Black Friday : augmenter la LTV de vos clients

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Yoann et Tim vous partageront des tips actionnables pour augmenter la satisfaction client et la lifetime value de vos clients

L'impact de la satisfaction client sur votre CA

Comment optimiser votre service client

Comment preparer vos équipes support client pour le Black Friday

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🇫🇷 Tim Dumain

🇫🇷 Tim Dumain

CEO et co-fondateur de Bigblue

CEO de Bigblue, il a aidé plus de 500 marques e-commerce à créer une expérience client de premier ordre qui augmente les ventes et optimise les dépenses publicitaires.

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Yohan Loyer

Yohan Loyer

Strategic Partner Manager - EMEA at Gorgias

Yohan manages Partnerships at Gorgias, working closely with partners across Europe. He is passionate about E-commerce, Customer Experience, Technology and helping people through his experience and network. He joined Gorgias in 2020 as the Customer Success Manager for Enterprise customers in EMEA, after spending 3.5 years at Salesforce

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What attendees say about the D2C Academy

“Actionable tips that I can easily apply to my business. I think they are great and I will look at the ones I missed”

Nicolas Pradal
General Manager at Ericflag