Newsletter #24 - Retail vs E-commerce: 3 Lessons from our last Clash event with DtoC experts

Newsletter #24 - Retail vs E-commerce: 3 Lessons from our last Clash event with DtoC experts

Julie Cauville

Julie Cauville

January 19, 2024

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Hi !

You've probably heard that Nafnaf announced its move into judicial recovery last week.

Meanwhile, Zeta is celebrating its 3rd anniversary by opening a shop in Bordeaux and Rouje is landing in NYC.

So, what do we think of retail in 2023?

I'm sharing what I know on the topic and some insights from our latest Clash event in Paris "Omnichannel vs Pure Player" with Jonak, Ocarat, Detective Box, and Hydratis ⬇️

Retail is dead, but not human relationships 👑

High street shopping is changing rapidly, and experts advocate for omnichannel strategies and data-driven approaches.

But they overlook one thing: every click is human, with its own needs and aspirations.

Contrary to popular belief, only 16% of Gen Z and 11% of Millennials avoid in-store interactions.

So, retail is far from finished; it's simply evolving towards a more human and connected model.

The key to success? Offer your customers authentic experiences that foster loyalty and turn your buyers into brand ambassadors.

Mastering the comeback like Camaieu

The French retailer declared bankruptcy a year ago and
teamed up with the French influencer Léna Situations to announce its return in September 2024. In her latest video (+1M views in 2 days), the influencer highlighted a job opportunity at Camaïeu, which is actively searching for a communication specialist to relaunch the brand. Smart move.

French retailer Camaieu teamed up with French influencer Lena Situations to tease its return after liquidation procedure.

Think hybrid commerce! 🧜🏻

Retail focuses on sensory experience and credibility, while e-commerce offers 24/7 availability, limitless choice, and valuable data.

Forget the dilemma between the two, focus on "hybrid commerce", an omnichannel model that takes the best of both worlds, ensuring a seamless and frictionless customer experience.

Here are 3 real-world examples:

  • Offer the same functionalities online as in-store, like Balibaris with split payments (available with Klarna In Store).

  • Bring your universe to life like Make My Lemonade, which holds DIY workshops in-store, offers a space for buying fabrics and patterns, and even has a tea room!
  • Gamify your in-store experience, for instance, by adding a spin wheel like Cabaïa.

Fashion brand Cabaia provide in shop similar experience to what they offer online.

Bigblue Friends

If you're considering going physical, I'd recommend Label Experience agency. I'm a big fan of what they've done for Vanessa Bruno, Sézane, Boxy, Clarins, and Bonsoirs.

3 tips to try without getting your feet too wet 🛒

Opening a physical store is one thing; running it is another.

To help, here are three tips to test your concept without long-term commitments:

  • The pop-up: The trial version of retail. An excellent way to test your product and generate buzz around your brand!

  • The corner: Investing in a dedicated space within a well-known store is a fantastic strategy to quickly gain visibility and build international credibility! A (Jon)hack tested and approved by Lisa Nakam.

Bigblue Tips

From Future uses Bigblue to manage its stock replenishments for its shops and corners in France and Europe! In fact, the brand has just opened a corner at Rinascente in Milan. Bravissimo 👏

  • The stand at an event allows you to pragmatically test your concept while getting maximum exposure to a targeted audience.

Zoom over to the GP Explorer!

The GP Explorer is a Formula 4 competition between internet influencers. This event is organized by the French YouTuber Squeezie. With
60,000+ followers present in person and 4 million watching Squeezie's live – it was the place to be. Brands like Rhinoshield, Spacefox, and Del Arte were in the limelight. Are you in for the next ride?

Feeling the retail buzz after this newsletter? Or perhaps a few lightbulb moments for your store game?

See you soon,


E-commerce Expert @ Bigblue