Newsletter #26 - Five Steps to Master Your Logistics During Peak Periods

Newsletter #26 - Five Steps to Master Your Logistics During Peak Periods

Julie Cauville

Julie Cauville

April 30, 2024

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Hello !

The countdown to Black Friday and Christmas has begun ⏱️

To ensure Peak Season success, I'm sharing 5 essential steps and actionable tips for flawless logistics to maximise your revenue and keep your customers delighted 🤶🏻

1️. Anticipate your stocks to avoid losing any sales 📦

November is now as important as December in terms of sales.

Last year, Shopify sales set records and generated over $7.5 billion in revenue (+19% compared to 2021) just over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend.

To ensure you meet the demand, I recommend monitoring your stocks even more closely than usual.

Evaluate your current inventory, make stock forecasts, and determine if you need to reorder products before the holidays and Black Friday.

Bigblue Tips
No more random exports and incomprehensible Excel spreadsheets! Bigblue dashboards allow you to predict your stocks and sales at a glance!
Like Novexpert, use
Bigblue dashboards to have a clear view of your sales, stocks, and save precious time.

Like Novexpert, use Bigblue's dashboards to have a clear view of your sales, your stock, and save precious time.

2️. Make sure to eliminate unnecessary support tickets

Brands see a surge in support tickets during Black Friday and the holiday season: +79% per week on average 🤯

Of these, approximately 33% are related to delivery and logistics queries.

The secret to eliminating them? Like Yade or Détective Box, offer real-time delivery tracking to your customers.

This reduces uncertainties, soothes frustrations, and ensures a clear and reassuring shopping experience.

Like Yade or Detective Box, offer a real-time tracking experience to your customers and boost your satisfaction rate!

Bigblue Tips
Bigblue's tracking emails
have a +75% open rate and reduce negative reviews by -60%. Combine your tracking page with emails to build your customers' trust and increase your sales!

3️. Offer a green unboxing experience

Good news for the planet: sustainable packaging is in demand!

The global market for green packaging is expected to exceed $330 billion by 2030, and 34% of consumers are willing to pay more for ethical and sustainable products.

I've listed several inspirations for eco-friendly shipping below ⬇️

  • Like Cōtelē Paris, opt for original (and ribbed) 100% craft packaging,

Like Cotele, match your packaging with your brand image.

  • Limit prints on your packaging, for example, by using interior printing only, like Horace.

Horace Packaging

  • Embrace transparency like Loom and display your values directly on your packaging

Like Loom, display your values and justify your packaging choice directly... on your packaging!

  • Imagine a second life for it, like Cabaïa, which writes "Cat's Spot" inside its packages. Clever

Cabaïa also capitalizes on its packages to collect ultra-cute and high-quality UGCs (User Generated Content).

Bigblue Green
At Bigblue, plastic is banned from our packaging, and the materials we use for our shipments are 100% recyclable.

4️. Embrace transparency in delivery

Announcing incorrect or unattainable delivery dates during the holidays can be costly.

In fact, if 22% of buyers on average abandon their carts due to long delays, 85% won't reorder after a single disappointing delivery experience.

The conclusion is clear: honesty is the best policy from the start, especially during the holidays when consumer expectations are higher.

For this, here are 3 simple yet effective tips to keep your customers informed and avoid misunderstandings:

  • Display your delivery times in a visible banner on one or more pages of your website (you can use Sleeknote, for example).
  • Mention them next to the "add to cart" button to ensure your customers make an informed decision.
  • Remind the delivery date at the payment stage to avoid any confusion.

Bigblue Tips
SmartWorkout, use Bigblue's Fast Tag to display the exact delivery date directly on your product page. As a bonus, SmartWorkout increases its product page conversion rate by +22% thanks to this feature! 🍒

SmartWorkout uses Bigblue's Fast Tag to display the exact delivery date of products and improve its conversion while increasing customer satisfaction!
Click here or on the image to discover how SmartWorkout offers a flawless delivery experience throughout Europe 🇪🇺

5️. Adapt your return policy for the holidays

In 2021, approximately 40% of European consumers purchased at least one Christmas gift during Black Friday.

Offering a clear and flexible return procedure is a powerful conversion lever during the holiday season.

Because if the customer knows they can easily return the item after Christmas, they are more likely to complete their purchase.

Like CAVAL, consider extending your return deadlines for year-end sales (until January 15, for example) to generate more sales and reduce pressure on your support teams.

Caval has extended its return deadlines to January 15th. The result? Reassured customers, an increase in sales, and improved loyalty during the holiday season.

Bigblue Tips
92% of buyers
stated they would reorder if the return process was simple. Like CAVAL, provide an intuitive and personalized return portal to customers wishing to return their orders!

CAVAL uses Bigblue's return features to offer an incredible return experience.
Click here or on the image to discover all the secrets of CAVAL's amazing return experience 👟

I hope you enjoyed this newsletter!

See you soon,

Julie E-commerce Expert @ Bigblue