Newsletter #32 - 3 Tips and Examples to Boost Your Conversions with Pop-ups

Newsletter #32 - 3 Tips and Examples to Boost Your Conversions with Pop-ups

Julie Cauville

Julie Cauville

May 17, 2024

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Hello !

Too many brands lose sales by hesitating to integrate pop-ups on their site.

Often perceived as "intrusive" or "outdated", they showed an average conversion rate of 11% in 2023 💥

Figures that prove their effectiveness... as long as they are used correctly!

To reconcile you with pop-ups, I share 3 tips and examples to unlock their full potential and increase your sales.

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1️. Ask instead of imposing to capture more emails

No one likes to act under coercion.

Instead of forcing your visitors to give you their email address, why not simply offer it to them?

A technique adopted by Puissante with its two-step pop-up that first asks the visitor if they are interested in a promotion before presenting the form.

A clever and non-intrusive approach that allows them to reach a conversion rate of about 5%.

When and how to deploy your pop-ups?
To maximise their impact, you can activate them under certain conditions:
- An exit intent
- A specific time
- On scroll
- On click...
Tools like Wisepops or Nosto help you to create targeted campaigns, based on various criteria (URL, traffic source, location, CRM data, etc.).

2️. Ensure a flawless customer experience, everywhere

Nothing is more frustrating than seeing the total of your order increase due to unexpected shipping costs or poor currency conversion.

If, like Skims (Kim K's brand), you target an international clientele, use your pop-ups to guarantee an optimal user experience across the globe 💡

You can, for example, take the opportunity to list your reassurance arguments (delivery times, minimum order, returns, etc.) and thus eliminate any unpleasant surprises.

Nothing stops Skims: after Berlin, a new corner opened in Rotterdam in February 2024, with Paris and Madrid in sight 👙

How did Smartworkout expand internationally as fast as Skims?
The resistance band brand now ships more than 50% of its orders abroad. Thanks to express deliveries, it quickly conquered the European market, ensured by several warehouses and Bigblue's carrier network. Discover the secrets of their success
here 👈🏻
The world is mine

3️. Gamify your message to increase your engagement

Last September, Mr. Beast's Feastables brand raised 2M clicks in an email 🤯

Their recipe? A challenge, rewards, and good copywriting allowed them to double their engagement and improve the health of their email address.

Adopt this approach for your pop-ups by varying interactive formats:

  • Wheel of fortune
  • Mystery gift
  • Scratch card
  • Quiz...
In their email, Mr Beast's team offered a 50% discount to the 5 people able to click 500 times on the button. Even those who didn't make it received a 10% discount for trying.
The famous challenge with more than 2M clicks 🖲️

The tool to gamify your pop-ups
Amped offers a wide selection of interactive and customisable pop-up templates.

Thank you for reading this far 💙

I hope these tips are useful for improving your pop-ups!

As always, feel free to share your feedback 😊

See you soon,


E-commerce Expert @ Bigblue