5 Cross-Selling Examples from Top E-commerce Brands

5 Cross-Selling Examples from Top E-commerce Brands

Julie Cauville

Julie Cauville

February 14, 2023

Are you looking to boost your e-commerce sales? Cross-selling could be the answer. Cross-selling is a powerful tool in sales and marketing that helps increase revenue by offering complementary or related products to your customers.

Amazon reportedly credits 35% of its sales to cross-selling through its "Customers who bought this item also bought" and "Frequently bought together" options. Not only does cross-selling result in increased average order value, but it also leads to higher long-term profits, lower marketing costs and a better customer experience. In this article, you'll discover five examples of brands that successfully used cross-selling to drive sales and tips to quickly incorporate cross-selling into your business and maximise your customer lifetime value.


Sisterhood, the sustainable women's clothing brand, is a master of cross-selling. They understand the importance of seamlessly promoting relevant products to customers, which is why they incorporate cross-selling into the customer journey at the pre-checkout stage. At this stage, customers are presented with bundle-related products that complement the product they're currently viewing, as well as a section called "You might like", which showcases other products with a similar style.

These cross-selling techniques allow Sisterhood to promote relevant products without causing friction in the shopping experience, making the shopping experience more enjoyable and increasing the likelihood of a sale. By combining great products with an intelligent cross-selling strategy, Sisterhood can drive more sales and improve the customer experience.

Simple but effective, the Sisterhood brand displays recommended products directly on its product pages to enhance the customer experience and increase sales


Decathlon, the French and most significant sporting goods retailer in the world, has mastered the art of cross-selling. With over 1647 stores in nearly 1000 cities in 57 countries and regions, Decathlon knows how to create a seamless shopping experience for its customers.

To achieve cross-selling on their product pages, Decathlon partners with complementary brands to offer customers a more extensive range of products while enhancing their shopping experience. For example, if a customer is browsing camping tableware products, they may come across camping stoves from the gas brand Camping Gaz, which is separate from the Decathlon group.

This strategic partnership increases the customer's average order value and generates more turnover for both Decathlon and Camping Gaz. Decathlon takes a commission on each sale of Camping Gaz products, further strengthening their cross-selling relationship.

This cross-selling strategy drives more sales and helps Decathlon maintain its position as a leading sporting goods retailer in the world.

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Decathlon offers products from other partner and complementary brands on their site so that their customers can fully enjoy their products

My obvi

My Obvi is a company that knows how to drive sales through cross-selling. As a provider of collagen protein products, including cereal-based protein powders for kids and adults, fat burners, and vegan collagen boosters, the brand is committed to providing its customers with a memorable experience.

Inspired by Amazon, My Obvi has perfected its checkout process to encourage customers to purchase more products. The "you may also like" section is transformed into "Enhance Your Results" to tap into the customer's desire for better results and offers related products at a discounted price.

To further encourage customers to spend more, My Obvi displays a gauge that shows how close the customer is to free delivery and the added benefit of receiving additional free products. The brand also offers a discounted bundled product offer to tempt customers with temporary price savings. To reassure customers, My Obvi displays a "30 Days Satisfaction Guarantee" banner in its checkout, ensuring that customers feel confident in their purchase.

By using these cross-selling tactics, My Obvi has increased its average order value and enhanced the customer experience.

My Obvi cross sell products from its checkout by offering recommended products at discounted prices

Les secrets de Loly

Les Secrets de Loly is a French brand of hair products dedicated to providing the best treatment and care for curly hair. One of the brand's strengths is its email marketing strategy. The brand offers cross-selling products on its product pages and in its post-purchase emails, explicitly shopping cart abandonment emails.

To reduce customers' shopping cart abandon, Les Secrets de Loly send them an email with a straightforward design. The email is written in plain text, without images, to give the impression that a relative sent it. To encourage the customer to complete their purchase, the brand offers a complementary product if they proceed to payment. However, this offer is only valid for 72 hours.

In addition to cross-selling, Les Secrets de Loly also focuses on building customer loyalty. The brand includes personalised product suggestions in its abandoned cart emails to show customers that their shopping experience is tailored to their needs. By combining cross-selling with customer loyalty-building tactics, Les Secrets de Loly can increase its average order value and create a positive and memorable shopping experience for its customers.

Loly's secrets: using abandoned cart emails to cross sell


The brand Glossier has perfectly executed cross-selling through post-purchase emails that feature user-generated content.

Glossier has become a beauty industry leader by creating meaningful customer relationships and building brand loyalty. The brand's success stems from its ability to harness the community built from its blog, Into the Gloss, and turning it into a brand made by the people, for the people. For example, Glossier started a Slack channel where they invited some of their most engaged readers and fans to participate and chat directly with the brand, which became a product feedback loop.

In post-purchase emails, Glossier uses User-Generated Content to cross-sell products to its customers. By showcasing real customers using their products and leaving positive reviews, Glossier reinsures its customers and encourages them to try additional products. This not only increases the Average Order Value (AOV), but it also strengthens the brand's customer loyalty. With its innovative approach to customer engagement, Glossier continues to set a new standard in the beauty world.

The brand glossier uses user generated content in its emails to send personalized product suggestions to its customers

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