The best e-commerce returns policies in Q1 2024

The best e-commerce returns policies in Q1 2024

Ana Martinez

Ana Martinez

March 29, 2023

Did you know that 62% of customers want to return or exchange a purchase within 30 days? And if you can make those returns simple and stress-free, a whopping 92% of customers will come back to do business with you again.

But it's not all rainbows and unicorns. Unfortunately, 30% of items get returned because they arrive damaged or faulty. That's where having a pro-level returns policy comes in. It's not just about marketing, people. It's about making sure your customers feel appreciated and valued.

By offering the perfect return and exchange policies, you can easily handle any situation and show your customers how much you care about their business.

Whether it's an item that's too big or small, a product that's damaged or faulty, or just not as described, having a solid returns policy can help you exceed your customer's expectations and build that all-important loyalty.


Zalando is a German e-commerce retailer that specializes in fashion and lifestyle products. One of its standout features is its generous returns policy, which allows customers to return any used items within the first 100 days of purchase.

For beauty products, Zalando accepts returns of unused and unopened items in original packaging for hygiene purposes. This policy not only gives customers peace of mind when making a purchase, but it also demonstrates Zalando's commitment to customer satisfaction.


Nike is a global sports apparel and footwear company that sells products online through its website, app, and in-person stores. Nike offers a 60-day return period to customers who purchase its products online or in-store, giving them plenty of time to test out their new sneakers and decide if they are satisfied with their purchase. This policy encourages customers to feel confident when buying from Nike and shows the company's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.


Noyoco is an online retailer that specializes in eco-friendly and sustainable products. One of its standout features is its fast delivery and free returns policy, which provides customers with the reassurance they need to shop with confidence. By offering free returns, Noyoco removes the barrier of risk that can prevent some customers from making a purchase, which can ultimately lead to more sales and repeat business.

Berthie Paris

Berthie Paris is a French fashion brand that offers high-quality clothing and accessories. The company provides an easy-to-find returns policy for its shoppers, with detailed instructions that let consumers know the brand cares about their experience. This policy gives customers peace of mind and shows that Berthie Paris is committed to providing a positive customer experience.


Dermalogica is a skincare brand that offers a wide range of products for various skin types and concerns. The company has a simple and easy-to-understand returns policy that benefits its customers, as it gladly accepts returns from any customer within 30 days of purchase. This policy shows Dermalogica's confidence in its products and gives customers the flexibility they need to make informed purchasing decisions.


Amazon is a global e-commerce giant that sells a wide range of products online. The company allows consumers to return products within 30 days of receiving them, with just a few exceptions. Amazon's return policy is known for being customer-friendly, with easy-to-follow instructions and hassle-free returns. During the holiday season, Amazon even extends its return deadline to give customers more time to make returns.

Warby Parker

Warby Parker is a popular eyewear company that offers stylish and affordable glasses and sunglasses. The company's standout feature is its free returns and exchanges policy, which allows customers to try on glasses at home and return or exchange them within 30 days of purchase. Warby Parker also offers a one-year warranty for all of its products, giving customers peace of mind and demonstrating the company's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Warby Parker's Home Try-on program


Everlane is an ethical fashion brand that offers sustainable and transparent clothing and accessories. The company's returns policy includes free returns within 90 days of purchase, as well as a 365-day "wear it, love it, or return it" policy for its denim line. This policy not only gives customers peace of mind when making a purchase, but it also shows Everlane's commitment to transparency and sustainability.

Everlane's omnichannel returns strategy


Chewy's free returns policy is a standout feature that sets it apart from other pet supply retailers. The company's policy allows customers to return products within 365 days of purchase, providing them with plenty of time to decide if a product is the right fit for their pet. Additionally, Chewy covers the cost of return shipping, which makes the return process hassle-free and convenient for customers.

Chewy's returns policy reflects its commitment to providing excellent customer service and ensuring customer satisfaction. By offering free returns and a lengthy return window, Chewy shows that it values its customers and is willing to go above and beyond to ensure their satisfaction.

Chewy's stress-free returns


Casper's 100-night sleep trial is a unique feature that sets it apart from other mattress companies. The company allows customers to try out its mattresses for 100 nights and return them for a full refund if they're not satisfied. This policy gives customers the opportunity to test out the mattress in their own home and determine if it's the right fit for them.

Casper's returns policy reflects its confidence in its product and its commitment to customer satisfaction. By offering a 100-night sleep trial, Casper shows that it believes in the quality of its mattresses and is willing to stand behind them. Additionally, the company's full refund policy ensures that customers can purchase with confidence, knowing that they won't be stuck with a mattress that doesn't meet their needs.

Casper Return's policy

In conclusion, having a strong returns policy is a critical component of any successful e-commerce business. The examples we've explored, from companies like Zalando, Nike, and Amazon, demonstrate that an effective returns policy can build customer loyalty and create a positive shopping experience.

The brands we've looked at have different approaches to their returns policies, with some offering extended return windows or free return shipping. However, they all share a commitment to customer satisfaction and a desire to create a stress-free returns process.

By taking inspiration from these successful brands, businesses can create their own effective returns policies that meet the needs of their customers. Ultimately, a good returns policy can help to build trust, foster brand loyalty, and ensure customer satisfaction.

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