Newsletter #13 - 5 marketing strategies from sustainable brands to get you inspired

Newsletter #13 - 5 marketing strategies from sustainable brands to get you inspired

Julie Cauville

Julie Cauville

February 22, 2023

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In 2023, being an eco-friendly e-commerce brand is essential for your business!

Because consumer preferences are changing:

  • In 2022, 70% of British e-shoppers said they prefer to buy from brands with a responsible approach.
  • 42% of millennials and 39% of Gen Z consumers are willing to pay more for a sustainable product.
  • 40% of consumers admit that a brand's social commitments influence purchasing decisions.

I share five eco-friendly brand marketing campaigns in this newsletter to inspire you to go green this year.

Allbirds dedicates a website to protecting the Amazon Forest

The American brand of sneakers and eco-friendly ready-to-wear clothing revealed the Keep the Amazon Prime website last April, "the e-commerce platform you really can't live without".

Thanks to a quirky sense of humour, the aim is to remind people of the importance of the Amazon Forest for the environment and to collect donations for the NGO Amazon Watch (while also tackling the giant Amazon).

Sustainable at heart, Allbirds also launched the Rerun platform in early 2022, offering its refurbished products at reduced prices.

Allbirds has designed a vintage and colourful website to raise awareness of the importance of protecting the Amazon.

🌱 Small streams make big rivers

Your e-commerce website can also generate carbon emissions. To reduce your footprint, here are 3 tips:
-> Choose a
green host, whose data centre is powered by green energy, for example.  
-> Opt for a
simple theme without unnecessary features (which will also improve your speed and your SEO!).
-> Compress your images
or opt for "Lazy Load" (loading images displayed on the screen only).

Rouje launches its first upcycled collection!

Last December, the Parisian brand launched Re-Rouje: a collection of upcycled pieces produced in small quantities.

Rouje teamed up with upcycling expert influencer Ruby Pigeon to announce the new collection.

A Rouje long winter coat becomes a mid-season jacket

💙 Bigblue Tip

If you can't offer your products in upcycled form yet, start with your packaging! Make tutorials to reuse your boxes like Unbottled or give a second function to your packagings like Ziggy. Bigblue's "Blockbox" made of recycled fabrics can also be used as foam for your sewing workshops.

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BackMarket goes Anonymous

Last April, BackMarket hacked into several Apple Stores using Airdrop to write to customers about buying new phones.

The goal? To encourage them to choose a second-hand product instead of buying a new one.

Recipients could read: "The iPhone you love, with a smaller carbon footprint. Switch to refurbished".

I've put the link to the video just below ⬇️

Click on the image to play the Hack Market video

The Petits Prödiges, experts in all-in-one!

The French eco-friendly cosmetics brand displayed billboards in the Paris metro last December.

The star product of their campaign? Their natural multi-purpose balm, which replaces up to 10 products in our bathrooms.

And rather than produce one poster per benefit, the brand applied the same method:

The Les Petits Prodiges' campaign in the parisian subway

Translation: Hello, we are Camille and Clémentine; we created the Les Petits Prödiges balm that can replace ten products in your bathroom. Body care, facial care, hair care, make-up remover, etc. We could have made ten posters for this. But we didn't have enough money yet, so we preferred to do our balm: we did it all on one poster.

💙 Bigblue Tip  

The brand les Petit Prödiges uses Bigblue's technology
to avoid the waste of its products. From the app, it can easily monitor their expiry dates and thus manage its stocks in a more virtuous way.  

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Ace&Tate turns glass into an eyewear box

The eyewear brand Ace&Tate has everything to please: certified B corp since September 2021, it communicates with humour on its commitments and actions from its various networks and dedicated media.

The brand recently announced that the case was closed: Ace&Tate has finally found a way to reduce waste!

How? Thanks to an eyewear box made entirely from their used lenses.

Ace&Tate has launched a transparent glasses case made from recycled glass.