Newsletter #16 - 8 expert tips to build the perfect product page and boost your D2C Brand's CVR

Newsletter #16 - 8 expert tips to build the perfect product page and boost your D2C Brand's CVR

Julie Cauville

Julie Cauville

April 17, 2023

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30% of users say they never reach the bottom of a product page.

So to optimise your conversion rate, you need to ensure your customers find all the information they need at a glance, without scrolling.

To help you out, I'm sharing 8 tips from the most beautiful brands to create the perfect product page 👌

And if, like me, you have more of a visual memory, I've added an illustrated cheat sheet at the end of the newsletter ⬇️

0️. Get into m-commerce

I recently read that by the end of 2022, 53.3% of French shoppers (or over 22 million) had placed orders from their smartphones.

By the end of 2023, more than 43% of total e-commerce sales are expected to be made on mobile devices.

To provide your customers with the best possible experience, make sure that your page is optimised for small screens, that it loads quickly and that your navigation is smooth.  

1️. Take care of your product names like Asphalte.

Your product name is the first thing users see when they arrive on your page.

Like Asphalte, choose a descriptive and catchy name that immediately communicates the product's value and reassures your customers.

By opting for "Ultimate T-shirt" rather than "white cotton T-shirt", Asphalte has been able to increase its conversion rate by 78%.

Asphalt always appeals to emotions when naming its products.

⭐️ Tips for creating great product names

To get your visitors to click every time, here are some magic words that appeal to the 7 universal emotions:
-> Vanity:
brillant, sexy, awesome, unbeatable…
-> Laziness:
guide, simple, less than, child’s play...
-> Gluttony:
enjoy, benefit, huge...
-> Urgency:
don’t miss, more than...
-> Humour:
funny, amusing, original...
-> Trust:
approved, tested, authentic, for life...
-> Envy:
for you, personalised, unique...

2️. Display your customer's reviews like Détective Box.

92% of online shoppers trust a brand recommended by their peers, and 90% believe that positive product reviews influence their purchase decision.

So showing your customer reviews is a real hack to gain their trust and triple your conversion rate 🚀

Like Detective Box, let your visitors know what your users think of your products directly on your product page.

Like Detective Box, display the product's overall rating and the number of reviews to reinforce your social proof. Bonus tip: use a different colour to make it stand out.

💙 Bigblue Tips

Our order tracking emails have an average open rate of 74%. Like Detective Box, Unbottled or Lashilé, set them up to automatically collect customer reviews with every order.

Level-up my post-purchase emails →

3️. Optimise your add to cart button...

Think BIG and use contrasting colours to ensure your customers can't miss it!

To take your user experience up a notch, I would also recommend :

  • Opting for a static button, which is always within the user's thumb's reach,
  • Including the price directly (to save space on mobile ☝️),
  • Offering a quick purchase button to improve the buying experience.

🤜🤛 Bigblue Friends

Like Cōtelé, ANJA or Puissante, use the tool JUST to offer your customers an immediate and easy checkout process and increase your conversion rate by up to +20%

4️... and display the fastest delivery date like OMA&ME

Offering fast delivery is a must for your customers, and 41% of them expect to be able to choose a two-day delivery.

Offering fast delivery options and an estimated delivery date directly on your product page is a great way to reassure your visitors and encourage them to order.

OMA&ME offers its customers to know the exact delivery date of their order according to their location, displays an interactive add to cart button as well as an express purchase button

💙 Bigblue tips

OMA&ME uses Bigblue’s Fast Tag to highlight to its customers the fastest delivery date according to their location and enhance their pre-shopping experience.

Learn more about Fast Tag →

5️. Offer free delivery, like Si Si La Paillette.

9 out of 10 customers admit that free delivery encourages them to add more items to their basket; their orders are, on average, 30% higher.

Like Si Si La Paillette, opt for this strategy to increase your conversion rate and your customers' average basket.

The brand Si Si La Paillette provides free delivery for purchases of 39€ and over.

6️. Wow them with your images like Cabaïa.

67% of consumers consider the quality of a product photo as "very important" in their purchase decision.

Here is a checklist for ideal product images:

  • Prioritise high definition,
  • Present the specificities of your products (materials, benefits, etc.),
  • Offer images or videos of your products in real-life situations,
  • Add User Generated Content to increase your conversion by up to 6%.

Cabaïa uses high definition and well highlighted product images on their product page as well as videos of their products being worn.

7️. Offer your products in batches like Unbottled.

Products sold in batches have an AOV 42% higher than those sold individually.

Offering your products in batches and with a discounted price is a great way to increase your average order value by encouraging your customers to buy multiple items.

Unbottled offers its customers the opportunity to buy their products in batches and at discounted prices.

💙 Bigblue tips

Unbotted uses Bigblue to quickly set up their product bundles and ship them smoothly.

8️. Reassure your customers like Tediber.

Reassuring your customers at the time of purchase is crucial, even more so if the item's price is high.

Like Tediber, reassure your customers in an instant by offering :

  • Different payment options (payment in chunks, "buy now, pay later", etc.),
  • Free returns,
  • A "satisfied or refunded" guarantee after a certain period.

The Tediber brand has a rich reassurance block, offering 100 night trials and free returns, free delivery and split payment up to 12 times.

🎁 The perfect product page cheat sheet

Because a picture is worth a thousand words, I'm sharing with you, as promised, the illustrated version of an ideal product page made by Tim Dumain, the CEO of Bigblue.

The perfect product page cheat sheet