Ysé Paris Success Story: When Lingerie Meets Sustainability

Ysé Paris Success Story: When Lingerie Meets Sustainability

Cathy Carpetta

Cathy Carpetta

January 18, 2024

Ysé Paris, started by Clara Blocman in 2012, quickly became known for redefining French lingerie.

Initially focusing on small-breasted women, the brand expanded to cater to all body types. Known for its comfort and natural beauty emphasis, Ysé also champions sustainability and inclusivity in its designs.

With a focus on eco-friendly materials and ethical manufacturing, Ysé's collections resonate with conscious consumers. The brand's growth was driven by a varied product range and an effective transition from direct-to-consumer (D2C) to an omnichannel strategy. 

Ysé's strong social media activity and support for social causes have further amplified its presence in the lingerie industry.

1. The inspiring journey of Ysé Paris

1.1 The birth of a lingerie brand with a strong mission 

In 2012, Ysé Paris was born out of Clara Blocman's vision, to fill a gap in the French lingerie market for small-breasted women.

Clara Blocman and Bérengère Lehembre founded Ysé to offer comfortable, stylish lingerie while celebrating natural beauty.

1.2 Embracing body diversity: The #lecorpsacoeur campaign 

In 2015, responding to customer feedback, the brand expanded its range to include C, D, and E cups. The brand launched the #lecorpsacoeur “body to heart” campaign to celebrate women of all shapes and sizes.

Since 2017, the brand diversified into swimwear, pyjamas, bodysuits, and loungewear (like knits), reinforcing its market presence. In 2019, the Etam Group invested and facilitated further growth.

2. Ysé Paris brand identity: A commitment to sustainability and inclusivity

2.1 Inclusivity at the heart of every lingerie design 

Clara once stated, "Lingerie should be an ally, not an adversary. It should enhance, not alter”. 

This principle has guided Ysé Paris since 2015, marking its commitment to inclusivity. The brand offers a variety of sizes to fit all body shapes.

The brand redefines comfort in lingerie. The French lingerie brand prioritises comfortable materials and designs that enhance natural beauty. They believe in making people feel good about themselves through lingerie, rather than trying to change their appearance.

2.2 A milestone in sustainable fashion: Ysé’s eco-friendly collection and brand manifesto 

A few key initiatives: 

  • Environmental impact: 90% of their A/W collection is made from environmentally responsible materials. It includes recycled and organic fibres, French-made fibres, upcycled fibres, and fibres from sustainably managed forests.
  • Sustainability: 100% of their packaging is sustainably produced and made from recycled materials, FSC certified or recyclable. 
  • Circularity: Clara has introduced initiatives for customers to give their lingerie a second life. Choices are repairing it, giving away old items, or selling them again, promoting a circular economy and reducing waste. For example, for their Acte II collection, over 30,000 items were created by upcycling.
  • Social responsibility: Ysé Paris ensures fair working conditions in their production process. 100% of their workshops were audited to protect worker's rights protection.

Ysé Paris’ transparency extends to its supply chain, offering customers insight into where and how their lingerie is made. They are partnering with Fairly Made to improve the traceability of their products

The product’s label is also detailed for each product on the website.

The label detailing the materials used for the product's creation on the website
Each detail is presented: The composition, where it was designed and made, and the care notice!

3. Ysé Paris’ omnichannel strategy: From a D2C brand to a retail success 

Initially a Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) only brand, it rapidly expanded and now has an omnichannel approach. 

The brand has been distributed by Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche since 2013 and followed by Galeries Lafayette. 

In 2015, the brand also started to open shops in Paris and other cities in France. They also developed B2B partnerships with high-profile brands like Monoprix and Sézane. Clara mentioned that 40% of her sales (€10M) comes from her stores. 

4. Ysé Paris’ unique communication strategy and marketing positioning 

4.1 Product release: Limited sales and collection 

The brand releases only 8 limited collections each year and gives “rendezvous” with their clients annually at the same time.
Each collection has its own mood and characteristics. 

The brand's strategy of limited-time sales adds an element of exclusivity, making each product feel special.

You can subscribe to receive an alert when the new collection is live!

4.2 Product name’s strategy: A touch of fun and Parisian chic

The brand has an interesting strategy regarding their products naming: 

  • Oh là là Stockings
  • Ne le dis jamais (never tell anyone) Shorty
  • L'extase (ecstasy) Bandeau bra
  • Élu de mon coeur (chosen by my heart) Brief
  • Un slow avec toi (a slow dance with you) Thong

They add a Parisian chic vibe and a unique approach that makes their product highly recognizable. 

4.3 Social media engagement: UGC and influencers collaboration 

Ysé actively engages with its community on platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

Instagram: 285k followers with more than 6k post for the hashtag @yseparis
TikTok: 29.5k followers with 2.3M views for #yséparis

The page features product photos and collection releases with models from different origins and with different shapes. 

They also repost user-generated content (UGC) and influencer collaboration. For example, one of the format they use “in @... wardrobe” .

Partnering on YouTube with influencers to create unboxing videos. For example, the brand recently collaborated with YouTuber Katie Louise. 

They also use social media to engage in different social causes. They partnered with My Lubie to talk about sexuality or with Savonnerie Ciment France for fighting against breast cancer. 

Boobs soap collab with Savonnerie Ciment France post on Instagram
10% of sales from the Boobs soap collab will be donated to Ruban Rose, French association for breast cancer prevention.

From the start, Ysé Paris has been a French lingerie brand dedicated to making a positive change in fashion. 

Embracing both inclusivity and sustainability, Ysé has shown that fashion can be both beautiful and responsible. 

Their journey from a small start-up to a renowned brand in the lingerie industry highlights the importance of listening to customers and staying true to core values. 

Ysé stands as a prime example of how a brand can successfully blend style, ethics, and environmental consciousness.

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