10 Best E-commerce Podcasts to Boost Your Sales

10 Best E-commerce Podcasts to Boost Your Sales

Ana Martinez

Ana Martinez

November 3, 2021

Who doesn't need a little inspiration to grow their business? Whether you're launching your e-commerce website or looking for new hacks to increase your sales, it's always useful to get inspiration from experienced entrepreneurs in your field. 

E-commerce podcasts are an excellent way to learn from the source. They are an opportunity to discover interviews of emblematic personalities of online sales, or more generally of entrepreneurship.

The cherry on top of the cake! Thanks to the practical and asynchronous format of the podcast, you can listen to valuable advice, best practices, and even failure stories they experienced before becoming successful whenever you want: during your commute, in the gym, or even while polishing your product descriptions! 

We asked our clients and Digital Native Club members what their favorite podcasts were to stay on top of new trends in e-commerce, marketing... Or simply the ones that inspire them the most in their entrepreneurial journey! The list below is a compilation of their top 10.

For each podcast, you will discover the pitch and the reasons to listen to it, as well as our favorite episode.... We hope this list will help you find inspiration and new ideas! 

1. Le Panier : the most famous e-commerce podcast in France

Let's begin with the most listened e-commerce podcast in France. Launched by the digital agency Cosa Vostra, Le Panier is hosted Laurent Ketz. After several personal experiences in e-commerce, he makes us discover wonderful brand stories. The interview format is both feel good and inspiring. A real source of good practices for French e-commerce founders.

Our favorite episode -> The episode with Edouard Caraco from "The Bradery", in which he explains how he generated a turnover of €10 million in 2 years on social media. 

2. Génération do it yourself

Another podcast powered by Cosa Vostra, this time with a slightly broader scope than e-commerce. Created in 2017 by Matthieu Stefani, Generation Do It Yourself focuses, on those who have built “themselves” from the scratch. Experts in their field, be it business, sports, culture or even politics. 

Its long format (each podcast runs for an average of 2 hours) requires a little more time on your hands. But the valuable advice they share is worth it!

Our favorite episode

The interview with Sacha Poignonnec from Jumia. An ultra inspiring episode, in which Sacha shares the keys to his success, starting with his determination and audacity. 

3. Entreprendre dans la mode

This e-commerce podcast is specifically made for fashion entrepreneurs. Adrien Garcia, designer and co-founder of his own brand, welcomes fashion makers. Designers, journalists, but above all entrepreneurs and retailers who share their experiences and their strategies to innovate and grow their brand. 

Our favorite episode

The episode with Domitille & Angélique, co-founders of the brand Soeur. They explain how they went from a teenage clothing store to a premium and international brand!

4. Serial entrepreneurs

Created in December 2017 by François Allet, Serial Entrepreneurs, hosts doers, and makers. Its intimate conversation format is particularly pleasant to listen to. It allows us to discover different sides of well-known personalities from the business and e-commerce ecosystem. 

Our favorite episode

Episode #35 with Reynald Naulleau of Vite Mon Marché. The founder shares his inspiring journey from growing up in a farm in the Vendée region to creating his online store. He also reveals how he reached over 3.5 million in sales in 2020, and discusses the importance of excellent service to boost sales. 

5. Nouvel œil

An inspirational podcast in which Victoria, 22 years old, meets well-known personalities to share their advice for millenials. Discovering what we are not taught in school results in very educational conversations full of best practices. 

Our favorite episode

The interview with Pauline Laigneau, founder of Gemmyo. She shares her first failures, and how she turned them into strengths to launch her own jewelry brand. 

6.  Les Digital Doers: an in-depth e-commerce podcast

Hosted by Cyril du Plessis, The Digital Doers collects the experiences of entrepreneurs and service providers in e-commerce. The topics covered are often very specific, ranging from the execution of their operations to the acquisition of new customers, logistics, customer service, CRM ... A very specific e-commerce podcast, but highly recommended for entrepreneurs who seek actionable advice in their field. 

Our favorite episode

The one recorded during the 7th edition of Lengow Day with representatives from Pinterest, Facebook, but also Joom, Alibaba or Cdiscount. A real anthology of e-commerce stars!

7. Le Gratin

The ambition of this podcast is to make you discover success stories to build your own. In the classic interview format, its creator, Pauline Laigneau, invites listeners to discover the failures, successes, tips, and even philosophies of personalities with extraordinary careers. All this with the primary objective of taking action! Listen without moderation, regardless of your profile...

Our favorite episode

The interview with Karine Schrenzel, the entrepreneur and investor at the head of the ShopInvest fund (which includes a dozen pure players) and CEO of 3 Suisses.

8. The Storyline

To boost sales in e-commerce, you have to make your brand desirable and tell a story that speaks to consumers. Noémie Kempf introduces us to the subtle art of storytelling. In each episode, she talks to entrepreneurs to unravel the secrets of a good content strategy and the creation of a powerful brand universe. 

Our favorite episode

The episode dedicated to the cosmetics brand Nidé.co. An inspiring example, which reveals the best practices of product co-creation. Simon, CEO of Nidé.co, tells how he made his customers the best ambassadors of his brand. 

9. Ecommerce Fuel: the e-commerce podcast for English speakers

If you are an English speaker, Ecommerce Fuel is a great resource for all entrepreneurs in the online business industry. Its host, Andrew Youderian, is himself a big name in this field. He and his guests discuss the trends in online sales and the most effective levers for growth.

Our favorite episode

The annual episode that shares Andrew's predictions for the coming year. The 2021 episode recorded with Bill D'Alessandro of ElementsBrands.com. 

10. 2X Ecommerce

Hosted by Kunle Campbell, this e-commerce podcast is a conversation with successful entrepreneurs and marketers. Each guest on the podcast shares their secrets for getting their business off the ground, as well as strategies for growth, in simple, digestible steps. An ideal source of information for intermediate to advanced levels (the jargon can be a bit technical). 

Our favorite episode

Episode 4 of season 3, in which Kunle shares the fundamental pillars for generating rapid growth for DTC (Direct to Consumer) brands.

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