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E-commerce without borders: How Bigblue allows ULTI Paris to achieve the nomad entrepreneur dream

Meet Olivier, the entrepreneurial spirit and creative force behind ULTI Paris. His journey in the beauty industry began at L'Oréal, where his role involved traversing the globe, making films about diverse hair techniques. Along his travel, he saw an opportunity in the market of hair growth fibers, sparking the idea of ULTI Paris.

Olivier dreamed of revolutioning the hair-care sector by providing men and women with the highest quality densifying hair fibers. He needed a logistics partner that could scale with ULTI Paris and allow him to work remotely and travel stress-free.

“In a world where logistics can make or break your brand, Bigblue stood out as the game-changer we desperately needed, allowing me to focus on what I love while they expertly handle the rest.”
Olivier Renchon
Founder at ULTI Paris

Bigblue emerged as the perfect solution, blending operational efficiency with the freedom Olivier cherished.

Empowering Beauty and Confidence: How Bigblue Ensures ULTI Paris Products Are Always in Stock with smart inventory reports

Bigblue's Bestseller feature became a cornerstone for ULTI Paris. It provided Olivier with strategic  stock insights, ensuring his bestsellers were always available and forecasts were accurate. This feature is essential for maintaining customer trust and preventing lost sales .

With real-time data, Olivier can manage inventory effectively, crucial for products like ULTI's hair fibers that customers use daily. This functionality not only improved operations but also strengthened customer loyalty.

Bigblue’s Bestseller Feature: The Key to ULTI’s Inventory Success

Optimise your stock with Bigblue's Bestseller Feature. Know your best-sellers by heart with Bigblue's "sales per product" dashboards, and grasp every sales opportunity.

Perfect for e-commerce founders seeking smart inventory solutions.

ULTI Best Seller Feature EN

The Power of Bigblue’s Order Management feature for ULTI day-to-day operations

Bigblue's Order Management feature is a game changer for ULTI Paris. This tool offers the agility to modify orders in real-time, a crucial aspect of  an online business (especially when you manage your business from abroad). It allows Olivier and his team to address any issues with order details, such as incorrect addresses or wrong product choices, quickly and efficiently.

This flexibility is invaluable for Olivier's remote working lifestyle. He can make instant changes to orders, ensuring customer satisfaction and reducing the need for follow-up corrections. This feature streamlines the customer service process, making it seamless and stress-free.

Bigblue's Real-Time Order Adjustment: A Game Changer for ULTI

This functionality is essential for swiftly correcting order details like addresses or product selections, significantly enhancing customer experience and reducing operational hassles.

ULTI Order Management feature EN

Bigblue’s Fast Tag: Setting New Standards in E-Commerce Delivery

The Fast Tag feature by Bigblue is another game-changer for ULTI Paris. It accurately predicts delivery times on the product page, an information that has become a necessity for e-commerce. It  ensures customers know exactly when to expect their orders, a key to building trust and competitiveness.

Olivier values this feature highly, as it aligns with his commitment to customer satisfaction. Fast Tag not only keeps ULTI Paris competitive with major players like Amazon but also increases order frequency due to enhanced customer confidence.

Accurate, Fast, Reliable: The Essence of Bigblue’s Fast Tag

Bigblue's Fast Tag provides precise delivery predictions, enhancing customer confidence and loyalty.

This feature is crucial for e-commerce brands competing in a market where fast, reliable delivery is not just appreciated, but required.

ULTI Fast Tag EN

Bigblue's collaboration with ULTI Paris has revolutionized the way Olivier was dealing with his operations. The integration of features like Bestseller, Order Management, and Fast Tag has not only optimized ULTI's operations but also empowered Olivier to pursue his passions.

Olivier succinctly sums up his experience: "Choosing Bigblue was the best decision for ULTI Paris. Their innovative approach turned our logistics challenges into victories, allowing us to focus on growth and creativity."

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