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"Bigblue is the perfect archetype of a partner you love working with. Agile and reliable"

Cyrille Telinge, founder of Laboratoires Novexpert
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Bigblue, a trusted partner for Novexpert

Novexpert stands out for its revolutionary approach and commitment to the safety and biodegradability of ingredients in their skincare products. Founded by Cyrille Telinge in 2008, Laboratoires Novexpert offers 100% natural products, with effective active ingredients developed by doctors. Science is at the heart of their formulas.

"We are researchers, and it is essential for us to be able to trust a partner like Bigblue to handle an aspect of the business we don't even want to manage."
Cyrille Telinge
Founder at Novexpert Labs
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In their continuous quest for innovation, Novexpert has found in Bigblue a partner that meets high expectations. Bigblue has become a key collaborator for Novexpert.

In line with Novexpert's philosophy, Bigblue prioritises the user, constantly offering ideas and improvements to enrich the customer experience. This allows Novexpert's researchers to focus on what they do best: creating clean and innovative skincare products.

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Frictionless operations at scale

Bigblue brings significant value to Novexpert, especially by providing user-friendly and intuitive applications. Novexpert teams can monitor their stocks, ongoing orders, and deliveries in real-time through Bigblue's intelligent dashboards. This feature represents significant time-saving and allows Novexpert teams to maximize their productivity.

Novexpert uses Bigblue's dashboards

Bigblue application's dashboards allow brands to see the status of their orders, their stock, analyze their best-selling products to prevent any stockouts, and monitor their customers' satisfaction regarding their deliveries.

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Parcel tracking: Novexpert's favourite feature

The feature Novexpert appreciates most about Bigblue is package tracking and tracing. This allows Novexpert to maintain a close relationship with their clients and address their needs promptly. It aids in enhancing customer satisfaction, strengthening relationships, and increasing retention rates.

"Bigblue's App is very intuitive. We have a live overview of our stocks, fulfillments, and deliveries... The productivity gains are extraordinary!"
Coraline Thiriet
Digital Marketing Manager, Novexpert Labs
NVXP Coraline EN

Novexpert customers need to regularly restock their favorite products. To reduce friction and offer maximum transparency, Novexpert uses Bigblue's Fast Tags to display the estimated delivery date on the product page. This way, Novexpert customers can be assured of receiving their treatments before running out!

Novexpert uses Bigblue's Fast-Tags

Like Novexpert, improve the conversion rate of your product pages thanks to Fast-Tags. Our algorithm automatically calculates the estimated delivery date based on the visitor's location. Brands like Novexpert that use it increase their sales by 40% to 86%!

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Daily challenges and continuous growth for Novexpert

Novexpert is a booming company, with new products and daily challenges to overcome. Thanks to Bigblue, they can swiftly and efficiently tackle these challenges, while continuously growing and exceeding their objectives.

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