Run your logistics effortlessly

We're a new kind of third-party logistics (3PL) partner, leveraging modern technologies to help you scale quickly and focus on what matters most: your brand.

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"Thanks to Bigblue's consistent performance, we can offer our customers in France and abroad a top-notch delivery experience."

Yoann Assouline

Yoann Assouline

Founder at Lashilé Beauty

Leverage our enterprise-grade logistics network

Bigblue's automated warehouses in France, Spain, and the UK use state-of-the-art technology to deliver ultra-fast order preparation and shipping, ensuring a delightful customer experience.

Use Bigblue to start selling in new countries quickly and expand your potential customer base. Benefit from local delivery prices and save up to 101% on shipping costs.

Bigblue warehouse location map

Our network of 20+ carriers enables you to ship internationally and provide your customers with the delivery options they trust and need.

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The ideal warehouse for your brand

Store and ship your products from Bigblue's warehouses and benefit from specialised processes and personalisation options for your brand.

We offer specialised stowing options for fashion brands, including hanging racks, pallets, shelves, and specific processes to speed up returns.

For beauty & wellness and food brands, we offer FEFO stock management, controlled temperature storage, and EcoCert Bio certification.

Turn clients into influencers with the best unboxings

Use your own packaging, add flyers, samples, promotional articles, and allow shoppers to include gift notes to create TikTok-worthy unboxing experiences.

TikTok showing an unboxing from Bigblue client UnbottledTikTok showing an unboxing from Bigblue client DermalogicaTikTok showing an unboxing from Bigblue client Diego Alary
Bigblue e-commerce logistics dashboard showing inventory analytics and inbound shipments

Give superpowers to your team with BI analytics

The Bigblue app allows your logistics team full transparency over your entire operations process.

Keep complete control over your inventory and receive alerts to predict stock shortages. Track your orders, returns, and inbound shipments in real-time to anticipate potential issues.

Integrate best-in-class tools

Bigblue has 1-click integrations with the leading marketing & support tools (including Facebook ads, Klaviyo, Zendesk, and Gorgias) to boost your team productivity even further.

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Fast carbon-free delivery

Your brand plays a role in the fight for a decarbonated economy.

Our warehouses are Ecocert certified, and all our packaging is plastic-free.

Bigblue gives you access to sustainable delivery options to combine convenience and zero-emission.

Stress-free shipping

We know shipping high-value or light products can be stressful because standard carrier compensation is only based on the parcel’s weight.

That's why we've partnered with AXA to provide a simple way to insure the invoice value of your shipments.

When activated, every parcel you ship will be automatically covered, so you and your clients won't have to worry about any potential risks.

e-commerce package insurance policy