10 examples of amazing e-commerce post-purchase experiences

10 examples of amazing e-commerce post-purchase experiences

Ana Martinez

Ana Martinez

December 20, 2021

Congrats on making another sale! Hold off on popping the champagne, and keep it chilling in the fridge for the perfect celebration moment. Why? Checkout completion is only the beginning of your relationship with your customer. To build customer loyalty and convince more shoppers to buy from your online store, you need to offer a 5-star post-purchase experience. This will ensure the sustainability of your e-commerce business.

Here are 10 examples of e-merchants to inspire you!

1. Jimmy Fairly

Jimmy Fairly offers a top-notch post-purchase experience in e-commerce. They provide a kit for customers to get reimbursed by Social Security a yearly reminder to visit the optician. The eyewear manufacturer also seamlessly connects their online and in-store experiences.

Customers can visit a store to try on glasses and then receive a quote by email. Additionally, they can come to the store for adjustments or pick up an antifog kit, which is especially useful with the widespread use of masks.

2. Tediber

Tediber knows what makes a bedding brand great - comfort! They even send customers an eye mask one month after their mattress arrives.

Plus, their post-purchase email sequence is top-notch - they provide a precise delivery slot and even offer deliveries up to 10 pm for those who want their mattress after work. A guide is also provided to assemble and install the bed frame easily, or if you're feeling lazy, their trained delivery man can do it in under 3 minutes!

3. Veja: a post-purchase experience oriented towards the maintenance of the sneakers

It's an example of an excellent post-purchase experience in e-commerce from a brand supporting its customers using its product. Veja provides precise advice on cleaning, restoring, and recycling their shoes, helping extend their lives and keep customers satisfied.

4. Blime: using video the right way

Blime goes above and beyond to make sure its customers get the most out of their paint cans. The made-in-France paint company shares video tutorials to show them how to paint their walls properly, making the experience fun and enjoyable. Talk about customer support done right!

5. Unbottled: delivery tracking with branded e-mails

Your customers eagerly await news of their package after they make a purchase. Unbottled takes the extra step to brand its delivery tracking emails with its image and even encourages customers to share their experience on Instagram. On average, emails and tracking pages are viewed 4 times per purchase. It's a smart way to reach new consumers and provide a great post-purchase experience.

6. Dermalogica 

Skincare brand Dermalogica knows how important order tracking is to their post-purchase experience. Instead of giving customers a vague estimate of when their package will arrive, they provide the exact date. Plus, they include samples of their flagship products to replicate the in-store experience and subtly encourage repeat purchases. It's a great example of a brand focusing on customer satisfaction.

7. Amazon: reinventing the wheel of the post-purchase experience

When it comes to e-commerce, merchants can learn a lot from Amazon - especially when it comes to post-purchase experiences. Amazon offers free returns, multiple delivery options, packaging choices, and even a scheduled purchase option for certain items. For example, businesses can have a pack of post-its sent to them every four months. This kind of attention to detail makes Amazon successful and builds customer loyalty!

8. Merci Handy

To make online shopping as exciting as in-store, brands can add a bit of drama. Merci Handy does this beautifully by focusing on unboxing. Not only do they send their products in a nicely designed package, but they encourage customers to share the moment on social media. It's a super effective way to create buzz and build brand loyalty.

9. My Lubie 

The intimate care brand My Lubie knows how powerful social media can be in their post-purchase experience. They're especially active on TikTok, which is popular with their young target audience. 

Their CEO, Pierre Lagache, doesn't hesitate to get personal by regularly writing FAQs about the product. It's a great way to create a connection, answer customer questions, and build loyalty.

10. Nike and their community! 

Nike knows the importance of a strong community - especially in fashion e-commerce, the sector with the highest returns rates. With a clear and easy-to-use returns policy, they can keep their customers happy and coming back for more. In France, clothing returns make up more than 18% of all returns, so having a solid policy is key to success.

In the world of fashion e-commerce, Nike is making waves by giving customers 60 days to return their shoes. They also inspire their community to become brand ambassadors through their running app and branded races. Nike sets itself apart from the competition by motivating its customers to excel and creating a sense of belonging to the Nike Run Club.

Bigblue’s tips

The 10 brands we highlighted show how important a great post-purchase experience is. Take inspiration from them to:
- Remove customer concerns about receiving their package
- Help them use their product
- Provide value even after they've made a purchase
- Encourage them to return to your store

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