Newsletter #28 - Top 3 Website Redesigns to Boost Your E-Commerce in 2024

Newsletter #28 - Top 3 Website Redesigns to Boost Your E-Commerce in 2024

Julie Cauville

Julie Cauville

May 13, 2024

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Hi there!

Happy New Year! I hope 2024 has started wonderfully for you.

Our newsletter community continues to grow and now boasts 4,412 subscribers! Whether you've just joined us (a warm welcome 👋🏻) or have been with us since our inception, I'm grateful for your support and interest 💙

Kicking off our first edition of the year, I'm excited to share my top 3 website redesigns to elevate your e-commerce in 2024 🖥️

And as a token of appreciation, I've included a bonus gift at the end of this email: my secret extension for discovering the tools used by your competitors 🥷🏻

1️. L'Hôtel Mahfouf by Léna Situations

In early December, the French influencer and Youtuber Léna Situations revealed the new website for her brand, Hôtel Mahfou, themed around The Ski Resort ❄️

The migration from WooCommerce to Shopify, along with the new graphic identity and redesign, was a whirlwind one-and-a-half-month project (🙀), timed perfectly with the opening of her physical store.

Congratulations to BlackSwan (the agency behind the websites of Les Secrets de Loly and Caval) for completing this mission: the site's performance on GTmetrix is outstanding, offering a delightful UX design and navigation experience.

Special mention for the unique presentation of sizes: product photos feature models of diverse body types, each lending their first name to a size category. For example, "size S" becomes "size Léna". Intrigued? Test it out here.

Hotel Mahfouf's innovative size filter system

Léna Situations' strategy to engage her community and boost sales
Léna and her team launched
a "secret" broadcast channel on Instagram. Their Lobby boy shares exclusive information and promotions like early access to the e-commerce website and even secretly adds products to parcels. It's a treasure trove of inspiration for your next marketing campaigns. To have a look at the French discussion, click here.

2️. Detective Box

Right before the Peak Season, Émilie, the founder of Detective Box, unveiled her brand new website along with a new flagship investigation: The Tarot Killer.

The challenge was to create an engaging online presence for her experiential product: mystery-solving boxes designed for at-home entertainment.

AKROLAB agency was tasked with revamping the site and visual identity. The result? A perfect representation of the Detective Box universe, clear concept communication, and a navigation design that turns visitors into keen detectives 🕵🏼‍♀️

Don't miss the interactive "How It Works" timeline on the product page, a clever blend of customer FAQs and user-generated content. Absolutely brilliant.

PS: Here is their captivating teaser video by agency KÖM, which has already amassed over 6.2k views.

Explore the new Detective Box website

Bigblue Tips
Émilie, like
over 500 other partner brands, benefited from Bigblue's unwavering support during the Peak Period. I was personally on the ground in the warehouses with my colleagues, ensuring thousands of orders were shipped promptly (photo proof below ⬇️). To learn more about our achievements, click here.

The entire Bigblue team was dedicated during the holiday season to ensure timely delivery of all orders!

3️. The -1 Store

The creators of the -1.STORE started with a simple yet challenging realization: making sustainable fashion choices should be straightforward.

The -1.STORE is dedicated to offering a curated selection of responsible brands and durable, unisex clothing 💚

Following a successful crowdfunding campaign on Ulule in July 2023, the -1.STORE launched its new website in September 2023.

Designed by W3lead agency, the site has features like its intelligent filter system and repair/resale service.

I'm particularly fond of their natural, unretouched product photos, a trend popularized by platforms like Vinted and Vestiaire Collective. In 2024, authenticity is your key to differentiation!

Discover the -1.STORE's website!

Give your products a second life... Directly from your website!
offers a seamless solution for selling second-hand items on your e-commerce website. Brands like Almé Paris have already adopted this innovative approach 👀

🥷🏻 Bonus: How your competitors build their websites

I recently discovered Wappalyzer, a tool developers use to analyze websites and identify the technologies employed.

It's free and easy to use; install and open it on any e-commerce site to uncover the tools and solutions used.

A major advantage: set up alerts to be notified when your competitors switch technologies 👀

Thank you for joining me in this first edition of 2024 💙

I'm excited for what this year holds and can't wait to share more insights and tips with you.



E-commerce Expert @ Bigblue