Connect your WooCommerce and sync orders, shipping methods, tracking information, products and inventory.

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WooCommerce is a customizable, open-source eCommerce platform built on WordPress. Get started now. Start a new store Customize and extend.

Grow your business with Bigblue’s Application on WooCommerce

Connect your Shopify in less than 30 seconds, send your products to our warehouses, then there is nothing more to do: we take care of everything!

All-in-one Fulfillment solution:

  • All your logistics are automated from storage to returns processing.
  • From the application, you have access to a range of features to build your delivery experience
  • Benefit from optimized and automated logistics and manage your inventory in real-time

Convert better

Have access to a range of features, and track your customer orders, suppliers and returns in real-time thanks to a complete interface

  • Your customers can choose between several delivery methods (express, ecological, etc.)
  • Track your customer and suppliers orders.
  • Show the predictive arrival date directly in the shopping cart

Boost your NPS

Offer multiple delivery methods and same-day shipping

  • Your customers can change their delivery options according to their needs
  • Zero packing error rate thanks to our AI
  • Optimize more than just your logistics, but the entire post-purchase experience

Tell your story

Use your personalized packaging and follow-up emails to engage your community: make delivery an unforgettable experience

  • Use your personalized follow-up emails to engage your community
  • Branded shipping cartons: make delivery an unforgettable experience
  • Add goodies, thank you cards, and coupons to your packages
  • Build customer loyalty so that every euro spent on marketing is as effective as possible

“From the moment we started to use the Bigblue+Gorgias integration, we reduced our time spent on ticket by 50%.”

Simon De Swarte
CMO & Co-founder of CAVAL & MoEa

“We are able to answer all weekend requests by Monday noon, which never happened before. Our client are impressed and obviously more satisfied”.

Simon De Swarte
CMO & Co-founder of CAVAL & MoEa

“Before the integration, our support team was wasting time looking for answers. From now, they fulfil their missions easier and have time to exchange with our clients.”

Simon De Swarte
CMO & Co-founder of CAVAL & MoEa

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