Newsletter #29 - 3 Exclusive Trends to Boost Your E-commerce in Q1 2024

Newsletter #29 - 3 Exclusive Trends to Boost Your E-commerce in Q1 2024

Julie Cauville

Julie Cauville

May 16, 2024

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Hi !

I wish you a fantastic year in 2024, filled with personal and professional successes 💸

Our newsletter now boasts 4451 subscribers! Whether you've been with us from the start or joined us recently, a huge thank you for being a part of this community 💙

For this special beginning-of-year edition, I'm sharing with you 3 exclusive tips to boost your e-commerce in Q1 2024 🚀

1. Gamify Your Shopping Carts to Increase Sales

I recently browsed the MELLER website 🕶️

Their marketing strategy is rather brilliant, so I was quite surprised by their somewhat limited checkout experience:

  • No estimated delivery date,
  • Lack of a progress bar to encourage free shipping,
  • No suggestions for complementary products for upselling.

Conversely, the payment experience on the Merci Handy website is a true source of inspiration, displaying the following:

  • A progress bar that offers surprises at each level (goodies, shipping, etc.),
  • Clearly displayed delivery times,
  • Product recommendations to complete an order.

Moral of the story: customizing your checkout can transform a simple transaction into a memorable and engaging experience, increase your sales, and boost customer satisfaction.

Bigblue Tips

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Believe Athletics and increase your conversions by 25% by displaying the estimated delivery date on your product pages with Bigblue Fast Tags. Reassure your customers at checkout, like Merci Handy, with our app's ETA feature.

2. Compare Your Offer

Last week, I came across a rather audacious advertisement by the kombucha brand Boochcraft.

In this ad, the brand gets straight to the point and directly compares the composition of its drinks... with that of its competitor, Olipop!

A (very) effective strategy to show their advantages to prospects at a glance and stand out in an ultra-competitive market.

Without necessarily naming your competitors, comparing your products' benefits on your pages or landing pages can be a winning strategy (accompanied by a CTA to measure performance, of course 💡).

Used notably by the brand Katkin, ranked in the Top 5 UK’s Best New Startups Revealed 2024 👀

Analyze Your Visitors' Behavior to Offer the Best Experience
allows you to track your user's behaviour on your pages in the blink of an eye. Ideal for understanding your visitors' interactions and optimizing your CTAs.

3. Collaborate with an AI Pro

Last May, I talked about brands' enthusiasm for computer-generated images (CGI) in their marketing campaigns (spotted especially in the latest Jacquemus campaign, the Bisou Trip).

For a lower cost but with just as much creativity, AI-generated images can open up unprecedented horizons for your brand.

I've recently become fascinated with the AI artist joooo.ann and his collaborations with prestigious brands like LEGO, Maison KITSUNE, and Adidas.

Exploring AI can be effective for standing out from your competitors and bringing a new creative breath to your campaigns and products.

4 Websites to Get Started with Artificially Generated Images
- DALL·E 3
, for an easy-to-use AI image generator
Midjourney, if you have a bit more experience, the quality is better
- for creating video game-style images
IA de Getty Images, for generating commercially usable images.

Thank you for reading this far 💙

I hope you enjoyed the topic of this edition! Don't hesitate to give me your feedback; I'm always delighted to hear your opinions 😊

See you soon,


E-commerce Expert @ Bigblue