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"Refunds used to be scary if you sell on e-commerce. With Bigblue we're pushing exchanges through Store Credit to keep the client and revenue”

Simon de Swarte, cofounder at CAVAL
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How CAVAL leverages Bigblue's delivery options to increase the checkout conversion rate

Since its creation in 2017, CAVAL  helps people express their unique style by wearing asymmetrical sneakers and apparel collections. The brand shipped more than 20K orders with Bigblue, trusting us with their delivery and returns experience for both e-commerce and physical salespoints.

We interviewed Simon de Swarte, Co-Founder of CAVAL, to discuss their collaboration with Bigblue and how they have leveraged Bigblue’s solution to increase key business metrics, including checkout conversion rate, client satisfaction, and revenue!

“Working with Bigblue allows us to optimise our customer experience before, during, and after purchase. We are sure that when we do our job bringing traffic to our product pages, and converting them, Bigblue will do their part: rapidly and automatically connect the stock, communicate with the warehouse to ship the order as soon as possible, and deliver the order to our clients in the best conditions, for both our D2C and B2B e-commerce clients”
Simon de Swarte

Increasing quarterly sales by 174% and boosting client satisfaction

Before working with Bigblue, CAVAL worked with a traditional 3PL partner to help them ship their first orders. But they quickly realized that to build a brand that scales, they needed a service that allowed them to sync their Shopify with their logistics operations. They found the ideal partner in Bigblue.

Since they started using Bigblue, CAVAL has achieved 95% customer delivery satisfaction, driving positive reviews that help them retain customers and build brand trust with new prospects to drive client acquisition.

Additionally, CAVAL has successfully delivered tenths of thousands of fashion-wear in France, increasing the number of orders delivered by 174% in the previous quarter.

How did Bigblue help them achieve these results?

Bigblue’s technology allows CAVAL to display directly on their product pages the following information:

  • Real-time updates on stock per SKU, for example, “Only 15 Pull CAVAL X Saint James left in stock”
  • Information related to their delivery options and policy to drive conversions: “Free delivery”
  • Information related to their returns policy to reassure prospects! “Free returns”
  • A Prime-like purchase experience that allows the customer to know exactly when their order will arrive “Order before Sunday to receive your order by Tuesday.”

A unique delivery experience that allows CAVAL to communicate their brand’s unique style

Working with Bigblue, CAVAL can push to the limit the differentiated communication style that characterizes the brand through branded delivery tracking e-mails where CAVAL’s customers can follow the status of their purchase. CAVAL’s tracking e-mails have an open rate of 75,7%!

CAVAL leverages these e-mails to insert referral codes, promo codes and new product discovery to increase repeat sales.

CAVAL reassures its customers with Bigblue's Tracking Page

With Bigblue's Tracking Page, CAVAL's customers can monitor the status of their order in real-time at a glance. Combined with Bigblue's follow-up emails, CAVAL offers its customers an exceptional post-purchase experience and thus increases its retention rate.

CAVAL Tracking Page EN

CAVAL’s seamless returns experience is powered by Bigblue

CAVAL simplifies returns using Bigblue’s branded returns portal to lift website conversion rates and win customers for life. In the purchase consideration stages, easy returns are critical for fashion brands. Potential customers need to be reassured about returning the products in case they pick the wrong size or don’t like the styling once they have it in their hands.

In the post-purchase stage, clients need to have a frictionless returns experience and be informed of when their request will be processed if the product made it back to the warehouse, and most importantly, when they will be refunded.

CAVAL builds customer loyalty with Printerless returns!

Only 30% of European shoppers own a printer. To prevent any doubts and friction regarding returns, Bigblue offers the Printerless option, allowing customers to print their return labels at the post office with just a few clicks.

CAVAL Printerless EN

The icing on the cake, thanks to Bigblue's Store Credit option, CAVAL not only increases its revenue but also improves its retention rate.

In the world of fashion, returns are an everyday occurrence, and customers often need to exchange for a different size or model. However, with Bigblue's Store Credit, CAVAL has significantly reduced refund requests, encouraging exchanges instead of returns.

This has allowed them to keep their customers for a longer time and increase the value of their purchases: when making an exchange, customers spend, on average, 47% more than what they initial purchase. A real success!

CAVAL boosts client retention with Bigblue's Store Credit

According to Simon de Swarte, this feature is a real advantage for CAVAL: "Refunds were once a source of concern. With Bigblue's Store Credit, we avoid losing customers and revenue!"

CAVAL Store Credit EN

CAVAL reduced support tickets in half using Bigblue's tracking experience and Gorgias Integration

CAVAL leverages Bigblue's tracking experience (emails and page), and our native Gorgias integration to significantly reduce "Where is my order?" questions. Bigblue allows clients to check and track their parcels in real-time, redicing the need to open support tickets.

With the Bigblue App for Gorgias Support, CAVAL’s support team can display Bigblue data directly in Gorgias. They are able to access all the information they need to reply to customer inquiries without having to leave the conversation.

Moreover, they are automatically informed in case of delivery issues and can proactively solve them, which increased their customer satisfaction!

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