How to Improve your CX on mobile for better conversion?

Thursday November 17th 2022 · 16:00 - 17:00

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An optimised customer experience can increase the conversion rate of an e-commerce site by 20% to 50%. Discover why the most innovative brands are turning to headless commerce...

In this webinar, you will discover actionable tips that will help you to:

Demystify headless e-commerce

Improve the UX of your e-commerce site

Improve the performance of your e-commerce

Webinar co-hosted by

Tim Dumain

CEO of Bigblue. Tim has helped more than 350 e-commerce brands to build and leverage a unique delivery client experience that boosts sales and scale internationally.

Arthur Bonnecarrere

Once allows brands to create high-performance websites with a mobile-first approach. Their builder makes it possible to develop personalised user experiences, as they have done for Spring, 900.care, Bonsoirs and Merci Handy

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