Newsletter #17 - 5 strategies to collect quickly thousands of UGCs

Newsletter #17 - 5 strategies to collect quickly thousands of UGCs

Julie Cauville

Julie Cauville

April 17, 2023

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As you may know, user-generated content (UGC) is an invaluable tool to earn consumer trust, strengthen brand awareness, and increase sales.

For it to work, you need a substantial amount of UGC.

In this newsletter, we will share five brand strategies that can help you collect thousands of user-generated content fast!

💌 Just ask :)

68% of customers will leave a review about their order if asked.

Unbottled offers a 20% discount voucher for each review posted. They've generated more than 1000 customer reviews ⭐️  on its best-selling product pages.

This tactic helps collect authentic reviews and builds customer loyalty while generating additional sales.

To collect as many reviews as possible, follow these recommendations:
⏱ Be fast and reach out to  the customer while their experience is still fresh;
🤖 Avoid the "bot effect" by opting for a personalized email signed by a human;
❤️ Create an emotional connection or sense of belonging and leverage your brand values.

💙 Bigblue Tips

Like CAVAL, From Future, or Cabaïa, use the Bigblue tracking page to collect customer reviews.

Une fois leur commandé livrée, les clients peuvent automatiquement noter leur commande depuis leur page de suivi

Offer an exceptional tracking experience →

🐱 Save Kittens like Cabaïa

Everyone loves cute animals and honourable causes. Cabaïa bets on collecting user-generated content and boosting engagement with the #MartyChallenge 💥

For each photo customers post with Cabaïa products and their four-legged friends, the brand pledges to donate €1 to the animal protection association.

With this clever technique, Cabaïa has donated €115,000, and their hashtag has nearly 10,000 posts on Instagram.

The brand creates an inventory of ultra-engaging photos ready to be published on its Instagram account.

So that their customers can't miss out, the brand displays their challenge directly on the homepage of their website.

📸 Transform Your Customers into Paparazzi like Balzac

Balzac has discovered a foolproof technique for collecting UGC.

Every month, the brand offers €150 in-store credit in exchange for photos of their products spotted on the street 😳

You don't need to be a customer or stage yourself to participate. You only need a good eye and remember to tag the account @vousenbalzacparis!

Thanks to this clever strategy, the brand has collected over 2,500 publications, and its secondary account has exceeded 20,000 followers.

The feed of their instagram account is full of images of customers spotted on the street

🏋️ Become Their Best Ally like Gymshark

Gymshark, a sportswear brand, helps members of its community change their lives in 66 days through its Gymshark66 challenge.

The principle is simple: participants must provide three goals they hope to achieve in three months and share at least one photo with the #Gymshark66 at the start and end of the challenge.

Members have access to workouts, unlock unique discounts, are invited to private events, and can try to win exclusive prizes.

Their hashtag has been mentioned over 800,000 times on Instagram, and the brand has more than 4.5 million followers on TikTok.

The Gymshark 66 challenge videos have several thousand views on TikTok and Instagram.

🚨 Breaking News: An influencer (or brand) followed by over 3 million subscribers generates the equivalent of 481 round trips between Paris and New York in one year.

This is the finding revealed by the agencies Footsprint and 1000heads in a study on the environmental impact of content published by influencers on Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok. If you are interested in the subject, I am sharing the link to download the full study and discover their tips to reduce this impact as a brand and user.

📣 Reward Them like Si Si La Paillette

Last July, the brand launched its ambassador program to engage its community in a fun and effective way ✨

For each mission completed, such as posting a story, following the brand on social media, and leaving a review or comment, program members accumulate points that can be redeemed for rewards.

Si Si La Paillette has nearly 10,000 followers on TikTok, 80,000 followers on Instagram, and has received several thousand mentions, comments, and reviews.

Among the prizes available, ambassadors can unlock vouchers, goodies or even branded products.

🤜🤛 Bigblue Friends

Si Si La Paillette uses Wiink to manage its ambassador program! If you like the concept, feel free to write to Joseph, the co-founder, on my behalf 🙋🏼‍♀️