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Brands using Bigblue get a conversion uplift of 26% by using Fast Tags and ETAs

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Endor Technologies
Believe Athletics
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Shops using Bigblue Fast Tags get more sales and deliver rapidly

As e-commerce acquisition costs rise, make every visitor count by converting them into customers. Bigblue Fast Tags enhance buyer confidence with exact delivery dates, encouraging more purchases.

Uplift checkout conversion by 26%

Convert more customers by using Fast Tags on your product pages. Give them the delivery options they want and precise delivery dates, boosting purchase confidence.

Jérémy David
"Thanks to Bigblue's Fast Tag, we have been able to transform our customer experience. The result: a 20% increase in conversion rate."

Increase basket size value

You can setup your Fast Tags to promote Free delivery from a minimum amount of purchase. Protect your margin, and encourage more sales to benefit from free shipping.

Regina Rodríguez
Fondatrice de Believe Athletics
By displaying the exact delivery date of the order next to the add-to-cart button, Believe Athletics has increased the conversion rate of its product pages by +25%

Ultra fast fullfilment by Bigblue

We pick, pack and ship every order from our warehouse with the best carrier to deliver on time!

Emilie Bernier O'Donnell
Fondatrice de Detective Box
Bigblue allows us to increase buyer satisfaction, these ultimately leads to more repeat sales.””

Une expérience de livraison pour faire tomber vos clients amoureux de votre marque

La satisfaction moyenne à la livraison des clients de Bigblue a atteint un chiffre impressionant de 96%.

Benjamin Legros
Co-fondateur d'Unbottled
"Bigblue nous permet d'accroître la satisfaction des acheteurs, ce qui se traduit en fin de compte par un plus grand nombre de ventes répétées."

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