The guide to excelling in e-commerce shipping!

The guide to excelling in e-commerce shipping!

Julie Ribeiro

Julie Ribeiro

July 30, 2020

1. Transport and delivery of your package: deliver products and improve your image! 

Delivery is one of the crucial steps in the logistics of an e-commerce business as it is the very last thing that customers face before making a purchase and receiving their product.

And if losing a customer due to a bad delivery experience is one thing, the impact can be even greater on your bottom line. In fact, 28% of internet users who have suffered inconvenience following the delivery of a product talk about it around them. And word-of-mouth can cost the reputation of an e-commerce business!

So how to deliver? And where to? Should we export? How to manage returns? So many questions that are essential to develop a good shipping system! 

2. An efficient and clear delivery process

As an e-commerce business, it is important not to leave anything to chance regarding your entire delivery process. The idea is to leave no doubt in the minds of your customers, so that they feel sufficiently supported to order on your site without any fear. And there are a number of important aspects to the clarity of the delivery process.

First of all, it's best if your shipping and return terms are crystal clear. Describe them in detail on your site and try to contextualize certain situations. For example, if you sell organic cosmetics, detail your shipping and return policy. Delivery times, refusal of refund if the product has been used... Be exhaustive!

It is also preferable to offer a wide range of delivery options. At home, at a drop-off point, by appointment... 84% of internet users say they are ready to change their site if they don't find a delivery option that suits their needs. Success lies in diversity!

Adaptability is also one of the sine qua non conditions for a successful delivery service, particularly when it comes to packaging. Indeed, more and more customers do not hesitate to express themselves on social networks if the packaging sent is not adapted to the product. Between over packaging and shipping small products in large boxes, the brand image of some e-commerce takes a heavy blow! So, don't hesitate to design a whole range of different packaging, in order to adapt them as well as possible to the products you send. 

Bigblue Tips
Try to be as transparent as possible with your customers to avoid any disputes. The idea is quite simple, but nevertheless essential:the more you can be sure of your customer's interests by accurately describing the shipping conditions, the less likely you are to get justified complaints if you don't provide them with the right information. Not to mention the fact that 98% of internet users want to reorder from a site if the delivery went well!

There are many little tips to improve your delivery process on a daily basis. Don't miss a chance to boost your customer base!

3. Choosing the right parcel delivery service

Once your shipping policy is set, then comes the choice of delivery services. If you want to create a community and satisfy all your customers, it is essential to offer a variety of delivery options. Again, diversity is the key to success!

Obviously, it is prudent to offer "classic"delivery services. Nearly 58% of orders placed on the internet recommend home delivery which is particularly popular with online shoppers. Finding an organic day cream ordered on the doorstep is priceless! As a more pragmatic and more environmentally friendly approach, don't forget the delivery at a delivery point-the second most popular option for consumers.

You can also stand out from your direct competitors by offering more innovative delivery services. Nearly 85% of internet users would like to see more express and appointment delivery appear on e-commerce sites.These options allow your customers to order an organic cosmetic from your catalogue and receive it when they want it. Whether within the hour or within a selected time slot, carriers offering such services generally operate locally-customer satisfaction and reduced risk of absence.

It is good to know that if you choose to use a carrier on a regular basis, you offer yourself the right to renegotiate fares to obtain discounts. This will show on the total price of the delivery and will be appreciated by your customers!

Bigblue Tips
When selecting your delivery services, the idea is to think about what your customers prefer. But not only that! We also advise you to think about what's best for your e-commerce based on your monthly shipments and the structure of your business. 

Choosing the right delivery service can lead to many savings!

4. Have a package delivered abroad

Exporting your products abroad is good news for your e-commerce! It marks the progress and development of your business. However, it is not quite as simple as that. Making deliveries in France and abroad does not involve the same questions. In order to make sure you don't plant your business abroad, it is essential to answer certain questions.

First of all, regardless of your delivery service and the carrier chosen for your deliveries in France, your choice may be different abroad. If you wish to export your organic cosmetics to Germany for example (a country where returns are particularly numerous), your choice of logistics partner will not necessarily be the same. Make sure you adapt your carrier according to the destination country you are targeting.

Likewise, depending on the country of export, you may have to look into the calculation of the costs incurred for your shipments. Customs duties, storage charges, 10% VAT and postage vary between borders and exporting to certain countries may not be worth it financially.

It is also best to find out about the laws in force in the destination country. Some products (such as medicines or jewelry) are not allowed across certain borders. Perhaps your cosmetic products will not be accepted?

Finally, if you wish to ensure the success of your establishment in a foreign market, it may be worthwhile to carry out a competitive intelligence.  Find out about the expectations of local customers and adapt your offer to what pleases the most! Observe your competition and the practices anchored in the customs of the destination country.

Bigblue Tips
To make sure that you don't make any mistakes when choosing a carrier for your destination country, you can call on a logistician who is familiar with international regulations, such as Bigblue for example. Delegating delivery to a logistician allows you to minimize the risk of complaints (95% of which concern delivery and after-sales service) and product returns.

Exporting abroad is one thing, but success is another! Make sure you have your back covered, by asking for information beforehand.

5. Conquering the Swiss market

Of all the international markets, the Swiss market is particularly interesting for French e-commerce. Indeed, it is a country where French is spoken, and where the population tends to order a lot online(e-commerce grew by 53% from 2012 to 2017). That said, it is also a country where regulations are quite different. And its successful implementation requires certain precautions!

For example, customs fees vary greatly, and shipment to Switzerland requires particularly rigorous official declarations. It is therefore important to find out more about the subject, at the risk of not seeing your cosmetics arrive at their destination.

From a more technical point of view, it is also more prudent to adapt your website to the requirements of the Swiss population.Between the languages spoken and the currency used for payment, every detail counts so as not to discourage a customer's attraction to your organic beauty cream!

Once you have done your research, we advise you to be 100% transparent with your Swiss customers. The delivery time may be extended, and additional taxes may be applied for any product shipment withinSwitzerland. And if your customers buy on your e-commerce site, it is important that they do so with full knowledge of the facts.

Bigblue Tips
Exporting e-commerce to Switzerland is quite unique, not least because the constraints vary from region to region. Whether it's the official language or the currency used, the place of delivery can make a big difference. You have to be extra careful! 

There are many specificities linked to e-commerce delivery in Switzerland. But it's all a question of knowing what you're getting into! Make sure you find out about these intricacies to avoid any risk.

6. Successful parcel shipment, without neglecting product returns

The logistic work of an e-commerce does not stop at the delivery: it is also necessary to think about product returns in case of a problem. And to attract more and more customers and stand out from the crowd, your return policy must be concrete! Clear, flexible but always competitive, return policies are not to be taken lightly. To make sure you create a flawless return policy, it is preferable to facilitate customer returns without provoking them.

To begin with, make sure you write your return conditions in such a way that there is no room for doubt. For example, you can dedicate an entire page of your e-commerce site to explaining returns, or even set up an FAQ that answers all the most frequently asked questions.

At the time of shipment, you can adapt the choice of your packaging not only to the product, but also to the return! If one of your customers orders a deodorant alum stone from your catalogue, make sure to ship it in a re-sealable cardboard box so that it can be reused  in case of return. In addition to being positive for the planet, your customers will appreciate the gesture.

In order to minimize the risk of forgetting or making a mistake, you can outsource the entire return part of your logistics. Many specialized logisticians can take care of it and act as an intermediary between you and your customers. Whether it is for the return or refund deadlines, the addresses to which to send the parcel... A long-term investment for minimizing errors! 

Bigblue Tips
Whether it's delivery or return of your products, always think about what you can do to make life easier for your customers. Don't hesitate to create real-time alerts for the progress of the package delivery or return. Transparency is the mother of safety! 

Returns are an essential element of e-commerce logistics and it should not be neglected. As with delivery, there are many details to take into account, and many pitfalls to avoid. But it's all a matter of preparation!

7. How to make a success of your parcel delivery as an e-commerce?

There are many different and varied tips to achieve success in e-commerce shipping, both for delivery and returns. But this requires a great deal of research upstream.

As an e-commerce merchant, it is best to find out about the best carriers to select, the countries to set up, and the delivery options that appeal, in order to work methodically on your delivery and return policy.

Having a concrete delivery process will not only bring you new customers, it will also help you build customer loyalty and an attractive reputation. So, don't neglect this point of your logistics: work on it!

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