars and written several newsletters and articles on the subject.

I'm sharing our free playbook Anatomy of a €3M UGC campaign with EVERYTHING you need to know about customer-generated content.

If, like me, you are passionate about unboxing (and a little curious about what others are doing), I recommend this Instagram account.