Los secretos para aumentar el carrito de compra en un 48%

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Tim comparte consejos prácticos para aumentar su valor de compra promedio.

En este webinar descubrirás tips que podrás implementar rápidamente para aumentar la media de tu carrito de compra al:

Optimizar tus páginas de producto

Optimizar tu flujo de pago y check-out

Utilizar las estrategias de upsell, crossell, bundles y promociones

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Tim Dumain

Tim Dumain

Co-Founder and CEO at Bigblue

Co-Founder & CEO @bigblue_co | Created a brand in 2011 (sold in 2018). Excited about all things DTC, especially CRO, LTV and logistics.
Tim has helped more than 500 e-commerce brands to build and leverage a unique delivery client experience that boosts sales and scale internationally.

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What attendees say about the D2C Academy

“Actionable tips that I can easily apply to my business. I think they are great and I will look at the ones I missed”

Nicolas Pradal
General Manager at Ericflag