Newsletter #31 - 5 Steps to Crafting the Ultimate Hero for Your Landing Page

Newsletter #31 - 5 Steps to Crafting the Ultimate Hero for Your Landing Page

Julie Cauville

Julie Cauville

May 17, 2024

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Hello !

For a long time, I believed design was the absolute key to a high-performing landing page.

Yet, even with spot-on aesthetics, 80% of users won't go past your Hero if it doesn't precisely meet their needs.

So, fine-tuning your message above the fold is very important for effectively converting your prospects.

To help you optimise your campaigns, I'm sharing 5 essential ingredients for crafting the perfect landing page Hero 🦸‍♀️

The best part? 🍒 This method applies to all your marketing materials, from pop-ups to static creations!

1. A headline that clearly defines your offer

It's the first thing your visitors will see, so it'll need to clarify your offer right away.

But finding the perfect formula for writing an engaging headline can be tricky.

To stay focused, I favour three approaches:

  • The streamlined message 🌬️

If you're offering a unique product or service, try to describe it in the simplest way possible.

Example: "Pineapple tells you who the best agencies are" from Pineapplelist.

Julian Shapiro, co-founder of Pineapple, has written a brilliant article on landing pages.

  • Address your customer's biggest objection 🙅‍♀

If offering a range of products or services, go for a compelling hook instead. To do this, you might counter your customers' main objection. Example: "The dating app designed to be deleted" from Hinge.

  • Own your niche 🥇

If you have numerous competitors, could you convince your customers that your offer is THE ultimate solution? Example: “The World's Best-Smelling Sunscreen” from Vacation.

2️. An explanatory subheading

Your subheading should be an extension of your headline.

This is the time for you to explain to your visitors how your offer works or to present your product in more detail.

Again, Pineapple is the perfect example ⬆️:

Subheading :

No one has the data we do—we've interviewed thousands of founders to learn which agencies they rely on. We match you with the best in growth, design, and content.

3️. An image that speaks a thousand words

The illustration should help your prospect understand what you're offering without needing to read the headline.

For this, opt for simple and evocative images that ideally show your product in action 🎬

Example: MyObvi uses before/after images of its clients to promote the results of their weight loss supplements.

I just acquired a Figma that decrypts their entire conversion funnel! I'm sharing the link to the post with you here 😉

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4️. Social proof to immediately reassure

92% of customers trust a brand more if their peers recommend it.

Ratings, reviews, testimonials, partner or media logos, awards: all these proofs are fail-safe ways to bolster your credibility.

For instance, Javy displays its +5,700 TrustPilot reviews under its headline.

Big fan of their pre-landing page survey, which gamifies the user experience while highlighting the benefits of their product. Very clever.

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5️. A Call to Action that stands out

It's the final stretch! 🥵

Most brands settle for basic CTAs like "Sign Up", "Start Trial", or "Buy".

However, customised CTAs have an average conversion rate that's 4 times higher!

I suggest you try three types of more effective CTAs:

  • The "Call to Value" CTA ✨

The idea is to reflect the promise of your headline in your button.

Example: Replace "Buy our moisturiser" with "Reveal your skin's radiance".

  • The objection-busting CTA 🏓

Anticipate your prospects' objections by adding a few words to your CTA.

Example: Instead of "Sign Up", try "Test for free for 1 month".

  • The email-capturing CTA 🎯

If you need information from your prospects, please don't discourage them with a too long form.

You could follow Netflix's example of simplifying the sign-up process to the max to grab the email.

Customers are then directed to a page to complete their account setup.

Thanks for reading all the way here 💙

I hope you find these tips helpful. As always, feel free to give me your feedback to improve this newsletter 🫶

See you soon,

Julie E-commerce Expert @ Bigblue