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“Working with Bigblue means adding a touch of magic to our logistics”

Regina Rodriguez, founder of Believe Athletics
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Believe Athletics
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100% of customers satisfied
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+47% more revenue
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+25% higher conversion rate
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Believe Athletics x Bigblue: transforming its reverse logistics into a fluid process, without compromising on its values 

As a keen sports fan and environmentally conscious, Regina was frequently faced with a dilemma: finding sportswear that was both technical and aesthetically pleasing without having to compromise on these values. This frustration inspired her to create Believe Athletics, a revolutionary brand offering a range of innovative, trendy and environmentally friendly sportswear.

As a mother of two, Regina manages the development of her growing business from home. Finding a logistics partner who values sustainability as much as she does was crucial for efficiently handling her shipments and returns.

“Since we started using Bigblue, our logistics have been magically transformed! Their application streamlines our operations and allows us to ensure an incredible experience, while focusing on our products.”
Regina Rodriguez
Founder of Believe Athletics

Thanks to Bigblue, Regina has been able to provide her customers with an exceptional post-purchase experience that reflects Believe Athletics.

Our expertise, cutting-edge functionalities and commitment to more sustainable logistics enable Regina to offer its customers an exceptional pre- and post-shopping experience, while respecting the values she holds dear.

An optimised shopping experience and +25% conversion rate thanks to Bigblue

The pre-purchase experience offered by Bigblue is a real advantage for Believe Athletics. Among our flagship features, Fast Tag plays an important role in improving the shopping experience and increasing the conversion rate of the e-commerce site. 

By displaying the exact delivery date of the product next to the add to basket button, Regina increased the conversion rate of its pages by +25%

The best part? The Fast Tag is integrated with two clicks on the product page and is then managed automatically. All Regina has to do now is relax and watch the orders come in and be taken care of by the Bigblue teams!

Increase your conversion rate in 2 clicks with Fast Tag

Believe Athletics displays Fast-Tags on its product pages to offer its customers a transparent delivery date. For Regina, Fast Tag has “revolutionised the customer experience”.

BELI Fast Tag EN

Achieve 100% customer satisfaction with Bigblue's transparent deliveries

Bigblue's delivery experience is another game-changer for Believe Athletics. 

As the founder of a responsible fashion brand, Regina needed to offer its customers more environmentally-friendly delivery options. 

Thanks to Bigblue's commitment to greener logistics, Regina has peace of mind. We ship orders from our EcoCert-certified warehouses in plastic-free or reusable packaging. We also recycle the packaging of products stored at the warehouse to limit waste. 

Then, once the order has been placed, customers are kept informed of the status of their order by tracking emails and can follow their parcel in real time on Bigblue's interactive Tracking Page.

When the parcel arrives, Believe Athletics customers can also rate their delivery experience. The result: 100% satisfaction and just as much valuable data that Regina can use to reassure her prospects.

Delight your customers with the Bigblue tracking experience

Say goodbye to endless “Where's my order” emails. Give your customers real-time tracking to delight them and give your support teams a breather.

It's (big) plus? The Recommended Products section to increase your re-purchase rate.

BELI Tracking Experience EN

Turn your returns into a source of revenue with the Bigblue returns portal

In e-commerce (and especially in fashion) returns are inevitable. Thanks to Bigblue, Regina can turn customer returns into a source of revenue. If they need to, Believe Athletics customers can easily submit a returns request via Bigblue's intuitive portal. 

The icing on the cake is that they can select the Store Credit option which, once the parcel has been posted, enables them to place a new order immediately using a voucher. 

On average, customers spend +15% of the initial value!

Increase your average basket without doing anything thanks to Store Credit

Turn your returns into sales opportunities with Bigblue. Offer your customers the Store Credit option to encourage them to reorder immediately (and spend more).

BELI Store Credit EN

Thanks to Bigblue, Believe Athletics has turned its logistical challenges into opportunities for growth and customer loyalty. Accurate tracking, simplified returns and Fast Tags are just a few examples of how Bigblue is contributing to Believe Athletics' success. By offering delivery options and sharing common values, Believe Athletics has taken its brand experience and image to new heights.

Like over +500 e-commerce brands, offer your customers the best delivery experience with Bigblue.

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