How Tabs Chocolate Bet Everything on UGC with TikTok

How Tabs Chocolate Bet Everything on UGC with TikTok

Julie Cauville

Julie Cauville

April 14, 2023

In the ever-evolving social media landscape, one e-commerce brand has managed to stand out from the crowd: Tabs Chocolate.

Founded by Jake and Oliver in December 2021, the brand took inspiration from a viral TikTok video featuring Sextz, another sex chocolate company. With a focus on User-Generated Content (UGC) and influencer partnerships on TikTok, Tabs Chocolate has skyrocketed to success.

Capitalizing on the Power of UGC and TikTok

Jake and Oliver, founders of Tabs Chocolate, saw the great potential of User-Generated Content (UGC) and the TikTok platform. They knew these could help their brand succeed. They used authentic content created by influencers and customers to generate consumer trust. This social media marketing strategy was a goldmine that boosted their brand's success.

UGC is beautiful because it builds trust between a brand and its audience. This trust creates a genuine connection. 84% of Gen Z users have reported buying a product after seeing it on social media.

Additionally, 37% of users trust content creators more than brands when finding new products. These statistics underscore the need for incorporating UGC into a brand's social media strategy.

Tabs Chocolate's clever use of UGC on TikTok has generated impressive results. For instance, their partnership with influencer Macia Wolf led to a TikTok post that garnered over 6.7 million views and 643k likes. This single video translated to nearly $50k in sales, a testament to the power of UGC and TikTok as a influencer marketing platform.

Ads featuring user-generated content (UGC) have several benefits. They boast a 4x higher click-through rate than traditional branded content. Additionally, they receive a 28% lift in engagement and a 29% increase in web conversions.

Tabs Chocolate focused on UGC and TikTok. This enabled them to build brand loyalty, as weel as a devoted and active community around their product. This in turn increased their brand awareness and reach.

Building a UGC Machine with TikTok: Tabs Chocolate's Secret Sauce

Tabs Chocolate harnessed the power of UGC and TikTok by creating a network of trusted content creators to produce high-quality content like unboxing and reviews aligned with their brand and target audience. This approach leveraged the 2.4 times greater likelihood of consumers noticing UGC over branded content.

They collaborated with influencers who created TikTok videos featuring their product and reposted them on a network of TikTok accounts they managed. Paying influencers around $100 per 100,000 views, this cost-effective strategy increased visibility, engagement, and sales.

Tabs Chocolate's UGC machine encouraged sharing, brand loyalty, and community building with minimal effort from marketers. They identified and partnered with rising stars and micro-influencers who resonated with their brand, ensuring their UGC machine would consistently generate appealing content for their ideal customers.

Strategic Community Building: Tabs Chocolate's Masterstroke

Tabs Chocolate understood the importance of community building as a key component of their viral success. To achieve this, they leveraged TikTok and UGC to create a strong connection with their target audience and foster a loyal customer base.

Their strategic community-building efforts began with understanding their ideal customer. By analysing data from Google Analytics and their CRM platform, Shopify, they gained valuable insights into their customers' demographics, interests, and behaviours. This information allowed them to target a young and adventurous audience, appealing to their preferences and expectations.

Once they identified their ideal customer, Tabs Chocolate focused on partnering with content creators and influencers who shared similar values and resonated with their target audience. These partnerships generated authentic, engaging content that encouraged users to become brand advocates and participate in the community.

The success of their community-building strategy can be seen through their collaboration with influencers like Macia Wolf, whose TikTok post generated over 6.7M views, 643K likes, and nearly $50K in sales.

By working with influencers who aligned with their brand, Tabs Chocolate effectively tapped into a community of like-minded individuals who not only consumed their products but also actively promoted them.

Tabs Chocolate used their TikTok accounts to increase the reach of their user-generated content. This created a cycle of growth, which continually supplied their content and developed a strong group of brand advocates.

Understanding the TikTok Consumer: Tabs Chocolate's Key to Success

Tabs Chocolate recognized the importance of understanding their TikTok consumers to effectively engage with their target audience.

By analysing data from Google Analytics and their CRM platform, Shopify, they gained valuable insights into their customers' demographics, interests, and behaviours.

They used this information to build their ideal customer profile, focusing on factors like profession, hobbies, social platforms, content preferences, and buying behaviours. This deep understanding of their consumers allowed Tabs Chocolate to create content that truly resonated with their audience.

Through strategic partnerships with content creators and influencers who shared similar values, Tabs Chocolate ensured their UGC would appeal to their ideal customers, driving engagement and sales. This approach helped the brand to build a loyal community and achieve sustained success on TikTok.

Finding UGC Creators: Tabs Chocolate's Winning Formula

Tabs Chocolate successfully found UGC creators by identifying and contacting rising stars and micro-influencers who fit their brand's category or were in adjacent niches. They considered factors like the creators' audiences, content styles, and values to ensure their UGC would resonate with their ideal customers.

Their strategy involved asking key questions during the planning phase, such as the objectives, content format, and core values to communicate. By understanding their audience's preferences and influencers they followed, Tabs Chocolate effectively selected creators who produced authentic, engaging content.

One example of their success is partnering with Emily, a true brand ambassador, whose TikToks can be found on their account. By choosing the right creators, Tabs Chocolate built a powerful UGC machine that drove engagement and sales on TikTok.

Tabs Chocolate's Sweet Recipe for Success

In conclusion, Tabs Chocolate's success can be attributed to its strategic focus on UGC, influencer partnerships, and understanding its target audience on TikTok.

By fostering authentic connections and community, the brand has managed to carve out a space for itself in the competitive e-commerce landscape. As Tabs Chocolate continues to bet everything on UGC and TikTok, its future looks as sweet as its products.

Frequently asked questions
Everything you need to know.
What is Tabs Chocolate?

Tabs Chocolate is a dark chocolate supplement designed to enhance intimacy between partners. It contains four aphrodisiac ingredients, making it both flavorful and functional for individuals of all genders.

Who founded Tabs Chocolate?

Tabs Chocolate was created by Oliver Brocato and Jake Lewis in 2021. The brand started by focusing solely on User-Generated Content (UGC) through TikTok.

How did Tabs Chocolate start?

Oliver initiated Tabs, a direct-to-consumer (DTC) brand offering aphrodisiac chocolates meant for couples. He grew the brand from scratch to over 100k customers within the first year, without spending a penny on paid ads.

What is Oliver Brocato's marketing strategy?

Brocato's successful strategy involved leveraging UGC and TikTok, partnering with trusted creators for brand-aligned content. Collaborating with influencers and reposting on managed TikTok accounts, they drove visibility and engagement, fostering brand loyalty and community with minimal marketer effort.