Newsletter #10 - Detractors or big discounters, who's doing what for Black Friday 2022?

Newsletter #10 - Detractors or big discounters, who's doing what for Black Friday 2022?

Julie Cauville

Julie Cauville

May 4, 2023

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Less than 24 hours away from Black Friday, I'm sharing with you the original and innovative marketing strategies of 5 brands for this edition and revealing what to expect from consumers. Plenty of inspiration for your future campaigns, whether you offer discounts or not 😉

What can consumers expect?

📈 French consumers are expected to spend an average of €255 on Black Friday (15% less than in 2021), while the budget of Swiss and German consumers is around €300.

📱 Over 70% of BFCM (Black Friday Cyber Monday) sales will be made on mobile, even though conversion rates and the number of products purchased are higher on desktop.

🌱 According to the 2022 Shopify report, 40% of consumers are willing to pay more for eco-friendly products and 52% of French consumers are willing to buy second-hand Christmas presents.

What are the brands up to?

1️. eBay is back... and does nothing!

The French second-hand marketplace recently made a comeback and announced that it would not participate in Black Friday.

eBay has also revealed an eco-friendly marketing strategy for the holidays and will highlight second-, third-, and fourth-hand Christmas gifts.

📹 Video comeback

If you missed it, I'm sharing their campaign video (watch until the end).

2️. Amazon launches Black Week... and goes green

Since Friday, November 18, 00:01, until Monday, November 28, 23:59, the marketplace is offering up to 70% off millions of products.

To help consumers navigate the sale, Amazon has even created a guide to find the best deals.

New this year: to cater to consumers' interests, Amazon also offers a Climate Pfledge Friendly store that only lists more sustainable products, refurbished or certified according to more than 30 standards such as Fair Trade, GOTS, Carbon Neutral, etc. d’écran%2C le 2022-11-24 à 11.20.02.png?width=1120&upscale=true&name=Capture d’écran%2C le 2022-11-24 à 11.20.02.png

3️. Unbottled commits to "No Plastic Days"

The cosmetics brand Unbottled is partnering with No Plastic in my Sea, which fights against marine pollution.

Their customers can benefit from reduced prices, and 100% of the profits will be donated to the organization.

PS: their subscribers could benefit from early discounts starting today by signing up through their newsletter.

💡 How to handle unhappy customers during Black Friday?
Discovering that a product they recently ordered is now available at a discounted price can be frustrating for your customers.
To keep them loyal to your brand, you can, for example:

Offer them a voucher for a future purchase.
🔙 Refund the difference.
🔀 Exclude recent customers from your promotional campaigns (especially with the help of the
Bigblue + Klaviyo integration).

4️. Faguo isn't offering discounts and launches a "greenline" campaign

As part of the French collective Make my Friday Green Again, which brings together more than 1,000 brands, it's no surprise that Faguo is not participating in Black Friday.

To raise awareness among consumers, Faguo even launched 3615 - Buy less and better, a (real) phone line to help you resist the temptation of Black Friday! To test it, dial +33 9 72 12 12 34 and press 1 📞As every year, the brand will also offer a free repair workshop in-store this Friday, November 25. d’écran%2C le 2022-11-24 à 11.27.42.png?width=800&upscale=true&name=Capture d’écran%2C le 2022-11-24 à 11.27.42.png

5️.Gymshark keeps its Black Friday champion title

Gymshark's Black Friday started on Thursday, November 17, with discounts of up to 60%, which can be combined with the discounts the brand offers to students, sports professionals, and military personnel all year round.

If in 2021 Gymshark had made a parody of a workout session to announce its Black Friday deals, it opted for Instagram-focused communication this year. Their account features a "Black Friday Wishlist" and a countdown in their stories, as well as a modified bio for the occasion.

The 2,000 discounted products were also revealed in advance on their website to allow customers to make their wishlists for the big day.

NB: the brand averages 20% of its turnover during the holiday season, including 40% during the first 6 hours of Black Friday. d’écran%2C le 2022-11-24 à 14.05.24.png?width=800&upscale=true&name=Capture d’écran%2C le 2022-11-24 à 14.05.24.png

Finally (and for even more marketing ideas), I'm sharing the playbook The guide to sell 1M€ on BFCM 2022: Build your win-big strategy with strategies from the top brands!