Newsletter #14 - Omnichannel: 4 secrets for successfully transitioning to retail

Newsletter #14 - Omnichannel: 4 secrets for successfully transitioning to retail

Julie Cauville

Julie Cauville

April 17, 2023

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With the rise of CACs and the huge increase in the number of online brands, it is becoming essential for DNVBs to diversify their sales channels to maintain their growth 🐙

Among the different options, retail can be an excellent opportunity for your business:

  • In 2022, 30% of brands considered increasing their retail presence.
  • Only 48% of DNVBs are present in this sector (compared to 56% in wholesale).
  • Those that have taken the plunge generate up to 40% of their turnover from physical sales.

If you’ve been considering diversifying, here are 4 secrets to quickly make your shop profitable, increase your visibility and boost your sales!

1️. Test with a pop-up store

If you're unsure whether to go for it, start by testing a pop-up store.

In addition to being more affordable (on average 80% less than a boutique), pop-ups can transform your physical presence into an actual event and increase your visibility!

A strategy tested and approved by  Shanty Biscuit 🍪 who made much noise last December with her "Shanty Poste".

The concept? A pop-up with the look of a quirky post office to "wrap its customers in good humour and immerse them in a stamped universe". Everything was covered in the brand's colours, from postcards, parcels, stamps, stickers to merchandise.

popup store Shanti biscuits Christmas 2022

PS : I highly recommend you watch this reel to discover this incredible pop-up's details.

🤜🤛 Bigblue friends

Do you dream of a similar experience for your brand? Like Les Raffineurs, Flotte or Bonne Gueule, Shanty Biscuit called on the Label Expérience agency to create the Shanty Poste!

2️. Offer your clients an unforgettable experience

You don't necessarily have to do a lot to have your customers come back and recommend your shop.

Like Jimmy Fairly, you can apply simple but effective loyalty methods. In addition to hot drinks, the brand offers its customers a tote bag and goodies (sweets, pins, etc.) with every purchase.  

This has proven a formidable strategy to increase their customers' Lifetime Value and Net Promoter Score. Their 100 shops in France, Belgium and the UK are rated an average of 4/5 on Google ⭐️

Jimmy Fairly's shop

💙 Bigblue Tip

If you can't offer products to every single customer, you can still do so from a certain order value and increase your average basket value at the same time  🛒  

3️. Build on your values

53% of consumers prefer brands that share their values. To convince them to explore your store, display them in a big way!

This is a technique adopted by Unbottled in their new Parisian shop called the "Temple du Solide", a reference to their products.

Their slogans, "bye-bye plastic", "No more dodgy products in the shower", or the tag #dropthebottle, are written in the four corners of the shop and visible from the street. The brand also regularly communicates on its commitments in-store and recently revealed that their washbasin was not made of marble... but recycled plastic !

It's hard for their customers to miss the zero waste and anti-plastic message.

Unbottled has hastags on its walls

💙 Bigblue Tip

Unbottled is committed to nature and is working with Bigblue to ban plastic from its shipments and send orders more responsibly!

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4️. Make your online shop shine !

A video shot in-store and published on an e-commerce brand's account can get up to 8 times more engagement than a traditional video.

LePantalon uses this technique to increase its traffic in-store and boost its visibility!

Under the "En boutique Simone" concept, their employees introduce themselves, reveal their advice on choosing the right products and give gift ideas.

Once again, simplicity remains the best tactic to generate views ⤵️

See Le Pantalon's real

💙 Bigblue Tips

To easily manage its shops, Le Pantalon uses the Bigblue + Fastmag integration to:
-> Centralise and visualise in real time its B2C and B2B stocks,
-> Easily manage supplier orders,
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