Influencer whitelisting y darkposting: guía para para aumentar tus ventas online

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Estrategia de influencers para tiendas online. Simon Robert de WanTen compartirá en directo la estrategia de Ads con influencers que ha utilizado con la marca Rowse.

 Aprenderás cómo adoptar estas estrategias (aún poco utilizadas por las marcas españolas) para ganar nuevos clientes.

Optimizar tu estrategia de marketing con influencers

Obtener mejores resultados (ROAS y CAC) de tus Meta Ads con la misma inversión

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Ana Martínez Serrano

Ana Martínez Serrano

Marketing Lead Bigblue

I'm a Growth Marketer & Communications Expert based in Paris, with work experience in Mexico City and San Francisco, and former journalist at Bloomberg. Excited about new content trends and sparking conversations. I'm the marketing lead at Bigblue the fulfilment solution for D2C brands | Provide a fantastic delivery experience, boost your sales, and scale effortlessly.

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Simon Robert

Simon Robert

Founder WanTen

Passionate about eCommerce, I left the SaaS industry to start working with brands.I’m a D2C Growth Marketer. I share daily tips and bi-monthly results from the brands I work with.

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What attendees say about the D2C Academy

“Actionable tips that I can easily apply to my business. I think they are great and I will look at the ones I missed”

Nicolas Pradal
General Manager at Ericflag