Newsletter #33 - 3 Science-Backed Strategies for Conversion-Optimised Product Pages

Newsletter #33 - 3 Science-Backed Strategies for Conversion-Optimised Product Pages

Julie Cauville

Julie Cauville

May 17, 2024

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Hi !

I recently stumbled upon these mind-boggling stats:

  • Every day, we're bombarded with over 1200 advertising messages.
  • 34 million TikTok videos get posted daily.
  • More than 720,000 hours of video content hit YouTube every single day.

With all this overload, knowing how to organize and deliver information effectively is key to grabbing prospects' attention and beating the competition.

So, in this edition, I'm sharing 3 science-backed strategies to supercharge your product pages and ramp up those conversions 🧠

1️. Highlight Your Product's Sales or Views

Why does it work? 🧠

We're naturally inclined to follow others: 95% of us imitate, while only 5% initiate.

Plus, our brains love numbers—they help us make sense of things logically.

So, views and sales figures are solid social proof for consumers because they show a product's popularity and quality.

How to do it? 💡

Start by showing the number of views, then move on to sales as they pick up.

Depending on your sales volume and product type, you can test different time frames (today, this week, over the last 90 days, etc.).

🚨 High numbers can be overwhelming because they're hard to digest. If you've got loads of views, focus on showcasing your sales. throws loads of data on their product pages, including the "experiences lived" number in their ads to reassure visitors and drive bookings 🌴

3 Shopify Apps to Boost Your Social Proof
Nudgify to display sales and views on your product pages.
- FOMO to announce each new sale made.
- Hey!
to create a sense of urgency with a limited stock counter.

2️. Ditch the Technical Jargon

Why does it work? 🧠

Which cover would you choose ➡️ the one "made from soybean fibres with a 3D multilayer creping" or "soft, warm, breathable, and fluffy"?

Obviously, the second one is because humans are instinctively wary, even suspicious, of the unknown.

Using technical vocabulary can frustrate your customers and leave them with an unpleasant memory.

Conversely, clear and understandable descriptions generate a positive impression and make your message more memorable and convincing.

How to do it? 💡

Ditch the technical and scientific terms and use simple language to describe the product benefits.

Instead of discussing the "pentanol, glycerin, or citric acid" in your shampoo, explain how it "gets rid of dandruff while leaving hair soft and shiny".

Instead of citing the scientific names of its competitors' components, Conee's goes for simplicity and education to stand out.

🔎 Be transparent to convince your customers.
key information on your product pages is above the fold (customer reviews, short description, add to cart button, etc.). Clearly state your delivery times to reassure them and boost your conversions (or use Bigblue's Fast Tags for a more precise date 😉).

3️. Adjust the Model’s Gaze According to Your Product

Why does it work? 🧠

The direction of your models' gaze influences your sales:

  • An outward gaze favours product identification and imagination.
  • A direct gaze marks a separation between the model and the viewer but increases the message's credibility.

How to do it? 💡

Opt for photos where your models aren't looking directly at the camera to evoke positive emotions.

If you aim to convey precise information (features, prices) or evoke negative feelings, go for a direct gaze towards the camera.

PS: If you prefer solo product photos, ensure they're centred or facing the centre for easy reading.

Loop Earplugs models look outward, making it easier for consumers to immerse themselves in the experience offered 🎵

Two last tips before leaving
- Use
videos or GIFs if your products promise an experience (fashion, holidays, etc.).
- For functional products (dishwashers, tools),
static images are enough.

Thanks for sticking around 💙!

Hope these tips help you rack up more sales!

And hey, don't hesitate to let me know what you think or keep me posted if you've tried them 😊

See you soon,


E-commerce Expert @ Bigblue