The secret to unlock +30% turnover with emails

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If you are an e-commerce founder, you know that emails are one of the cheapest and most effective channels to build customer loyalty and spark a conversation with them. But how to get email marketing right for your brand? How to build, segment, clean and leverage your email base?

Join Ellie and Tim to get actionnable and proven strategies to:

Define the email flows (that work) to boost your turnover

Segment your email lists on Klaviyo for your campaigns

Leverage post-purchase and tracking emails to increase LTV

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Co-hosted by

Tim Dumain

Tim Dumain

Co-Founder and CEO at Bigblue

Co-Founder & CEO @bigblue_co | Created a brand in 2011 (sold in 2018). Excited about all things DTC, especially CRO, LTV and logistics.
Tim has helped more than 500 e-commerce brands to build and leverage a unique delivery client experience that boosts sales and scale internationally.

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Ellie Abbott

Ellie Abbott

Partnership Manager at Klaviyo

Strategic Partnership Manager at Klaviyo | Women in Ecommerce Co-Founder

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What attendees say about the D2C Academy

“Actionable tips that I can easily apply to my business. I think they are great and I will look at the ones I missed”

Nicolas Pradal
General Manager at Ericflag