The Perfect Delivery Service: The Secret Weapon of Ecommerce

The Perfect Delivery Service: The Secret Weapon of Ecommerce

Julie Ribeiro

Julie Ribeiro

June 30, 2020

1. Which delivery options are available for any order placed?

When offering different delivery services to your customers, you can of course select classic deliveries, partnering with the biggest companies on the market (La Poste, UPS, Chronopost...).

That said, it is important to keep in mind that 82% of online shoppers abandoned their basket because they found the delivery options unsatisfactory. In other words: the devil is not only in the details, but also in the diversification!

It is therefore better to offer a wide range of delivery options to increase your chances of getting it right. But how can you choose a delivery service without making a mistake? We help you find the right shoe for you! 

The "classic" modes of delivery, the cornerstone of logistics

Nearly 98% of consumers are willing to re-order from a site if the delivery went well. When it comes to functional delivery, it's all about proper delivery!

When you choose delivery services for your e-commerce site, you can rely on the comfort and reliability of the classic options that have been in place for years: home delivery and delivery at a pick-up point. 

Home delivery service

Home delivery is the preferred option inFrance, which has won the hearts of 62% of cyber-buyers. It has the advantage of avoiding customer shaving to travel to pick up their parcel at a collection point and it can be delivered quickly. Since the product is delivered directly to their door, customers often choose home delivery for large items.

That said, home delivery also has its flaws.From an ecological point of view, the last kilometre is the most polluting and costly stage of the delivery process.

Moreover, for a home delivery to be successful, the recipient must be present at the time of delivery. However, delivery companies often indicate a wide delivery timeframe, during which customers may not be able to stay at home.

For example, if one of your customers orders a pair of cufflinks for a wedding that's taking place in a few days, there is a good chance they won't be home at the time of delivery. The pair of cufflinks then goes back to La Poste's warehouse or directly to yours. This is why e-shoppers tend to choose another solution.

Parcel shipping and delivery at a pick-up point

A service that 68% of consumers would like to see among the delivery options: the Relay Point! While only 34% of e-merchants offer this option, delivery at a relay point is a good compromise between speed and security.

It's a relatively convenient option, as your customers select the nearest delivery point to their home or workplace. After delivery, they have 7 to 14 days to pick up their package before it is sent back to your warehouse.

In addition to being fast, delivery to a relay point has the advantage of being completely secure thanks to the signature system. To use the cufflinks hypothesis: if ordering a pair of valuable cufflinks, relay point delivery is an excellent option. All the customer has todo is go to the relay point, show their ID card, sign and that’s it!

Unfortunately, even though security reassures consumers, delivery at a delivery point is not perfect. Customers depend on the opening hours of the intermediate point. If they work during these hours, it is impossible to pick up the parcel unless they sign a power of attorney with a relative.

Both of these options have proven their worth, but they are not without risks. Not only may your client not receive their cufflinks on time, but they may not be able to pick them up because of lack of flexibility in their schedule.

2. Innovative solutions: on the path to efficient and personalized delivery!

To overcome the flaws of conventional delivery systems, carriers have implemented innovations that are ideal for adapting to the needs of your customers.

The express delivery service

For 70% of Internet users, receiving the package within the day is a key criterion. As an e-merchant, it is complicated to offer express delivery via large transport companies. But not if you use delivery platforms that focus on speed!

Weeship, for example, makes its carriers available instantly. Your customer simply places an order for their cufflinks: you prepare the package and are connected to a Weeship carrier in just a few clicks.

The carrier will pick up the package(geolocated) in line with your terms, and as soon as it is picked up, an advalorem insurance applies. The carrier will then deliver the package to your customer's home and send you the proof of delivery. Simple and efficient!  

That said, express deliveries can sometimes increase the number of returns to the sender. To avoid this, remember to deliver the order by appointment! 

Delivery by appointment

Many customers have been forced to take a day off, waiting for the delivery man all day long and ending up with a delivery note in their hands. That's why 80% of online shoppers prefer delivery by appointment!

You can set up a home delivery option that allows customers to reserve a specific time slot, instead of waiting through out the day for delivery. For example, Mister Pasha is a delivery platform that works in partnership with many brands. The operation is simple: your cufflink customer selects Mister Pasha. When placing an order, they enter the delivery address provided by Mister Pasha, reserved in their name.

The carrier of your choice delivers the cufflinks to Mister Pasha, who notifies your customer of the reception. That's when the magic happens: Mister Pasha's carriers pick up your customer's package and deliver it where they want, when they want with real-time parcel tracking!

Continue to deliver safely, even when a customer is absent

The Save my Packet system

Despite their flexibility, these two solutions always have a drawback: your customer must be at home at the time of delivery. Additionally, even with appointment scheduling, you may find yourself unable to receive the package directly. Fortunately, thanks to Save My Packet it is now possible to combine security and convenience! Recently patented, it is a protective net that your delivery man can put in place if the customer is not at home.

The delivery man places the package in the safety net, slides the safety strip under the door of the customer's home andin a few minutes the package is safe! The customer receives an alert warning that his package has arrived and he will just have to unclip it when he comes back home.

In addition to allowing deliveries in the absence of your customers, the Save My Packet method provides proof of delivery through a QR Code scanned by the delivery man.

However, no matter which innovative solution you choose, its application requires a logistical organization. Why not make it more lean? 

Place the delivery order with a logistics company

Offering several delivery options means contacting different carriers and organizing different logistics processes.

To avoid getting your hands dirty, you can outsource your entire home delivery management to a logistics specialist. For example, Bigblue takes care of all your orders from its many warehouses. As well as handling your orders from A to Z with the packaging of your choice, Bigblue's expertise allows you to keep a close eye on your stock and track your parcels anywhere in the world.

Bigblue tips: Regardless of your delivery options, 95% of online shoppers regret that the information is not present earlier in the purchasing process. So don't hesitate to highlight it on the homepage of your website!

Innovative logistics solutions bring new heights of customer satisfaction. But which solution is THE solution for YOU?

3. The right delivery solution for your business

37% of consumers who have a bad delivery experience blame the seller's site. To avoid negative feedback, it is important to offer delivery services that are adapted to your e-commerce.

Do you have fewer than 200 orders per month?

If you send less than 200 parcels per month, a one-off contract with a logistics platform may be sufficient. For example you can use Sendcloud or Boxtal and establish short-term contracts.

The advantage of these logistics platforms is that you have control over the organization of the delivery, the choice of services and rates. All you have to do is fill in the consignment, and let the carriers chosen by the platform take care of the pick-up and delivery of your parcels. Basically, once the package is handed over to the carrier, you have nothing more to do!

Do you send between 200 and 5,000 packages a month?

For e-businesses with more exchanges, creating personalized contracts becomes interesting. We advise you to use a logistics company who takes care of all your deliveries, from A to Z.

Outsourcing allows you to free yourself from the burden and rely on the reliability of a professional. You don't waste time negotiating contracts and selecting the right transport service for each delivery, your logistics company takes care of everything!

Do you receive more than 5,000 orders per month?

If your business generates more than 5,000 orders per month, a well-oiled delivery process becomes a necessity. Depending on your customers' preferences, you can then propose innovative solutions and obtain your own contracts with local or international carriers.

Bigblue tips: You can share your parcel shipments with other e-merchants. If you sign mass contracts with carriers, you will be able to negotiate rates and your prices will decrease at breakneck speed. The more parcels you send, the more likely you are to get a better price!

4. And you, which delivery method will you choose?

Transport and delivery are the last but not least steps in the logistics of your e-commerce! It is the ultimate impression your customers will have of you.

Whether your company is a VSE, an SME or a large corporation, the importance of delivery does not diminish. Don't hesitate to offer your customers a range of delivery options to make sure you're aiming for the right result.

From traditional processes to innovative deliveries, there is a delivery service to suit the size of your organization and your budget. All you have to do is find out which one!

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